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11 Signs She Wants To Sleep With You


Many men have problems figuring out if a woman wants to sleep with them or not. Now, you can take the easy route and simply ask them – I know this isn’t as dramatic but it definitely saves you time and gives you an answer, whether it’s one you wanted or not. Perhaps you want to ask her, but you also want to figure out if the answer is wavering more to a yes than a no. I know rejection is hard, so many of you want to see some positive signs before having to take the plunge. Well, there are some subtle signs you can pay attention to when trying to figure out if she wants to sleep with you or not. Let’s take a closer look.

She tells you

If she says to you, “I want you to take me home and fuck me,” well, it’s safe to say she wants to have sex with you. Now, remember, she can always change her mind, so just because she gives you the yes now, doesn’t mean she can’t say no. But at this moment, she’s giving you permission and that’s great. Now, you don’t have to focus on reading the signs, all you need to do is get you and her home as fast as possible. Why wait any longer?

She’s curious about what your plans are for the night 

Maybe you’re at a bar or nightclub and she asks you what you’re doing later. Now, she isn’t saying she wants to have sex with you but she’s definitely curious about what you’re doing later. Maybe she wants to know if you’ll be going out to another club (perhaps she can join you) or she wants to hook you up with her friend (it doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you). But by her asking what your plans are for the rest of the night, she’s obviously trying to see if she can somehow fit herself into them, for whatever reason.

She’s sexting you

Again, this doesn’t mean she’s going to have sex with you. It could be that she just enjoys sexting you, however, she probably isn’t sexting every guy in her phone book, so it’s a good sign. Sexting is a great way to build up the sexual tension and that’s exactly what she’s doing. Whether you started sexting or she started sexting first, it doesn’t really matter. The point is, it’s happening. So, what you need to do is continue sexting with her and see where it takes you. It’s a pretty good sign that she’s sexually interested in you.

She wants to know about your dating history

Girls aren’t interested in your past unless we’re trying to gather some information about you from it. If you’ve slept with a lot of girls, it shows us that you’re more a promiscuous type, so we’re not going to invest our hearts and souls into you. Sorry, not sorry. But of course, if we start asking you about your dating past, we trying to see what type of guy you are and if we want to sleep with you. Also, we want to know what the odds will be of contracting an STI, again, sorry, not sorry. If we’re going to sleep with you, the only thing we want to take home after sex is the memories.

You feel the sexual tension between you two

Sexual tension is that feeling you have in your stomach when you look at a woman you’ve been flirting with all night. You can feel it and see it in the eyes. You two both want each other. Now, one of you is going to have to break down the wall and make the first move. Of course, sexual tension isn’t going to equate to you getting laid, but it does show that she’s sexually interested in you. So, if you two don’t have sex tonight, just make sure you see her again.

She’s extremely flirty with you 

Flirting is what leads to sex, it’s like the gateway to sexual engagement. Again, it doesn’t mean just because you flirt you’re going to get laid. I flirt with many guys without the intention of sleeping with them. I was feeling horny or maybe I have a crush on them or maybe I was bored. You see what I mean? I’ve also slept with a guy who I’ve flirted with. The point is, flirting is an essential part of sex. It’s the build up, it’s what makes the panties get wet. If she’s flirting with you, it’s a good sign that she’s sexually attracted to you. Now, your job is to work with the flirting and build up the tension between you two so that she wants to go further.

She isn’t afraid to touch you

I should let you know though, there are many girls who are simply nervous to touch a man yet, will still be sexually interested in you. So, don’t completely go by the sign only. Though, if her hands are all over you like you’re a piece of candy, she’s interested in you. To touch someone is a very intimate act which means she’s comfortable around you. You can touch her back to see her reaction, however, make sure it’s appropriate. She will let you know where the boundaries are, just respect them.

She invites you over

If she says to you, “you should come over,” and it’s midnight, well, she’s not interested in having tea and biscuits with you. Of course, this also doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you. But, it’s definitely a good sign. She’s inviting you into her personal space which many men probably do not get invited to see. So, though you shouldn’t be expecting to get laid if you’re invited to her place, you should take it as a positive sign. All you need to do is relax and not pressure her. Trust me, if she wants to sleep with you, she will. If you’re too pushy, you won’t get anything.

She talks openly about sex

I’ve talked about sex with many men without the intention of sleeping with them, but if you’re one of those men, you would have been able to feel the lack of sexual tension. So, you need to also feel the energy between you two when this topic arises. And it will arise, it always does. Now, most women won’t talk about sex unless they’re interested in having it with you (again, there are always exceptions to this). Though, if she’s very open with you about what she likes and what she doesn’t, she’s letting you know this information so that you know what to do. So, pay attention and remember what she says.

Full on make-out session as your first kiss

For most couples, their first kiss with a simple peck on the lips. You know, the classic high school kiss, sweet and innocent. But with this girl, she’s giving you all the tongue she has in her mouth. If you walked her to her door and your first kiss is a full-on make-out session with her grabbing your crotch, that’s a great sign. She’s horny and it looks like she’s interested in taking it to the next level. Now, you need to make sure that she wants to have sex, so ask her if this is what she wants. Once you get consent, then you can let her lead you to her bedroom.

She’s dressed her sexiest

Now, women have the ability to wear whatever they want. This, you need to know. Just because her cleavage is exposed doesn’t mean she’s exposing it for you to get the hint that she wants to sleep with you. So, I wouldn’t place bets that what a girl wears is directly correlated to if she wants to sleep with you. Though, if you notice that she’s usually dressed conservatively and then all of a sudden is dressed like Mariah Carey, well, you can assume that she really likes you. Trust me, no girl puts in that much effort if she wasn’t remotely interested. This doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you, but it does mean she’s interested in you. So, that’s definitively a good start.