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30 Interesting Sister Tag Questions


Whether you want to make a fun video or just tag your sister on Facebook, you need the right sister tag questions to get started. These questions will help you see just how well your sister knows you and learn more about her. You can easily use these tag questions while shooting a video of yourself or your sibling. Skip the sibling rivalry and start to learn more about your family members with these questions. If we missed any of your favorite questions, make sure to leave a comment with your favorite at the bottom of the article.

1. What is the funniest memory that you have together?

After growing up together, there are a number of funny things that might have happened. Spend a few moments trying to think of the actual funniest memory of you two together. Was it an embarrassing moment? A funny joke? Or something else?

2. Who is the most talented sibling?

This is a loaded question. Even if it is the truth, saying that you are the most talented could end up making your sister depressed. You have to be very careful about how you answer. Perhaps you could say that you are the most talented at one thing, but your sister is the most talented at something else.

3. Who reads more books? What do you think your sister’s favorite book is?

If your sister loves to read a lot, this question could make her laugh if you say a completely wrong book title as her favorite book.

4. Who is the oldest or youngest sibling?

This is not a very exciting question, but it is a good one to get you started. Use this question as a warm-up for the other questions that are bound to follow it.

5. What do you two do for fun together?

It is really interesting to hear what different siblings do together for fun. Most of the time, I just send Facebook messages to my siblings. I have heard of some families that gather together every year to make sausage or bake Christmas cookies. Every family seems to have unique traditions and different ways of bonding together.

6. What was the last text that you sent each other?

Hopefully, this will not end up being an embarrassing answer. With any luck, your last text was something simple like “hello” and not something more sinister.

7. Who has a cleaner room or apartment?

If you had to share a room with your sister as you were growing up, then you easily know the answer to this question. Nothing is more annoying than being the clean sister in a room with a little tornado. At the same time, your sister probably hated being nagged about her side of the room every day.

8. What do you have in common with your siblings?

Even though you grew up in the same home, you probably do not have everything in common. A number of sisters turn out completely different from each other. This is an interesting way to see which values, hobbies or traits you actually share with each other.

9. How long does it take your sister to get dressed and ready in the morning?

The answer to this could embarrass her sister if she likes people to think that she just woke up looking that beautiful every day.

10. Have you ever had a crush on one of your sister’s friends?

This is another potentially loaded question. If you had a crush on her friend and never told her, it will be interesting to see how she reacts. The only negative? You could find out that the friend secretly liked you back during the entire friendship.

11. What do you like or hate most about your sibling?

You should be very careful about how you answer this question. You do not want to start an argument about your sister’s positive or negative traits, so be very, very careful.

12. What is the best thing that you like the most about your sibling?

This is a good way to make your sister feel awesome. Plus, she will end up telling you what she likes most about you in return.

13. What is the most memorable argument that you have ever had with each other?

Hopefully, this argument was a long time ago and completely resolved. Otherwise, this question could end up re-opening the same wound and restarting the argument between you two.

14. What do you think that your sister thinks about the most?

This could be an extremely hard question to answer. You know what your sister talks about a lot, but it is hard to know exactly what is going on in her mind.

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15. Describe your sister in three words.

Try to pick nice adjectives to describe your sister so that she doesn’t end up getting depressed by this question.

16. Are you close to your sister?

This is another question that is an easy one to start the interesting sister tag questions out with. From here, you can move on to more complex questions.

17. What is the silliest nickname that you have for each other?

This is a fun, silly question to get the conversation going.

18. What is the weirdest thing that your sibling eats?

There are a number of weird things that people eat. Does your sister dip Oreos in peanut butter? Does she pour hot sauce onto everything? What does she eat that you find odd, disgusting or just weird?

19. What is your sister really terrible at doing?

No one can be perfect at everything, and there is bound to be something that your sister is not the best at.

20. What is the last thing that you did with your sister?

When you were last around your sister? Did you guys just talk and hang out? Or did you go on an adventure together?

21. What is the one dish that your mother or father always made when you were sick?

This makes me wish that my parents could still cook me soup when I am sick.

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22. What annoys you the most about your sibling?

Be careful about this one or you could unintentionally start a fight!

23. What is something you like to do together?

This is an easy way for you two to do tag questions and bond over your shared interests.

24. What was the biggest fight that you ever had with each other?

Be cautious when answering this question because you don’t want to restart the same old fight!

25. Did you ever steal your sister’s clothes without telling her?

Uh-oh. Now, it is time for the truth. She suspected that you stole her sweater, but she only has proof of your thievery now. The good news? You will get to find out if she took your clothes as well.

26. What is one habit that you have that your sister thinks is weird?

There are so many things that my sister could think I do weirdly.

27. Who was the better student in school?

This is another potentially loaded questions if your sister is touchy about her performance at school.

28. Do you have any secrets that your sister does not know?

If you have been holding back on a major secret, now is the time to tell her. Although, you probably don’t want to tell the secret in a tag question video or the whole world will know as well.

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29. What is one thing that makes you jealous about your sister?

This is an easy way to boost your sister’s ego!

30. If someone gave you $1 million, would you stop talking to your sister for one year?

I would really rather not answer this question.


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