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20 Signs Your Wife Still Loves You


What are signs your wife still loves you? Well, to be frank, that will vary from person to person as we all display love in different ways. However, there are some common things to do when expressing love and if your wife does several of those, then chances are your wife still loves you.

It’s important to be aware of one thing though: we all need to be loved in different ways. If you feel unloved, it’s not necessarily because your wife doesn’t love you, but because she doesn’t express love in a way you need to feel loved. There is an excellent book on the topic called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. If you both read that book and start implementing it, you might very well both end up feeling a whole lot more loved up!

If you feel the relationship hasn’t been as solid as it once was, or she expresses love less than she used to, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. It just means she might be under some stress at the moment, or the relationship needs some work. All relationships do and if we forget it, sometimes we need to work extra hard to get it to work. The good news? Working hard on a relationship isn’t always actually as hard as it sounds because it can be really enjoyable to bring the spark back, or simply make it shine brighter than it ever has before.

1. She Says She Loves You

One of the most obvious ways of expressing love is to say it out loud. If your wife tells you she loves you, then she probably does!

2. She Compliments You

If your wife goes out of her way to compliment you on anything from your driving skills, to how great you look in some jeans, then she’s making an effort to express her love.

3. She Spends Time with You


There are a million and one things one could be doing with one’s time. If your wife choose to spend time with you, it’s because she loves your company. Maybe it’s not such an apparent way of saying “I love you” but it is one of the most precious ways of doing it as time, in a sense, is all we have. Our life is made up of how we spend our time.

4. She Is Patient

Does she put up with your Uncle Bill at parties? Is understanding even though you are ten minutes late, as always? If she has patience with you, your friends and family, then she has it because she cares about you (or she’s a saint!).

5. Acts of Kindness 

Does she pick you up after a night on town with the dudes, so you can have a few drinks and not have to drive home? Maybe she prepares an extra nice breakfast on a day when you have a big meeting, or she pours you a drink after a long day? Her caring for you is a way of expressing love.

6. Acts of Service Around the House

A variation on the theme of acts of kindness are acts of services around the house, such as tidying, doing the dishes, cooking, etc. It’s everyday things, but doing them still shows you care. Of course, you could be doing them because you care about the house and how you live yourself too…

7. She Pays Attention

Does she get you well thought out gifts for Christmas? Does she remember to buy your favorite drinks and meals ever so often? Does she remember little things you like? Does she bring something up in conversation two weeks after you said it because she’s been thinking about it? Her paying attention is a sign she really cares about you and tries, not only to fulfill some of your desires/wishes, but also to understand you.

8. She Wants to Go on Date Nights

A sure fire sign your wife is still in love with you and attracted to you is her desire to go on date nights with you, whether she plans them or hope you will. Probably she feels a lot more loved if you sometimes surprise her with a date night, which is why she might express her desire to set time aside every week to go on dates with you.

9. She Gives You Gifts

If she likes buying you little things, it’s likely a way for her to express her love. A lot of people associate gift giving with being an act of love and kindness.

10. Physical Intimacy

Whether she hugs you, holds your hand, or makes love to you, they are all signs of love.

11. She Let’s You Have Time to Yourself

Someone who cares for you often shows it by respecting your needs, including your need to have time by yourself, or with friends. Also, she respects decisions that she knows are good for you, even if she might not particularly like them.

12. She Supports You

Whether you need someone to talk to when something has happened, or someone cheering you on when you are applying for a new job, she’s by your side. Her support shows her dedication to your wellbeing, which is a sign she loves you.

13. She Compromises 

She’s cool with the idea that sometimes you spend a Saturday night at a game and sometimes you go on a romantic date night. She’s OK to compromise because she knows it’s essential for both your happiness.

14. She Asks for Your Opinion

One of the reasons she fell in love with you is probably because she respected you; thought highly of your opinion. If she still seeks it, it’s a sign she still respects your opinion and therefore thinks highly of you.

15. She Shares Her Deepest Thoughts with You

A sign someone loves and respects you is that they share their deepest thoughts with you. It shows they trust you and want to confide in you.

16. She Seeks to Find Out About You

No matter how long you’ve been together for, she’s still hungry to find out about you. We all change little by little, day by day, and she wants to get to know you every day.

17. She Seduces You

If she puts in time and effort to seduce you, it shows that she cares about you feeling good. It also shows she has a need to be desired by you. It’s simply a sign she still desires you.

18. She Wants to Look Attractive to You

Another sign she is still attracted to you is that she wants you to be attracted to her and therefore takes care to dress up for date nights, or when you do things together, hoping you will compliment her on her looks and show your attraction to her.

19. She Cares for You

Is she worried about you getting cold when it’s snowing? Does she sometimes prepare lunch for you as she knows you tend to forget to eat? Does she force you to go to the gym to stay healthy? Or try to convince you to see a chiropractor? They are all signs she cares about your wellbeing. Even if she nags in the process…

20. She Texts You

Do you get texts, or emails, sometimes, asking how your day is going? Or maybe some naughty texts even? If she texts/emails you it shows she’s thinking about you. She might even be missing you.

If you feel your wife is showing less signs than normal of loving you, start showing you love her by doing the things we talk about in this article. Compliment her. Do random acts of kindness for her. Do acts of service around the house. Buy her a small gift ever so often. Text her. Show you desire her. Dress up for her sake. Rather than begging her to do what you want (nagging her), compliment her and thank her when she does what you want. Remove the negativity and toxicity. Add love, desire and romance. Speak from your heart. When hurt, say so, but from the heart, not from a space of anger, or fear. When you want to share something, share from the heart. Make all your interactions be from the heart. Remind yourself. All. The. Time.


    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Perhaps allow this article to influence you to share your kindness and compassion with your partner. Have a great day, Frank!

  1. Some nos but I feel like there is more yeses but I also see the things I do… I never looked to show her I love her I just want to do those things for her. There is only one thing I do not do on this list n now I will. I hope she sees those things because rite now even though many of those things she does,…. there is always intuitive feeling that have never failed me up to 42 yrs old. I do not care I Love My Wife dearly, I will continue to do my things n hope she knows how much I really do care for her. Funny thing I know our house can get messsy cause we both work 60-70 hrs a week(but we have nice things n nice money from that, in hopes we can retire with each other) n she runs a large company I can’t expect her to remember conversations or notes or …well I give her a pass cause her work is hard(even though it’s all dudes she works with…) also a lot of hours. When I realized I never did all of those things with anyone else…. I got scared…. it is not easy to know you are so vulnerable. She can hurt me deep with a look..urgh..lol

    • Perhaps you need to just take some time for the two of you. You both have extremely busy lives, so maybe you can talk to her about scheduling one day a month that is only for you two without any excuses. While it is possible that she fell out of love, it sounds like you two just work a lot and things get forgotten. Talk to her about how you feel. Do something romantic for her–perhaps you should bring her breakfast in bed or leave a rose with a sweet note next to her side of the bed. Little things mean a lot, especially when you are both so busy. Good luck, Jason!


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