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12 Sure Signs Of Female Attraction


Men make a big deal out of never knowing what women want even though we are pretty easily readable so long as you know how to read. If you are one of those guys who is sitting around and trying to imagine what could be going on in a girls head when she talks to you, then stop. Why? Because I am here to help you figure it out.

That’s right, no more guessing, or wondering, because I am a girl and I am about to tell you all of the signs that we females display when we are into you.

From now on you should be well-versed in the signs of female attraction because I am about to lay them all out for you. Never again will you have to worry if your crush is feeling the same way about you because you will know exactly how she is feeling by the way she is acting. Good bye uncertainty and hello confidence.

Here are the signs to keep your eyes open for:

1. She thinks you are funny

If your crush rolls her eyes every time you make a joke, then move on. If she is giggling at the things you say, then she is interested enough to listen to you and appreciate your sense of humor.

If she is laughing with you, then she is comfortable in your presence and wants to make you feel at ease. Hence the laughter. She may also try and get you to laugh back to really open you up. Pay attention to how funny or silly she is being as it is a sign of attraction as well.

2. She is “accidentally” touching you

Women want to see how you react to their touch because women react in different ways depending on their attraction level and she thinks you will do the same. You will notice that she “accidentally” touches your fingers when grabbing something from you regularly, puts her knee up against yours while sitting beside you, or puts her elbow up against yours while she is sitting next to you.

If you are into her too, then mirror her actions. Try putting your hand on the small of her back like you are protecting and guiding her and see if she fights you off (or simply moves) immediately, or relaxes beside you. If she relaxes, leans in a little, and seems to enjoy it, you are definitely in.

3. She makes unwavering eye contact

If you talk and she looks directly into your eyes for your whole sentence, chances are that she is into you. There is a difference between maintaining eye contact for good social etiquette and doing so out of affection.

If she is doing it to everybody, then you aren’t special to her. If she is gazing instead of looking, you can see the difference immediately if you are looking for it, and it is a big indicator of attraction. Women’s eyes actually seem to light up when they like a person. Watch for brighter eyes to know if you are her guy.

4. She plays twenty questions

Do not mistake her for a cop if she is firing questions at you constantly. She is just trying to get to know you better. “How are you?” does not count. They need to be more personal questions like asking what your favorite movie or band is, and with frequency. Asking one or two questions just means that she is trying to politely keep up the conversation.

Asking several questions on numerous occasions means that she is digging for information about you. If a girl you know is doing this but not hitting any of the other marks, then she may be asking for a friend. Do not ask her out just because of this one or you could make thing awkward. You could also lose your shot with her friend if you have one.

5. She is playing with her hair

Doing so is one of the most well-known signs of female attraction there is. The reasons given for the behavior vary, but the fact of the matter is that it is a real sign.

If she is struggling to keep her hands away from her hair while the two of you talk, then she is definitely into you. That is because it gives her something to do with her hands so that she does not feel awkward just standing there with her arms dangling.

6. She is fidgeting

Crushing on you and talking to you makes her a bundle of nerves. If she is constantly playing with her keys, the end of her shirt, or her earring, then it is a pretty good indicator that she is nervous which means she likes you. Comfortable hands resting on her lap mean that she is not thinking about you that way.

7. She is batting her eyes

This does not necessarily mean Daffy Duck batting, just blinking much more frequently than normal. This is a sign to keep doing whatever you are doing.

If she is rolling her eyes at everything you say, it means the total opposite and you should really know that without me telling you. If she is blinking a lot during your stories, then she is letting you know that she is enjoying learning about you from you.

8. She leans in when you talk to her

When a girl likes you, she wants to be closer while you are talking. This is a natural reaction for people that are attracted to each other. Imagine that when you are standing there, there are lines of personal boundaries between you.

When she breaks her own line and moves it closer, it is a very visible sign that she is into you. If you like her, move your line closer too. Next thing you know, there will be no lines and you will be that couple who is always touching and grossing out everyone around you. You’re welcome.

9. She is excited

Women who like you enjoy having your attention on them. Instead of getting straight to the point, they will tell you a story with twists and turns to keep you listening.

Look for changing facial expressions and hand gestures for cues. On the other hand, if she is giving you one-word answers, then you need to move on because she is not interested at all.

10. She embellishes around you

People in general have a tendency to tell little white lies to those around them in order to make a favorable impression. An example would be when you say that you like a certain band that she likes just to have something to talk to her about.

If she is throwing out big false flags, then watch your step. She may not be someone you want to be with in the long run. Small lies are okay, large frequent lies are not.

11. Her facial expressions change

Flirting girls have small tells written right onto their faces. If she is chewing on her lips, or flaring her nostrils, then she’s interested. Here is the thing, guys, girls watch movies too. We know from them that chewing on our lip can, for whatever reason, make you want to kiss it, so we try it to see if it works.

Unfortunately for us, it never seems to. But she is literally doing everything she knows to get you to make a move. Flaring out our nostrils mean that we are sexually aroused and it is completely involuntary so it can be a huge sign.

Do not take that as a chance to lean in and kiss her unless you have been hanging out together first. Unlike you, we rule our attraction; not the other way around. Making a sexual advance too soon can get you kicked to the curb.

12. She is moving her head a lot

This can be nodding, rubbing her chin, looking side to side, snapping her head around as if it was weighted down before, or tilting it to listen to your stories harder. If she nods occasionally, she is listening.

If she nods a whole lot, she is bored and is wishing you would change the subject. If she is looking side to side, she is pretending to listen to you but is thinking about other things. If she snaps her head around, she wants you to notice her pretty hair flying around behind it.

If she rubs her chin, she is evaluating you. If she tilts her head, she is attracted to you and exposing her neck which could start any evolution theory discussion, but is still a natural reaction. Getting the picture? Her head alone can tell you everything you need to know.

Her body does not know how to lie. If it is giving you all of the signs of attraction, then you can feel free making your move because she is waiting for it. Understanding what her body is telling you can save you a lot of embarrassment too if she is not interested in any way.

The next time you are crushing on a girl and wondering if she is interested in you, pay attention to how her body is acting and you will find your answer. Most of the time, attracted women are practically screaming their attraction and men just seem to not notice, which drives us to give up and move on.

So go ahead and make your move if you are seeing the signs. After all, she is already doing everything she can to tell you without having to outright say it.


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