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150 Funny and Cool Softball Team Names


You want to show off how awesome your softball team is. One of the easiest ways to do that is to look up funny and cool softball team names. If you are struggling to think of your own softball team name, then we have a few options that can help you. You can use one of the names on this list or modify it for a more unique option. 

1. Super Heroes in Training: This is an inspiring team name for your softball team.

2. Nine Inch Males: This is a play on the popular band name, but it certainly sounds like a bunch of male players with a bit of an ego.

3. Bat Rage: This is a cute team name.

4. Carpet Munchers: There is a stereotype that a lot of lesbians like to play softball. Embrace that stereotype with a clever softball team name like this.

5. Pimp My Side: This is a cute play on the television show, “Pimp My Ride.”

6. The Hitmen: Watch out for a softball team that has a name like this.

7. Good Wood: Clever, really clever.

8. The Soft Serves: Hopefully, the other team has a harder time than this softball team name would success.

9. Pants on the Mound: I don’t even know what this name is supposed to mean, but it sounds pretty cool.

10. One Hit Wonders: It only takes one hit to get a home run, so who cares if you are a one-hit wonder?

11. Practice Makes Perfect: Hopefully, your softball team is willing to put in all of the extra practice time to be perfect.

12. Backdoor Sliders: This sounds like a double entendre that you might not like.

13. Habitat for Insanity: This is a play on the group, “Habitat for Humanity.”

14. Mean Girls: Watch out for a team that names themselves this. They are not going to play nice or fair.

15. Wrangler Stampede: This is a fun softball team name.

16. Balls Out: Balls out and ready to play.

17. Pigs Might Fly: Pigs might fly before the other team wins or before your team wins? You can decide what this means.

18. Honey, I’m High: This sounds like a clever softball team name for states that have legalized recreational marijuana.

19. The Team Name: If you really cannot think of another team name, you can always go with this simple option.

20. Thunder Chickens: The first part of this name strikes fear in their hearts, but the last part just makes it funny and ironic.

21. Dirty Ball Bags: This is certainly a “dirty” team name.

22. Master Minds: This is one of the coolest softball team names on this list.

23. The Beer View Mirrors: This is the right name for a team that prefers drinking to actually playing softball.

24. Minimum Wagers: Cute!

25. Cleats & Cleavage: This is a clever softball team name for an all-girl softball team.

26. Home Run Hitters: This is a good way to boost your team’s morale.

27. Venom: Fun!

28. I’d Hit That: This is a fairly clever softball team name.

29. Glove Love: Show your glove some love with this team name.

30. Misfits: This is a fun option.

31. Nice Snatch: This is a clever, R-rated play on the phrase, “nice catch.”

32. Power Outage: Get ready to have some fun with this team name.

33. Alcoballics: Do you care more about the drinking after the game (or during) or the actual game? With a name like this, it probably isn’t the game that you care about the most.

34. Head Hunters: The other team had better watch out if you have a team name like this.

35. Donkey Punchin’ Kangaroos: This sounds cute, but it is a bit too long to really be that useful.

36. Pussy Riot: This was a Russian band that ended up in jail for protesting Vladimir Putin. It also sounds like an amazing name for a softball team.

37. Runs Not Buns: Fun!

38. Comets: This is a fairly typical team name.

39. Hit Squad: Watch out for the players on this team.

40. Scoring Is the Least of Our Problems: This does not sound like a team that is used to winning a lot.

41. Lavish Display of Ignorance: This team name is a bit too long to be that good, but it is still rather cute.

42. Balls to the Wall: When you are up against the wall, how do you respond? Do you give up or go down fighting?

43. Honeymoon’s Over: Send the other team a clear message with this type of team name.

44. Swingin’ Singles: This is a cute option.

45. Oddballs: Clever!

46. Master Batters: Say this one aloud, and you will instantly get the play on words.

47. Federals: Nice!

48. The A Playas: Show that your team is the A-team with a name like this.

49. Team Hazmat: For teams that are radioactive.

50. Ponytail Express: This is an adorable name for a team of all girls and is a modification of the famous mail carriers, the Pony Express.

51. Line Drivers: Fun!

52. Intimidators: Use this for an intimidating team.

53. Sons of Pitches: This is an obvious play on words.

54. The Wrecking Crew: Watch out for this team!

55. The Benchwarmers: Your confidence may need a bit of a boost with a team name like this.

56. Broken Bones: Eek!

57. Grim Reapers: This is an intimidating team name.

58. Blood, Bath & Beyond: This is a clever play on the popular brand name.

59. Hustlers: Get hustling!

60. The Abusement Park: Watch out for this team!

61. The Aluminum Alliance: This is a cute team name. Plus, its acronym is AA, which probably describes all of the players who want to spend their after-game hours drinking.

