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12 Signs She Wants You To Ask Her Out


There’s no questioning that women are hard to read. Sometimes it’s a struggle to figure out what they are feeling, but they aren’t always as subtle as they think they are! Here are 12 very obvious signs that she wants you to ask her out:

She’s Always Talking To You

When you wake up in the mornings, do you usually have a text from her? Or at least by mid-day? If she likes you, she won’t hesitate to text you first. She may even be gutsy enough to text you multiple times. And if she calls you then she really has the hots for you. People don’t do a lot of conversing over the phone, so if she’s dialing your digits you can be sure that she has a huge crush on you.

She will make sure you have access to all forms of her social media. However, if she’s avoiding you on certain social media platforms it’s a bad sign. This means she may not want you to see everything she is up to or who she is talking with. That leaves room for a little suspicion that she may be talking or hanging out with other guys and she just doesn’t want you to know. Another terrible sign is if she never initiates conversation. When a woman likes someone she will go to extreme lengths to be talking to them as much as possible.

Her Body Language Is Telling You Something

Body language is a major factor when it comes to figuring out whether a girl is waiting for a date or not. It’s not always that easy to see if you are not actively keeping an eye open for it. You have to pay close attention to her. Woman think they are being totally obvious with their body language, but they really aren’t. At least most men don’t think so. So what type of body language are you keeping your eyes peeled for?

Leaning in– She will face her body towards you while the two of you are talking. You may also notice that as the conversation goes on, she starts leaning a little closer to you bit by bit. She won’t be right next to you, but by the end of the talk she will definitely be noticeably closer to you.

Knee Touching– When you are sitting by each other, she will make sure that her knee falls slightly over at some point. That way her knee will be touching your knee. She won’t do it hard, instead she will be gentle and you may not even notice. She will do it very softly because she doesn’t want to make it seem awkward by flopping here knee down and risk interrupting the conversation.

Her Hair– A woman with a crush tends to use her hair to her advantage. This means she will play with her hair when you are talking to her. She knows that her hair is one of the desired attributes a man sees in a woman. She will try to draw as much attention to it as she possibly can. You may even catch her do a hair flip at some point. Twirling and running her fingers through her hair softly are both positive indications that she likes you. However, it’s quite the opposite if you see her braiding her hair or tugging at it. Those are both signs that she may be bored or annoyed.

She Spoils You

We don’t mean that she’ll be buying you big, fancy gifts or anything like that. You will notice that she goes out of her way to bring you things. Whether cheap or expensive. She might bake you some cookies or bring you some leftovers. She could pop over with your favorite candy bar or bag of chips. If you were talking about how bad you need some air freshener the other day, don’t be surprised if she has it in hand the next time you see her. Which is great, because she definitely is spending her spare time thinking of you and wants you to do the same! Gifts and treats come along with courtship and always have. Although she may not realize it, she’s showing you that she cares about you a lot in whatever way she can. This might also include favors. She’ll be eager to help you out whenever she has the chance.

She’s Introduced You To Important People In Her Life

A girl waiting for you to ask her out, may even start to introduce to special people that she cares about. She will be ready to introduce you to her closest friends. You may find that they even know a little bit about you.

They might say, “So this is the famous…?

Or, “Wow, he is handsome, isn’t he?”

You will notice that she is slowing integrating you into her circle of friends and maybe even her family!

If you get invited to a family dinner, you can be certain she’s digging you hardcore. Meeting the folks is kind of important to a lot of people. She has to be feeling pretty serious about you if she’s introducing you to mom and pop, don’t you think?

She Only Has Eyes For You

You may notice as your friendship progresses, she suddenly stops mention her old boyfriends or people that she has dated. Usually that points to her harboring some feelings for you as more than just a friend. Not only will she stop mentioning other dudes, but she will also stop hanging out with them! Entirely. Usually when a woman likes a guy, she will focus solely on that guy. You may even hear her talk about how single she is. She might discuss her solo life issues with you.

She’ll say something like, “Being single is so lonely.”

Or, “I really need a man who…”

Venting about being lonely and disliking it are total giveaways that she is itching for a date. She wouldn’t be griping to you specifically if she didn’t want that date to be with you.

She Thinks You’re Hilarious… Even When You Aren’t

Unless you are a comedian or became one overnight, you won’t find girls laughing at all of your jokes. So, when she starts laughing at pretty much everything you say and do, she’s probably crushin’ on you. No matter what you do, she’ll seem to always be amused by you.

She Likes Hanging With You One On One

Do you find that the two of you have started hanging out one on one lately? And it won’t just be lounging around watching Netflix either. She’ll plan to go to the mall or do some other activity. That’s usually a good indicator that she wants to go on a formal date with you at some point. This is her telling you, ‘Hey! I want to go out and do something with you. Just you. Alone. With me.’

Even if the two of you have mutual friends, she will be doing everything she can to spend some quality time with you only.

You Have A Ton Of Things In Common

And we mean a ton. She will recognize that and focus on it to get you to become closer with her. You will find that she pushes the conversation into those topics quite often. She wants to bond with you. And ultimately she wants you to ask her out.

She Tells You Everything

When a girl wants you to become serious with her, she will let the secrets start pouring out. This is because she feels confident in her trust with you. Obviously since the two of you aren’t officially dating, she will remain slightly guarded. You won’t know every dirty, little secret she has.

But when crises arises or something big in her life has happened, she will come to you with the information. She will feel safe confiding in you, because she feels connected to you enough to do so.

She Wants You To Tell Her Everything

That means that she is going to be genuinely interested in learning everything there is to know about you. She will insist you talk about yourself a majority of the time. When you do, you will have her full, undivided attention. She will mirror your body language as you talk, to show you she is listening. She will also always have a rebuttal to what you are saying.

She Makes Sure You Know Her Calendar Is Wide Open

Did you hear her mention something about needing a wedding date in six months? Or that she needs to make plans for next weekend? When a woman wants you to ask her out, she will make it clear that she has an open schedule. She may invite you to events in the distant future. Which means that she doesn’t plan on you going anywhere, anytime soon.

She Kisses You

Ah, yes, the definitive sign that she really likes you and wants you to ask her out. She will not be scared to dive right into a kiss with you. This is the most obvious sign she will put out, if she feels like you haven’t picked up on any of the other signs.


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