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13 Sure Signs Of Male Attraction


Some guys are really hard to read. They may talk to you, avoid you, and laugh at everything you say, or be stone-faced as a statue when they are interested in you. So, when a guy is into you, how do you know it? What signs could he be displaying that might tell you that he is indeed wanting to be with you? I am here to help you with that!

There are some indicators that every guy shows when he is thinking about a relationship with you that should have you aware of his desires. Picking up on those cues will ensure that you are sure about your footing when you are around him.

To make sure that you are prepared for the next guy who starts throwing silent signals your direction, check out this super convenient list provided by guys. That is right, guys telling you how guys show that they like you.

Can it get any better than that? Anyway, here is some first-hand knowledge for you to help keep your guy’s actions organized and deciphered like we all love.

1. Is his face flushed?

No matter how hard they try to hide their attraction, their face shows it. It is a biological reaction that they cannot get rid of and is a built-in indicator that never changes. If you look at him and notice that his face is awfully red as his eyes dart away, then you know that you are in.

Red lips and oddly snowy looking eyes are a guaranteed signs as well that he can’t get enough of looking at you. Be sure to look back and give him a flirty grin to keep him hooked.

2. He is pointing your way

If his feet are happily pointing your direction most of the time, then the chances that he is into you are very high. His eyes will also point your direction as much as possible. When a guy is into you, he wants to observe you going about your business when you don’t know he is looking.

It is a natural part of the selection process so if you are noticing that his feet and eyes are always on you, then feel safe making your move because he’s already very interested and contemplating his next move.

3. He is lingering

If a guy is lingering around you and acting like he is tethered in close proximity to you, then it is a sign that he is interested. Men want to stay close to what gives them pleasure. If talking to you makes him feel good, then he will want to keep doing it. It is as simple as that.

4. Keeping on a conversation

If he carries on an interesting conversation without having trouble keeping it going, then it is a good indication of his attraction. People who are not interested in the person they are talking to cannot expand on topics and change them with ease.

Good conversations are a great start to something that could be a bigger and better relationship down the road. Late-night deep conversations are one of the absolute best indicators of a great friendship and/or a budding romance and always give you lots of info about him to help you determine if he is a road you want to venture down.

5. He shares inside jokes with you

When a friend of his says something cryptic that makes him laugh, he will take the time to explain it to you so that you feel included. If he doesn’t care about you feeling included, then he doesn’t care about you. It is pretty simple.

A quick, dismissive, five-second explanation doesn’t count here. IT is all about the whole story and the laughs it provides. A good rule of thumb is, if you aren’t laughing at the end of the story, then he didn’t share it all.

6. His posture is showy

If he is standing in front of you and directly facing you without crossing his arms or legs, then he is giving you the “open platter posture.” Most people look right at this obvious sign but never actually see it.

The position is known as an inviting and engaging posture that keeps him looking at you and invites you to converse with and look at him too. He is practically dangling himself in front of you and begging for your attention. Be sure to take a bite out of that carrot if you have been wanting to because this is your cue.

7. Subconsciously, people cannot help but mimic the gestures and characteristics of those they like

If he starts adopting some of your phrases, body language, and the faces you use, then you know that he is attracted to you. If he is head over heels for you, then you will notice that he starts to mimic your hand gestures as well. When he’s acting like a mini you, then he’s hooked! Dive right in with no fear because you definitely can.

8. He is strutting like a peacock

No matter how advanced society gets, men still insist on showing off for women they are interested in. If he is puffing up his chest and positioning his feet and shoulders accordingly, then he is making sure that his physique impresses you.

Men puff up just like birds seeking mates and even speak louder to ensure that you hear them when they are talking to someone else. This is also normally when they pull out the jokes to see how you react without being on the spot.

9. He is teasing you

Not the normal type of teasing that any man can do, but the nobleman’s tease which is a lively and confident, good-spirited teasing. Lighthearted teasing could be the same as sticking a neon sign over his head that says “I’m into you.”

It is important that you understand the difference between him teasing you light-heartedly and being aggressive. If he is a little pushy, then take note of it. Also, if his teasing is always at your expense and in embarrassing ways, then steer clear because you do not need that in your life.

10. Developing a considerate memory about you

If he is remembering the little things about you, then pay attention! People don’t waste brain space memorizing small details about people they don’t like. You will begin to notice that he asks you about things you have shared with him, or remembers exactly how you like your coffee.

This is a big sign that he can’t get enough! If you are not dating by now, then you are missing out. If you have been waiting for him, take charge and ask him out yourself.

11. Pay attention to the tone of his voice

If his voice is dropping down an octave, then he is into you. When a guy is crushing on a girl, he tries to end every stretch in a low note. His low-toned ends are featured just to produce intimacy, arousal, and/or seduction.

If his voice is changing, it is for a reason. Since lower voices tend to send a thrill right down to a woman’s core, we really don’t mind this one and tend to not miss it, even if it does take us a bit to recognize what it means.

12. He is playing with his hair

If he starts stroking his hair in your presence, then he is feeling nervous and unsure of himself. Nerves mean that he feels like he might have something to lose which just happens to be you. The fact of the matter is that guys just do not get nervous all of the time like women do. They save those nerves for when they are concerned with what someone thinks of them.

13. You need to know how affection and attraction are different

When a guy laughs and touches your arm, or pats your hand, he feels affectionate about you. This is more like a friendship, or brother/sister relationship, and not one that you need to invest a lot of your time in if you are only looking for romance. Although you can never have too many guy friends.

Men have a lot of tells that can let you know exactly what they are thinking. All you have to do is pay attention and you will be able to read him like an open book. If he is displaying all of these signs, then you know that the ball is in your court because he is ready and willing and just hasn’t figured out how to make his move just yet.

In fact, if you just flash a few of those same indicators back at him, then the two of you will be together in no time. You will even be able to use these same tips for helping to keep your relationship fresh because you will know exactly how he is feeling throughout it instead of guessing whether or not he is still into you.

Next time you see a guy flashing all of these signs, you will know exactly what is happening. You will be able to watch every move and understand that he is seriously interested. The kicker is that it won’t even be to you most likely.

It will be to some other girl and you will get a kick out of watching her be completely oblivious to all of the signs that he is practically screaming at her. However, you can laugh at her expense because you know, with confidence, that you would not be missing them if her were talking to you instead.


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