62. Here for Beer: This says it like it is.

63. Miracle Workers: For teams that like to come from behind for a win.

64. Pancake Batters: Cute!

65. Brokebat Mountain: This is a clever play on a popular movie.

66. The Untouchables: This is an intimidating team name option.

67. The Scrubs: Fun!

68. The Dirty Sox: You’ve heard of the White Sox, right?

69. The Big Gloves: You know what they say about big gloves.

70. Batting Divas: This is a cute team name.

71. Free Agents: Nice!

72. Weakened Warriors: Some people are weekend warriors. Your team is not quite to that level yet.

73. The Dirt Eaters: This is not a fortuitous name for your future success.

74. Hit for Brains: This is a play on words.

75. Rounders: Fun!

76. Victorious Secret: This is a team name that works well for just about any sports team.

77. Gold Gloves: Nice!

78. The Masterbatters: Say this aloud before you choose this double entendre for your team.

79. Dream Killers: This is an intimidating option.

80. The Spandex Eleven: Cute!

81. Ball Busters: Watch out for this team!

82. No Fear for Beer: Win or lose, it’s where you drink afterward that matters.

83. Bad Intentions: Fun!

84. The Swillin’ and Chillins’: Cute!

85. Sweet Spot: For players that know how to hit the sweet spot.

86. Designated Drinkers: Hopefully, you have at least one designated driver on your team too.

87. The Windmills: Fun! Hopefully, your team doesn’t spend each game tilting at windmills.

88. Heat Waves: Nice!

89. Help Wanted: This does not speak highly of your confidence on the field.

90. Axis of Ignorance: This is a clever option.

91. Divas, Achievas and Believas: We like this option.

92. Live Wires: Fun!

93. The Talent Warriors: This is a cute option.

94. Out of Control: Hopefully, your team has some level of control.

95. The Breaking Balls: Watch out for this team!

96. Left Behind: This is a play on the popular series of novels.

97. Yager Bombers: This is a fun softball team name if you also like to have a drink or two after the game.

98. The Strikers: The other team is not going to be worried much after hearing this team name.

99. Saved by the Balls: This is a clever play on the name of a popular television show.

100. Heavy Hitters: Bring out the heavy hitters for every softball game.

101. Dirt Eaters: Hopefully, it is the other team that is actually eating the dirt.

102. Silent Assassins: Be wary of a team with this name!

103. Blue Ballers: This sounds like the team name for an all-girl team that plays against co-eds or guys.

104. The Helmethead Heroes: Fun!

105. The Catchers in the Rye: This is a good team name if you happen to have a love for literature.

106. The Bunt Cakes: Bunt it, baby!

107. Breaking Ballers: You’ve heard of the show, Breaking Bad, right?

108. Bad News: Watch out for a team that has this name!

109. The Grass Stains: This is cute, but it won’t strike fear in the hearts of the other team.

110. The Swingers: Don’t be surprised if the other team thinks that you are up for swinging off the field, too.

111. The Strikes: This does not seem like a good future for your team.

112. Smooth Operators: Fun!

113. Fighting Ballerinas: Ballet and softball never really mix well.

114. Thunder Bunnies: Cute!

115. Comfortably Gloved: This is a nice team name.

116. Queen Bees: This is a good name for an all-girl softball team.

117. Beer Nuts: Do you care about actually playing or drinking after the game.

118. Banshees: This is a fun team name.

119. Strike Force X-Treme: Watch out for a team that has a name like this.

120. Happy Dugouts: Clever!

121. The Nick-of-Times: You managed to score that run just in the nick of time.

122. Bat Attitude: Hopefully, your team does not also have a bad attitude as well.

123. Know Nothings: Long ago, this was actually the name of a political party in the United States.

124. Intoxicated: This is for teams that like to pre-game with drinks instead of a warm-up.

125. Multiple Scoregasms: Funny.

126. Ice Cold Pitchers: Are the pitchers on your team ice cold or are you looking forward to ice cold pitchers of beer after the game?

127. The Tailgaters: Would you rather watch the game or play?

128. We Got Beer: This name says it all about your team’s attitude.

129. The Heat: This is an easy option.

130. Brew Crew: This is for teams that prefer drinking to playing.

131. Leather and Lace: This is a cute team name.

132. Soup-A-Stars: Nice!

133. The Cereal Killers: This might not have anything to do with softball, but it sounds cute.

134. Fast Girls: This is one of the easiest softball team names.

135. Death Doctors: Watch out for this team!

136. In the Zone: Get in the zone with a name like this.

137. Nemesis: You are the other team’s nemesis.

138. Mound Mermaids: Mermaids would never actually be on land, but it is too cute of a naming option to pass up.

139. The Fast and Furious: This is from the name of the popular film franchise.

140. Dirty Divas: Fun!

141. Grass Hoppers: This is a cute play on words.

142. Diktators: For a group that shows the other team who is the boss.

143. The Diamond Girls: A softball diamond or jewelry diamonds? You choose.

144. The Softies: This is a cute, easy option.

145. Super Drunk and Scary Dads: This sounds like a fun team name for a group of dads who like to play softball, but the name is a bit too long to really be that good.

146. E-LEMON-ators: You could make your team mascot a lemon with this team name.

147. Wrecking Crew: Watch out for a softball team that has a name like this.

148. Bench Warmers: The other team won’t be worried about playing you if you choose a funny softball team name like this one.

149. Screwballs: Nice!

150. Smokin’ Aces: For some reason, this always seems to be a popular softball team name.


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