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175 Soccer Team Names


You want your soccer team to make an amazing first impression. Your uniforms may help, but your soccer team name is often the first thing that people will notice about your team. Before you crush the other team, make sure that you have the best name out there. To help you brainstorm new soccer team names, we have compiled a list of different options that may work.

good soccer team names for ultimate team

1. Matrix: For all of those Matrix fans out there.

2. Goldstrikers: Because your soccer team has a tendency to strike gold on the field.

3. The Intentional Foulers: Uh-oh. Watch out for this team.

4. Specter: This is an awesome team name.

5. Athletic Hippies: Cute!

6. SWAT: This stands for Soccer With Attitude.

7. Killer Cleats Stars: Be wary of this killer team.

8. Thunder Cats: This is a typical option.

9. Wolf Pack: Because your team is as closely knit as a wolf pack.

10. Twisters Unicorns: Cute.

11. Adrenaline: This is a descriptor of how you feel when you play.

12. Mud Hoppers: Hopefully, you won’t have too many muddy days.

13. Rage: Watch out!

14. Punishers: This is a cool team nae.

15. Roughriders: Cool.

16. Hot Shots: This describes how your team makes every goal.

17. Sharpshooters: Nice name!

18. Net Rippers: This is one of the coolest soccer team names.

19. Intruders: Nice!

20. Wasted Talent: Is your team’s talent wasted in their league? Or do they waste their talent when they could play better?

21. Entity: Cool!

22. Crusaders: This could lead to an awesome looking mascot.

23. Piranhas: Nice!

24. Wild Things: For the teams with a wild streak.

25. Attack: This is a typical option.

26. Diablos: It means devils in Spanish.

27. Storm Giants: Cool.

28. Seahorses: Seahorses would be terrible at playing soccer, but they are just too cute.

29. Mountain Lions: Watch out for this soccer team!

30. Odyssey: Because soccer is a journey and not a destination.

31. Motherlode: Sweet!

32. Team Shred: This sounds like a good option.

33. Sting Rays: This doesn’t make a lot of sense since sting rays are only found in the ocean.

34. Icebreaker: Ice cold!

35. Hotspur: This is a cute name.

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36. Penalty Box Heroes: This is a clever option.

