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8 Signs She Wants You to Chase Her


If you’ve been in the dating scene long, you’ve probably been confused over whether or not a woman is looking for a man to chase after her. No, we don’t mean literally. Under no circumstance should you physically run after a woman unless you’re playing a pre-arranged game of tag, otherwise she’s probably not going to like it. No, in this case, chasing means whether or not a woman is looking to test how badly a man wants to pursue her as a romantic partner.

It’s very important to get the balance right when it comes to chasing a woman. If you come on too strong, she’s likely to find you aggressive and want nothing to do with you. If you come on too soft, she’ll probably assume you’re not really that interested and move on to the next man. The only way to figure out when a woman wants to be chased is to learn the subtle hints.

1. She’s hot and cold

A lot of guys are familiar with this type of behavior. It’s considered hot and cold when a girl acts flirty and affectionate with you one minute, and then distant the next. This is a classic sign that she’s testing you to see if you’re going to give in to the game, or chase after her. It’s also considered playing hard to get. She wants to know that you’re the type of guy that will work for her attention and affections.

If you’re getting the hot and cold signal, that’s your sign to go for it. Of course, there’s a difference between a girl going between lukewarm and cold. If she’s simply friendly with you the same as she is to her other friends, this might not be a sign that she’s into you. However, if you two are constantly flirting back and forth and you can feel the sparks just before the north wind blows, she’s definitely playing hot and cold.

2. She quickly to your texts

It doesn’t matter what time you send a message: morning, noon or night. If you send off a text and she replies immediately, this means that she’s looking forward to hearing from you, and has been anticipating your messages. When a girl replies quickly your texts with more than just a standard “Lol” in reply, she’s definitely eager to talk to you.

This is a good sign that you should pursue her romantically. Her replies should be rich and carry along the conversation. Otherwise, she might just be replying to get you to leave her alone. However, if you feel like your conversations are always fun and meaningful, she’s definitely looking for you to chase after her.

3. She always says yes to your invitations

A girl who dismisses your invitations to hang out or get coffee is not a girl who wants you to pursue her. If she always seems to have work, or family obligations, or other plans, she’s trying to gently let you down without outright saying she doesn’t want to be around you.

On the other hand, when a girl readily accepts your invitations, it means that she enjoys being around you and is interested in seeing where things go. Even if she has a full schedule, a girl who wants you to chase her will always somehow find time in her schedule for you two to meet up, even if it’s just on a lunch break.

4. She always looks nice when you’re together

A girl who likes you and wants you to pursue her is always going to look well put together when you see one another. If you two meet up on accident- say, running into one another on the street -she may not look as dressed up as she would if she was planning to meet you intentional.

Keep tabs on how she dresses, styles her hair, and the kind of makeup she wears when you two plan to meet up. If she’s always looking her best whenever the both of you hang out, this means she wants to look her best for you. This is a sure sign that she’s interested in you – so make sure you’re looking your best when you see one another, too!

5. Your conversations are meaningful

When the two of you are alone, do you only make small talk? Or gossip about friends? This may mean she’s not really all that interested in getting to know you. On the other hand, if the conversation that you have when you’re alone is meaningful, this means she’s opening up to you.

She tells you personal things about her family, her past, and her ideals. Women who give you hints into their rich, inner lives are trying to entice you to find out more. It means that she wants you to prove that you’re worth telling these things to. Deep and meaningful conversations don’t happen with just anyone. If you’re looking for a sign that she wants you to chase her, this is it.

6. She tease you

A little bit of playful teasing can mean a lot. When a girl teases you, it means that she’s become comfortable with you. Pursuing a romantic relationship can be awkward at the beginning. You may notice a shift between a more nervous, formal personality, and a more playful one. That shift means that you two are now closer than before, and when a girl feels comfortable with you it means that she won’t mind being chased.

7. When you stop chasing her, she chases you

If you’re not sure whether or not she’s interested in this going further, you may stop reaching out to her. If this happens and the two of you never speak again, it probably wasn’t going to go anywhere to begin with. But if you give up the chase, she just may turn around and be the one to reach out to you instead!

If this happens, it means that she’s definitely interested in you, and doesn’t want this little game of yours to end. If you’re not sure how she feels, stop texting her for a day and see if she takes the initiative. If so, then this is a sign that the chase is back on.

8. She avoids answering the Big Question

When you ask her about dating or becoming a couple, she may change the subject or give you coy, non answers. If the rest of her behavior has been positive, she’s probably just playing hard to get one final time.

She wants to know that you’ll care enough to chase her all the way to the very end, and that you won’t give up right at the finish line. With just a little more patience, you’ll get your answer – and if you’ve done a good job with interpreting her signs correctly, it’s going to be a big fat yes!

While it may seem impossible to figure out if a woman wants you to chase her, understanding the subtle hint and signs is much easier than you think. If a woman isn’t into you and doesn’t want to be chase, you’ll most likely know within the first few attempts. However, if you’re getting this hints and signs, you may just be on the other end of a test to see if you’re worthy of her affection.


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