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  1. Star
    February 11, 2018

    Me and my husband been together since 2002 and we separated for 8 months ago and been back together for over a year now .Things been worse then ever and am trying but its seems diffrent he doesnt call me on his lunches or texts and hides his phone also never want to share the expenses.Also i put him on child support when we went o. Our break and since then .He only pays the cable bill and thats 133.00 and 80.00 phone bill.When i pay 825.00 in rent he said the child support is his part of the rent .Also out all the years he never put his hands on me till one day i went through his phone and i did pull a knife out on him but i wasnt going do nothing but to scared him and he hit me in the faces out of 15 years not once has he hit me .I dont no if i should make it work anymore he puts a locks on his phone doesnt hig me kiss me or tell me he loves me.i have cancer and my treatment made me lose my teeth and he once told me lool at yourself he would want to kiss you like thats should i make my marriage work we have two kids and he rise my first born now she is 21 .and my son is 13 and my daughther is 8 what i should do walk away or make it work.my family pass away in the last 3 year my mom dad and sister and he doesnt even hold me when am crying


    • Web Admin
      Web Admin
      February 11, 2018

      It is clear that his actions are not respectful. His feelings for you may have changed. He may be confused or uncertain about his feelings. Take this time to determine what you want for our future. Think about the impact of how an abusive relationship may influence your children. Take this time to strengthen your relationships with your friends and family. Speak directly and honestly with your husband about your thoughts and feelings. Have a great day, Star!


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