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18 Signs Your Friend Likes You


We know it can be difficult to determine when a friend is just a friend or if they are turning into something more. How do you know when that line has been crossed? It’s hard, but not impossible. You might not be able to tell, which is totally understandable. To help you get a better idea all you have to do is read the following 18 signs below. These will help you figure out whether your friend truly likes you or if they are just being friendly!

They Drop Hints

The number one clue to figuring out whether your friend likes you as… Well, as more than just a friend, is to look out for the clues that they, themselves, are dropping for you. When someone likes another person they usually aren’t very shy about it. They may, however, be very subtle. So keep your eyes peeled for any and all hints that could possibly be right under your nose! Like them mentioning how it sucks to be single. Or how you are the only person they feel comfortable around. These are simple hints that they might be looking to start a relationship with you.

The Get More Touchy, Feely With You

When you develop a crush on someone, you might find it hard to keep your hands to yourself. That’s because you suddenly feel an intense, physical attraction towards someone. So if you’re friend suddenly starts putting their hands on you (in a good way, duh!) more often, this may be a sign that they like you romantically. This might include them trying to hold your hand or playing with your hair. You might notice someone with a crush on you sit closely next to you whenever the two of you are seated. Whatever you are doing, they will try to be as close as possible to you and have their hands on you at all times.

They Want To Hang Out Alone… A Lot

When you started out as friends, you probably spent a lot of time with other people. These people were probably part of your clique or just mutual friends. Now, if your friend likes you, they will ensure that your hangouts are a little more private. They might suggest ditching the group and running off to be alone for the rest of the night. Or when they make plans with you in the future they will make sure that only the two of you know about it. Someone who has feelings for you will make it their number one goal to be alone with you as much as possible.

The Stumble When Introducing You

There might have been a time where they introduced you as their friend.

This is my friend, ____.

Now it seems to go a little more along the lines of, “This is, uh, this is my, uh… This is ____.

When someone is starting to build more feelings for you they might start to take you out of the friendzone in their mind and consider you more than that. Even if they haven’t said it aloud or if the two of you haven’t yet discussed it. It’s just what’s in their head. So they are going to have a little more trouble introducing you as just a friend anymore.

They Get Deep With You, Real Deep

Meaning they waste no time trying to get to know every detail about you that they can. They might ask you questions all day in person and then continue to ask you personal questions when the two of you are apart, through text. This might get annoying, but recognize that if they are putting all this extra effort in your conversations, they really do care about you. They might be trying to figure out how compatible you really are, by getting super deep in your discussions.

The Invite You On Date Type Activities

Of course it’s normal for friends to hang out solo. But you might notice a shift in the type of the activities that you do with this friend, once they start to develop a crush on you. They might start taking you on private, very secluded, romantic dates. They might take you to your favorite restaurant. They may take you on romantic adventures, like picnics by the waterfall or ice skating as dusk. Whatever the activity may be, question whether you consider it to be romantic or not. If three out of five of every date you have is in a romantic setting or has some deep meaning, you can probably be sure that this friend likes you.

They Offer To Pay

When you go on these date type of activities, do they offer to pay for you? That might be because they like you as more than a friend. When someone constantly offers to pay for your stuff, like activities and meals, they are really just trying to impress you. They are showing you that they can be generous and that they are trying to spoil you.

They Surprise You With Gifts

Along with trying to pay for your dates, they might surprise you with gifts here and there. No, they do not have to be super huge gifts. It might be something as simple as bringing you your favorite ice cream when they know that you have been having a terrible day. They may get you something as silly as a new toothbrush, because they heard you mention that yours was pretty worn out the other day.

Or they could surprise you with some big gifts. They could send you rose arrangements or edible bouquets. They might buy you tickets to your favorite concerts. Back in the old days, people would offer up the best materials they could to get someone to court them. Not much has changed since then, because even nowadays when we like someone we tend to do the same.

Their Eyes Never Stray

When you are in the room together, they can’t seem to let their eyes wander away from you. This is normal when someone has a crush. They tend to want to only look at you. That means if another hot guy/girl walks by they don’t pay a single second of attention to them.

You might notice that a friend who likes you has no trouble keeping eye contact with you. It will feel almost as if they are always staring deep into your soul.

But if you are saying something sweet, they might flicker their eyes away because they are nervous. This never lasts long, because if they truly have feelings for you, they will not want to look anywhere else.

They Want To Get Dirt On Your Past GF/BF

Sure, you might talk to your friends about your past. But it doesn’t seem like you get too far into it with them. However, if a friend likes you they will be persistent in getting every ounce of information on your ex that they can. They are prepping themselves for if the two of you ever make it to the next stage in your relationship.

They’re Always Their Best Dress

You might notice that a friend who has suddenly got a crush on you will also very suddenly start changing their appearance. Before they didn’t care if you saw them in baggy sweats or with their unkempt hair. But now they are doing everything that they can to try to impress you. That means they will put on their best clothes and do their hair/makeup/etc. You will never find a hair out of place when they are around you.

You might notice that they are constantly freshening up now, too. They could also be as obvious to be consistently straightening out the wrinkles in their clothes.

These are big tells when it comes to figuring out whether a friend likes you romantically.

You Make Them Nervous

Maybe you didn’t before, but you certainly do now. That means that your friend will now be embarrassed of even the littlest things when you are there. They might always be flushed, because you are just looking at them. This is common when you like someone. Giggles are also a huge giveaway. They might be excited giggles or nervous giggles, but giggling is definitely a good indication that someone has feelings for you.

They Think About A Future… With You In It

Have you heard them mention dates and events that are far off in the future? Specifically dates and events that they want you to be there for? This is a strong sign that your friend likes you. They don’t plan on getting any other partners for those activities, even though they might be in the distant future.

They Get Undoubtedly Jealous

Yes, a friend who is just a friend will definitely not get jealous when you talk to a person of the opposite sex in front of them. In fact, they could probably not care any less. They might even be cheering you on, because that’s what friends do. But you might notice that a friend who does like you gets extremely jealous and flustered when you bring or talk to another person of the opposite sex. This is because they want your attention to be only on them and nobody else.

How can you tell when someone is jealous?

A lot of the time they will make a big deal out of the fact you talked or brought someone else. They might be snide towards the person. They might get all red and flushed in the face. Or they might just up and leave when they realize your attention is elsewhere.

And sometimes they might outright tell you that they have a problem with it.

They Remember Important Stuff

A friend who likes you as more than a friend will never fail to remember any of the important stuff that you have told them. They want to make sure that you know they have been actively listening to you.

They Tease You and Flirt With You

There is no doubt that if a friend likes you they will go out of their way to flirt you and tease with you. Probably every time that they see you, too. They might try to ruffle your feathers a little bit, but in a fun way. They might also make flirtatious passes at you. These go beyond just simple compliments. They will almost get sexual about it with you.

They’re Always By Your Side

No matter what is going on in your life, if they like you romantically, they will always be there for you. They will be there cheering you on every step of the way. They might be the first ones there when you have a big day. They will also try to be the person there for you if you need a shoulder to cry on. This is because they deeply care about you and want to show you that they are always there for you no matter what the situation is.

They Want To Show You Their Favorite Things

When you like someone a lot, you always want to share with them the things that you like most in the world. You might find a friend who has a crush on you start trying to build connections off of common interests that you share with each other. They are also testing you to see if you like the same stuff as them. Because this is what is going to determine if you are compatible with each other or not.


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