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10 Signs That Someone Has A Crush On You


Figuring out whether or not someone likes you can be tedious. Well, only if you don’t know the signs. There are a few things that you will see only someone that has a crush on you do. Read below to find out what they are!

  • They’re All Over Your Social Media

One of the biggest signs that someone has a crush on you is that they will follow your social media like a hawk. These days everything is done in the digital world. Including stalking your crush on their Instagrams, Facebooks and Snapchats. You might notice that someone who likes you will constantly be viewing your videos or liking your posts, as well as your pictures. They will hit that like button like there is no tomorrow when you post something new. They will add you on every platform and be actively interacting with you on each one. They might not actually be conversing with you much through instant messaging, because they are shy. But you will notice that the more the crush progresses, the more they start paying attention to your feeds online.

  • Their Body Language Gives It Away

Another important thing to keep your eyes peeled out for is what their body language is saying. Body language speaks volumes when it comes to deciding if someone has a crush on you or not. Actually, body language might even be the most crucial thing when it comes to this.

Our body language tells people more than we think it does. This happens in situations where we are nervous or in situations where we like someone greatly! Sometimes we don’t even notice when our bodies are speaking. However, others might catch on, because it might not be as subtle as we’d like to believe.

What kind of body language should you be on the lookout for?

There are five major signs to take note of when it comes to reading someone’s body language.

What are they doing with their eyes? Eyes are the most important thing that tells someone we like them. We may not notice, but when we like someone we tend to look at specific things on them. Such as their lips and their eyes. People interacting with friends might make eye contact, but we they are associating with their crush they won’t be able to look away. They will rarely break eye contact, but when they do they will look at their crush’s lips!

Another thing to watch out for when observing someone’s body is what they are doing with their feet. Okay, we know it sounds weird! But, hear us out.

Feet are dead giveaways to what we are feeling.

Like if we want to get away from a person, our feet will be far apart and facing outward. However, if we like someone, our feet will be pointed directly at them wherever they move and they will also be turned more inward.

Another amazing thing that often gets overlooked when people are feeling a certain way is what they are doing with their hair!

Hair plays a major role in body language in general. It tells a lot about what is one someone’s mind when we are speaking to them.

Men and women both use hair to communicate with their bodies. .They will either run their fingers through it gently or twirl it in their fingers. These are good signs. The bad signs? When they tug, rip or aggressively ruffle their hair. Although they may be nervous, someone who has a crush on you won’t generally do those erratic things to their hair in front of you.

  • They Flirt Their Hearts Out

Flirting is huge when someone has feelings for you. They will flirt and flirt until you finally get an idea of what they are trying to do. You might notice they say dirty things to you or make sexual advances at you. They could say cheesy pickup lines or just keep it as easy as complimenting you regularly. You will find most of what they say to you to be very flattering.

Their goal is to build you up and make you feel compliment. It also doesn’t hurt to flatter you so that they can get more attention from you in return, because you will start to feel a soft spot for anyone who compliments you enough. These are things that only someone with a crush on you does.

  • They Get Really Intimate With You

And we mean in a way that friends just don’t get intimate with one another. It’s vital to pay close attention to what someone is doing with their hands. Well, most importantly where their hands are. A person with a crush will jump at every opportunity to touch you. These touches might be extremely obvious or they may be very subtle. Some almost so subtle that you might never notice them. Until someone tells you what to look for. Like they might just timidly brush their arm with yours.

Or, more obviously, they could place their entire hand on your knee while you are sitting near each other.

Speaking of sitting, you can be sure that someone who has a crush on you will be sitting as close to you as they possibly can. There will never be more than an inch between the two of you.

If the person is crushing really hard on you, they may get as bold as to wrap their hand around the back of your neck or place it on the small of your back. These are risky moves, but strong indications that they have some major feelings for you.

  • They Always Cheer You On

Someone who likes you a lot will always be by your side during the most important events. They will help to make sure that you feel like you can do anything. That’s what good friends do, too, but someone with a crush will do it better. They will always show up for you when you need someone. They will be there for you when you are feeling down.

Because they really care about you.

  • They Also Get Very Personal With You

Just like they are getting intimate with you, they will also be making an eager effort to get to know you on an emotionally personal level. This means they will always be asking you questions about yourself to try and get to know you better. You might already know each other pretty well. If that’s the case, you might notice that they ask you very deep and personal questions. Questions that you never expect to be asked from someone other than your absolute best friend or a partner.

They could ask you about your childhood and then recipocrate with something just as equally private about themselves. This even goes for when the two of you are texting one another. It will almost feel as if you are continuously playing a game of 20 Questions, but instead of 20 they are seemingly never ending.  

They want to get to know everything and anything about you. This is what is called ‘laying a foundation’ to get the bond you have between you strengthened.

  • They Keep In Contact With You

All of the time. In the morning they are there in your inbox with a sweet good morning message and they are there texting you the minute before one of you falls asleep at night. There isn’t much silence between you.

If someone has a crush on you they will want to be talking to you all day. They don’t want to stop. That’s because they like you a lot and your company is the only company they find themselves wanting.

You can be sure someone has a crush if they send you doubles or question marks when you don’t respond after an hour or two. This means that they have been anxiously waiting for your response for some time.

You might find someone that has a crush even going as far as calling you. Not many people call in this modern age. They end up texting or IM-ing the people that they want to talk to. However, if they have feelings for someone they might want to hear their voices personally.

  • They Want To Spend A Lot Of Time With You

Someone who has a crush on you will try to spend a majority of their free time with you. Usually they will ensure that the two of you are hanging out by yourselves. They won’t want to share your company with anyone else. Getting you alone with them also puts you two in the right atmosphere to get more romantic with each other. There will only be certain situations that they want to hang out with others.

  • They Want You To Meet Their Friends or Family

One of the certain situations where they want to share you with others is when they are trying to introduce you to the people they consider the most important to them. They might only bring you around to meet their best friends or their family members.

They might make it feel fairly formal because they are testing the waters to see how you all get along with each other.

This won’t be a casual hang out session. You will notice the difference between a simple group hang and a time where they are formally introducing you to people who are important in their lives.

  • They Always Look Their Best

Some people may look their best all the time, but not everyone puts 100 percent effort in on a daily basis. So you might notice that someone who has a crush on you will always look like their absolute best. They will wear their nicest clothes.

Guys may gel their hair and women might wear makeup.

They might often be caught straightening out their outfits to get rid of any creases. They don’t want to risk appearing messy at any point while they are hanging out with you.

Women might reapply their makeup or fix their hair frequently.


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