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12 Signs She Wants a Relationship With You


Some guys are lucky. They meet the perfect girl in high school or college, and they stay with her forever. Unfortunately, most romances are not as easy. The majority of people end up dating their future spouse after high school ends. The one commonality is that dating sucks. Even if you end up finding the right person, you still have to worry if she likes you back. Does she want a relationship with you? Does she just want a fling? Does she view you as just a friend and a nice guy?

Finding out what someone wants is not easy when you first start dating. You want to ask her, but your relationship is not close enough for you to just ask her what she wants. You may also be afraid that if you push her too much, she might see you as needy. If she isn’t interested in a relationship, asking about it could scare her off.

Luckily, there are a few signs she wants a relationship with you. You can look for these signs to see if there is more potential in the relationship than you originally thought. If you do feel comfortable around each other, we also recommend just asking her about what she wants. The only way you will know for sure is to ask her, so spend a few weeks dating, develop a comfortable relationship and then ask her if she wants to make things exclusive.

signs she wants a relationship

1. She Told You

This is the most obvious sign. If she tells you that she wants a relationship, then it is safe to say that she does. Think about what she said when you first started dating. Did she tell you that she was trying to find the right guy? If so, your extended dating is only because she is trying to figure out if you are the “one” she wants to be with. If she just tells you that she wants to be in a relationship with you, then it is safe to say that she does. She might also hint at where the relationship is going, which is a more casual way to see what you want.

2. She Says She Is Not Interested in Flings

While she might not have said that she is looking for a relationship, she may have already said what she does not want. If she says that she does not want a one-night stand or a fling, then there is an excellent chance she is looking for a relationship. She may not say that she wants that because she doesn’t want to scare you away. She also might avoid the relationship talk because she is not sure if you are the right guy for her yet.

3. She Listens

signs she wants you

If she just wanted a one-night stand, your opinions or beliefs would not matter. When a girl wants a more serious relationship, she will listen to everything that you say. She is trying to see if you two are compatible in your interests, beliefs and goals. When a girl really likes you, she will make time to talk to you and listen to you. You may find that she remembers little details or what you do at work. This is because she cares about you and wants to see if your dates could become a relationship.

4. She Introduced You to Her Friends

If she was just looking for a one-night stand, the last thing she would do is introduce you to her friends. Unless her friends were out clubbing with her when you met, there is no reason to introduce you. You only introduce someone to friends if you care for them and think that they will be around for longer. If she invites you to meet her friends, then she is trying to see if her friends like you and if you get along with the people she cares about.

5. She Opens Up

Sharing your innermost dreams and secrets is intimidating. Unless you trust that person, you will not make yourself vulnerable. Letting someone know your secrets and feelings means that they can hurt you. If she is opening up to you, then she must view you as someone who she can trust.

6. She Remembers Little Details

Women constantly have thoughts running through their minds. If she took time to remember the small details that make you happy or sad, then it means something.

7. She Deleted Her Dating App or Profile

This is a clear sign that she is beginning to view you as relationship potential. If she deleted her dating app from her phone, it is only because she has stopped looking for dates. The only reason for that is because she found someone that she wants to be with. If you are looking for signs she wants a relationship with you, this is one of the clearer ones.

8. She Engages in Subtle Touches

There is a difference between subtle touches and physical intimacy. You can have a sexual fling with anyone, even if you do not want a relationship with you. Look for subtle touches on your shoulder or elbow. Does she fix your hair when it falls out of place? These subtle touches show that she cares for you, and that caring attitude means she probably wants something more than just a sexual fling.

9. You Have Met Her Family

If you have accidentally run into her family at her house or she invited you to meet them, it is fairly safe to say that she wants to be in a relationship with you. Very few people will introduce a date to their family unless they think that it could become serious. If this happens to you, you can basically assume that she would like a relationship with you.

10. She Spends Time With You

how to tell if a woman wants a relationship

Most people are incredibly busy. If she spends five hours watching movies with you, then she can’t spend five hours chatting with her girlfriends. It is one thing to make time for sex if you are having a fling. If she spends time watching your football practice, doing homework with you or just hanging out, then she is probably interested in you. Otherwise, she would not waste her precious free time to get to know you better.

11. Eye Contact

When you are attracted to someone, you try to make eye contact. If she really likes you, she won’t just be checking you out. She will subconsciously look around the room to see where you are and what you are doing.

12. She Asks Serious Question

If she views you as relationship material, she will want to know you completely. She will ask you deep questions to find out what you want out of life, who you are and the type of person you are looking for. If she only wanted a physical relationship, she only has to look at your picture to see if you are attractive enough.


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