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Signs She’s Giving Up On Me


Relationships are like roller coasters. They have many ups and many downs. Sometimes one outweighs the other and that’s when things get real tricky. Sometimes we feel as if we go from 100 miles an hour down to 20. And when we reach that low level of speed, we can start to worry. When you slow down that much, you might be wondering if your partner is giving up on what you two share. Thankfully, there are signs that help us know when our girlfriends or wives have started giving up on us. They are pretty clear to see, if you know what you are supposed to be looking out for. And lucky for you, we know what those signs are and how to approach them! Just keep reading and you will soon know, too.  when a woman gives up on a relationship

The Signs

She’s Not Attentive

she is giving up on me

The first sign to be on the lookout for is whether or not she is still listening to you. It is a partner’s job to be attentive to their mate’s needs, wants and just listen to what they have to say. When someone starts to give up you and your relationship, you might notice that they stop paying attention to you. Suddenly what you have to say no longer matters. She gives no second thought to your feelings or opinions anymore. Have you noticed any of this to be true? This is a major red flag!

She Spends Her Time Elsewhere

When you first started dating, the two of you were inseparable. You spent every free minute you could together. Nowadays it’s like pulling teeth to even plan a weekly supper together. She does not seem to want to spare any of her free time for you. She would rather be with her friends and opts to spend time with them over you. This is a sign she is giving up on you. Of course you and your partner do not need to be together every minute of every day, but you should want to spend a good amount of time together. Once that stops, it means that she is no longer interested in making you a priority. Check her planner. Can she fit you in? If not, it’s a bad sign.

She Blows You Off

Or, if you two do make plans with each other, does she often cancel or reschedule lately? Getting her to commit verbally to something might be easy, but her taking action on it is not. This is definitely an indicator she is no longer appreciative or you’re time. She is not worried about letting you down. When you date someone  you should try to be courteous of the commitments you make with them. It’s just a sign of respect.

She’s Cheating

when a woman gives up on you

Infidelity happens, but it isn’t a good sign by any means. If you have encountered a situation where she is cheating on you, as well as some of the other signs on this list, it might be safe to say she is giving up on your relationship. She doesn’t love you fully if she is acting out this type of behavior.

She’s Moody With You

You might find when someone is done with a person, they become way more irritable towards them. She has taken on a whole new attitude with you. Instead of being polite and sweet, she is now bitter and snappy. Her temper is short with you and it makes you feel very annoying.  

There Is Less Intimacy

signs she is giving up on you

What is your sex life with her like? We know this seems like a personal question, but it’s important to evaluate this type of thing to help you decide if she is giving up on you or not. Do you consistently get naughty together? If not, this could be a definite sign that she is giving up on you, as well as your relationship. Physical intimacy is just as important as mental intimacy. Both need to be active to indicate a healthy relationship. The less and less that you have sex, the less emotion She might be feeling towards you. Women are more emotional about sex than men in most cases. Without the emotional connection, they will not feel turned on and they won’t want to be physically intimate. It’s an obvious sign that something is wrong.

She Forgets Important Things

Another sign that she is giving up is that she forgets the important things that you tell her. Suddenly events that you care for are no longer a priority. Things you said, people you’ve mentioned, just go in one ear and out the other. She might not feel is it necessary to pay attention anymore.

She Is Nonchalant

And not just about some things, but about everything that you seem to care about. She no longer seemed bothered when you are upset or anxious. This could mean she has given up on you.


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