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13 Signs She Doesn’t Like You Through Texting


It’s easy to figure out what someone is thinking when the two of you are face to face. You can read their body language and listen to the tones in their voice. That means when someone doesn’t really like you, you will easily be able to tell. But when you are communicating with someone over text makes things a bit more tricky. It’s not as simple as listening to their tone or reading their body language. You might not be sure what to keep an eye out for when it comes to digitally talking with someone. It’s easy to get confused, because people can easily hide behind their screens and make you think something other than the truth.

However, if you know what to look for, it’s not as hard as it seems. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some signs you should be watching for to let you know whether or not a girl likes you through text.

She’s Not Into You… At All

  • She Blows You Off

There might be times when she just doesn’t respond to you at all. You may send a few texts and be disappointed because you haven’t gotten a reply in a few hours or even up to a few days. To her there is no rush to get back to you because she simply doesn’t like you at all. In her eyes, she wishes that you would stop texting her and leave her alone. She probably thinks that not responding to you is the only way to get you off her back. You might try messaging her again in a week or so and all you get back is an irritated reply or no reply at all! This is a definite sign that she’s just not that into you, friend.

  • She’s Always ‘Busy’
    Or maybe she does care enough to respond, because she does not want to come off as heartless. But when she does give you a response it’s a quick, ‘I’m busy’ or an, ‘I can’t talk right now I have stuff to do.’ Whatever the excuse, if she doesn’t like you, she’ll find one to give to you. This is easier to her than just simply ignoring you and hurting your feelings. This means she’s a nicer person, but she still doesn’t like you bro.
  • She Acts Confused

Have you ever texted her and gotten a, ‘Who is this?’ This is generally a response given when a girl doesn’t even care enough to save your number in her phone. Harsh, we know, but most likely she won’t save your number. No matter how many times you send her a message. You can be sure if you are constantly getting a confused response that this is the case.

  • She Sends Short Texts

Oh yes the dreaded one-word responses, those are always killer when it comes to pursuing someone that you like. Getting a one word response or a very short sentence with no substantial meaning behind it can definitely put a damper on your conversation. But there’s probably a reason that she is sending those, the truth is is she probably doesn’t really like you at all. She thinks that sending you these will defer your attention or maybe you’ll get bored with her and move on. If you keep responding to them over time she will lose interest herself and stop responding. even though this isn’t first on the list it definitely is the number one sign that a girl doesn’t like you when she’s texting you.

  • There’s No Emoji Usage

Emoji use is important when it comes to deciding whether or not a girl likes you. There are certain situations where she will use lots of emojis and certain situations where she won’t use any at all. When she doesn’t use any at all you can be sure that she has no feelings for you and doesn’t really care to keep the conversation going with you. Emojis are a way of expressing ourselves to someone over text message, so when we don’t use them at all it means that we don’t care to express ourselves.

  • There’s No Flirting

Of course if someone likes you what’s the number one thing that they do? The answer? They flirt with you, duh! So you can be sure that if she is not making any effort to flirt with you even just a little bit that she probably isn’t interested in you.  This could also be true for you if you are stuck in the friend zone, but there might be a little light flirting even if you are just friends. So if there’s no flirting at all, not even a little bit, it’s probably time for you to move on.

  • It Takes A Long Time To Get A Response

We know that you’re probably sitting there staring down your cell phone waiting for a response right now. However, when a girl doesn’t like you she won’t go out of her way to respond to your text even if she sees it right away. She doesn’t want to give you any false ideas that she has feelings for you or likes you at all, so she won’t bother to get back to you in a timely manner, if at all. Instead she’s just hoping that you’ll forget about the text and find something better to do.

You’re Just Friends

  • She Never Texts You First

So you might not have a problem getting a response, but you definitely will have a problem getting her to initiate conversation with you. That is, if she only views you as a friend and you’ve been stuck in the dreaded friend zone.

  • She’s Seeing Someone Else

Another huge red flag that she only likes you as a friend and nothing more, is that she spends a lot of her time with other guys. Or if she has a boyfriend or is in a committed relationship of any sort. That should be obvious and signal to you that you’re definitely in the friend zone, but in case you didn’t know we’re telling you now. If she has a boyfriend, you might be thinking to yourself that you still have a chance, but in reality when you put this sign with the other signs in this list… It’s just highly unlikely.

  • She Only Texts For Certain Reasons

When a girl doesn’t like you at all she won’t text you for any reason, but if you are still her friend she might only text you when she needs something from you. She might text you when she needs a ride, when she needs something delivered or picked up or even just because she just needs you to talk to a mutual friend for her. Do you notice that the only time she texts you is for something like that? We’re sorry to tell you that you’ve probably been friend zone.

  • She Tries To Set You Up

Has she ever tried to set you up with one of her friends or maybe even a family member such as her cousin? That’s a definite sign that she has no romantic interest in you whatsoever. This is more of a ‘you’re my friend and you deserve someone’ type of move. Or she could know that you like her as more than a friend and she wants to focus your attention elsewhere. This is good, because it means that she still likes you and cares about you, but she just doesn’t want you to go after her anymore.

  • She’s Always On Her Phone, But Doesn’t Talk

You might notice that a girl that has put you in the strictly friend area of her life will constantly be online or be near her phone, but never respond to your messages. It’s a harsh reality, but this is just something that happens when she has no interest in you. She doesn’t find it necessary to be talking to you whenever she is near her phone, like you find it necessary to be talking to her.

  • Emoji Use Is Limited

The emojis that she used will be definitely limited if you are in the friend zone. She will use smiley faces and other emojis, but shall refrain from using anything that lets you think she is flirting with you or becoming physically attracted towards you. Shall refrain from using things like the eggplant, the wet drops,  the kissy face or even the winky face.

You can be sure that once in awhile she may use one of these emojis but you’ll have to understand the context that it’s used in. So it’s up to you to pay attention closely.

Now you have all the signs to let you know whether a girl likes you or not or if she has put you in the friend zone once and for all. We hope this helps you figure out what you want to know! Good luck.


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