37. Lady Hawks: This would make a great team name for a bunch of women.

38. Cherry Bombers: You could make Cherry Bomb your theme song with a soccer team name like this one.

39. Aristocrats: For elite teams.

40. Alley Cats: Cute!

41. Earthquakes: Because every step on the field causes earthquake tremors that radiate outwards.

42. Bone Crushers: Uh-oh.

43. Rolling Thunder: This sounds awesome.

44. Dream Team: Just about every sport uses this team name at some point.

45. Multiple Scorgasms: This might be clever, but it isn’t really a family friendly option.

46. Fire Giants: Nice!

47. Junkyard Dawgs: This sounds like a cool option.

48. The Knight Riders: For wanna-be knights in shining armor.

49. All-Americans: This is an easy choice.

50. Thunderbolts: Because your team cuts across the field like a thunderbolt.

51. Daredevils: For risk takers.

52. Screaming Eagles: I’d hate to hear your fans cheer you on with a name like this.

53. Dominators: This describes how your team will dominate the field.

54. Nighthawks: Fun!

55. Momentum: This is a cool sounding option.

56. The Wild Thangs: There is an awesome 1960s song that could become your theme song if you choose this name.

57. United Valkyries: Awesome!

58. Mermaids: Mermaids probably could not play soccer, but it

59. Quicksilver: For a mercurial team.

60. Goal Rush: This is an adorable play on the phrase, “gold rush.”

61. The Mean Green Kicking Machine: It might be a bit long, but this team name is pretty cute.

62. Annihilators: Watch out for this team!

63. Roadrunners: You would have an awesome mascot option with this soccer team name.

64. Strikers: Awesome!

65. Wolverines: For all of you superheroes out there.

66. Fighting Irish: Obviously, it makes more sense if you have Irish ethnicity.

67. Land Sharks: Watch out!

68. Highlanders: Cute!

69. Goal Seekers: Or you could just name yourself the Seekers after the Quidditch position in Harry Potter.

70. Racers: Nice!

good soccer team names

71. Wanderers: This is an adorable option.

72. Ball Busters: If the other team consists of guys, they will certainly be wary of you.

73. Mad Dogs: Cool!

74. Illusion: This is a fun name.

75. Kings: This makes more sense for a group of guys who are on the same soccer team.

76. Quicksilvers Rabbits: Nice!

77. Lion Queens: You could also just call yourself the lionesses.

78. Challengers: Because you challenge other players on and off the field.

79. Rug Rats: This would be one of the best soccer team names for a group of young children who play.

80. Rangers: This is a fun option.

81. Hustlers: You got to have a bit of a hustle if you want to beat the other team.

82. Supershooters: For players who can always score a goal.

83. Blackhawks: This is a cool sounding option.

84. Whirlwind: This team is so fast that you can barely see the blur of their figure as they dash across the field.

85. Impact: Nice!

86. Piranha: For a team that is nothing but danger.

87. Killer Bees: Watch out for this team!

88. Energizers: Awesome!

89. The Crusades: This name will strike fear in the heart of the other team.

90. Renegades: For a group of rebels.

91. Mavericks: Another great name for a group of rebellious players.

92. Aftershock: Because you hit that field like an earthquake.

93. Cheetahs: For super fast runners.

94. Speed of Light: Because the other team can barely see you guys when you dash across the field.

95. Nemesis: The other team is going to see you as their nemesis before long.

96. Centurions: Cool!

97. Poltergeist: For supernatural teams.

98. The Bench Warmers: The other team won’t be worried about playing you if this is your name.

99. Dragons: Who doesn’t love dragons?

100. Gallop: Awesome!

101. Netbusters: Because you are constantly scoring goals.

102. Terminators: The other team better watch out if you have a name like this.

103. Stampede: Nice!

104. Pizzazz: For a flashy, fashion-forward team.

105. Slayers: Fun!

106. Metros: This is a good option for a metropolitan-based team.

107. Turf Kings: Because you are the kings of the turf. Ladies can change this to Turf Queens.

108. Clippers: Cute!

109. Stallions: This is a cool sounding team name.

110. World Flame: Fun!

111. Huskies: Huskies are known for their speed and endurance.

112. Koalas: This is an adorable option.

113. Sir Kicks a Lot: This is a play on the singer’s name, Sir Mix-a-Lot.

114. Patriots: This sounds like the name choice for football fans, not soccer fans.

115. Black Jacks: Cool!

116. Mohawks: This would be a cool team name for a group of goth or punk players.

117. Venom: Dangerous!

118. Inferno: This is a popular team name.

119. Hardly Athletic: Don’t expect to win a lot if you choose soccer team names like this one.

120. Blaze: Simple, but accurate.

121. Kickers: Cute!

122. Spirit: This is a fun option.

123. Earth Gods: This sounds interesting.

124. Thrashers: Watch out for this terrifying team.

125. Vipers: Vipers is one of the most popular team names for any sports team.

126. Wild Child: Wild Children makes more sense for a team, but it does not sound as good.

127. Speedy Cats: Awesome!

128. Clattering Cleats: This team name wins extra points for alliteration.

129. Penguins: Penguins would be terrible soccer players.

130. Thunder: Nice!

131. Purple Haze: This is a popular soccer team name.

132. Carnivores: Because the team is made up of predators.

133. Riptides: Cool!

134. Tuscan Raiders: You can change the first word to match whatever city you happen to live in.

135. Footloose: This was such an awesome movie. The name works for soccer because of the “foot” aspect of it.

136. Scouting for Goals: Awesome!

137. Destroyers: Be wary of this dangerous sounding team.

138. Team America: This is a fairly easy option.

139. Vengeance: Nice!

140. Demolition: Because the other team is about to get demolished.

141. Starfire: This sounds sweet.

142. Grizzlies: This would be a great team name in the Pacific Northwest.

143. Overlords: Cool.

144. Fusion Galaxy: This just sounds awesome.

145. The Trojans: Fun!

146. Damage Incorporated: This makes the threat sound official and business-like.

147. Buccaneers: Awesome!

148. Raiders: This is a popular team name.

149. Shockwaves: Cool!

150. Nomads: This is a team name that is quickly growing in popularity with the hippie and gypsy-inspired movements.

151. Trailblazers: Sweet!

152. Sidewinders: This is a cool option.

153. Vigilantes: This sounds like a team name made up of superheroes.

154. Outlaws: Because your team never plays by the rules.

155. Titans: Awesome.

156. Knockouts: Because you knock out all of the competition.

157. Hammerheads: Cute!

158. Mavericks: This is a cool team name.

159. Celtics: For people of Celtic heritage.

160. Heaven Eleven: This nae gets bonus points for rhyming.

161. Rain Makers: Because you bring the storm.

162. Jedi Knights: This works best for a group of Star Wars fans.

163. Knockouts: Awesome.

164. Missiles: Because you zero in on the opposing team.

165. Marauders: Get ready to have some fun with this team name.

166. Little Rascals: This is an adorable option for a team of younger children.

167. Defeeters: Get it? De-feet?

168. Referee Beaters: Because the referee is also your opponent.

169. Heartbreakers: Cute!

170. Turf Queens: This is a fun option.

171. Rat Pack: Nice one!

172. The Fighters: It doesn’t matter if you are behind in points because your team will never stop fighting.

173. Accelerators: Sweet!

174. Outbreak: Because your team is about to have a break out moment.

175. Minotaurs: This is a fun, historical name from Greek mythology.


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