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Sometimes I Dream About a Future Event, and Then It Happens to Me in Real Life. Why So?


We have all had this experience before. You dream that something is going to happen. Within a few weeks or years, that event actually happens. Are you a psychic or is it just a coincidence? Dreaming about a future event that actually happens can be fun, but it can also be unsettling. Find out if you are actually predicting the future or not.

First, we will look at the most common reason why this happens. Even though you do not realize it, you dream multiple times every night. You only remember the dreams if you wake up at just the right time. Even then, you have to keep thinking about the dream after you wake up for it to consciously remain a part of your memory.

When something that you dreamed about actually happens, it triggers your memory. You suddenly remember the dream. While you have had thousands of dreams that did not come true, you remember this particular dream because it did happen. This is a type of selection bias where you are basically looking at the dreams that actually came true instead of all of the dreams.

There is another aspect to consider as well. You happen to know a lot about yourself. You know what your schedule is like next week, what your goals are and who you are dating. If you asked a psychic to predict your future, they would not have any of this information to work off of. You do. Since you already have a clear idea of what is happening in your life, it is much, much easier to “predict” your future. For example, let’s say that you have been dating your boyfriend for several years. Suddenly, you notice jewelry ads at the house and he seems to disappear at times. You dream that he proposes to you. Are you psychic? Probably not. Even if you did not consciously connect the dots, your subconscious mind is amazing. It saw all of the pieces of the puzzle and put them together in your dream. Your conscious mind never realized that he was going to propose, but your subconscious mind did.

Selection Bias Within Dreams

This is another common problem with dreams about a future event. People selectively remember the parts that come true, but they ignore the rest of the dream. For example, you dream that you are at your homecoming dance. Purple elephants are dancing around the room, a witch is serving coffee and Frank Sinatra is playing in the background. All of your friends are gone and you feel alone. Then, your crush asks you to dance.

In real life, you go to your homecoming dance with a bunch of friends. The latest music is playing as your friends dance and your teachers serve the drinks. Then, your crush asks you to dance. Only one part of that dream remained exactly the same, but you feel like you “predicted” the future. In reality, the majority of the dream was wrong. Other than your crush dancing with you, the only part that was true to real life was the homecoming dance itself. Since you already knew that homecoming would happen each fall, it is safe to say that you weren’t really predicting the future.

It Happens to Everyone

Everyone has had a dream like this at some point. I, like everyone else, have certainly had dreams that came true in real life. In some cases, it was even the majority of the dream that actually happened in real life. The problem with these dreams is that I already know what generally happens in my daily life and who I will be around. Even when new things happen, I could have predicted them. I have goals that I am working toward, so it makes sense that I would be aware of achieving my goals as a potential outcome.

Researchers generally say that dreaming about a future event and then having it happen is just coincidence or a type of deja vu. Most people have fairly similar schedules each day. It is highly likely that you would dream about something similar happening in the future, especially when you consider how many dreams you actually have each night.

Am I Psychic?

If you dream five times a night, remember all of them and all of them come true every day, then you are probably psychic. If not, you are probably just as normal as everyone else. It is very easy to get too engaged in your dreams. Dreams feel real. Unless you are a talented lucid dreamer, you might not even realize that you are dreaming as you dream. When you wake up, it feels like what you dreamed is a prediction of the future or some deeper insight. Normally, your dreams just reflect your subconscious mind. While it would be nice to have the power of predicting the future, this is the least likely reason for these dreams.


  1. So when I was 5 I would have these dreams that there’s no way I could’ve known about it. Like for example, I had this dream when I was 5 that I was at a Halloween party and there was a little witch hat centerpiece on the table. Now I’m 16 and I went to a Halloween party where the same hat from the dream was on the same table from the dream. Another one is that in a dream (when I was 5) I dreamt that I was like 12, in the car, on an iPad, watching a Christmas YouTube video. The video was uploaded in December 2018 (when I was 16), and in the dream, the people from the video were the age they were in 2018. The friend group that made the video also wasn’t formed till 2018, and not to mention that when I was 5 I had no idea what YouTube was, and the people from the video weren’t uploading to YouTube at that time. I hope to god that makes sense. Another thing I noticed is that all the dreams I had around the age of 5 and they’re all coming true at the age of 16. If you could tell me what this is and why it’s happening I’d appreciate that very much.

    • Your dreams in the past seemed to be reflections of the future. There are many possible reasons for these dreams. It seems as though you will benefit from this knowledge. Think back to your dreams of the past. If they are applicable to future situations, then allow them to guide you to share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. This will bring you many benefits in the future. Have a great day, Anna!

  2. I had recurring dreams of a party, a particular house I’d never seen, and 4 dead people from a car crash at the end. Always ended with a lot of police cars. Same dream, over and over. And then Halloween my senior year, I was invited to a party, and guess what driveway I pulled into. A little of the house had changed, I inquired, and yes, they had decided to move the sofa two weeks ago. Later that night, the car that was hit head on in the driveway, we’ll, I absolutely didn’t let the car leaving “leave “ to hit them, they all thought I’d drank too much, but while I was physically detaining them the head onncar came sliding in sideways on the driveway because they weed going way too fast to stop. I was able to keep those people, whom I never even knew, alive. My dreams were frequently real 2 mo later, and yes, you can change it.

    • It appears to be strongest when you’re young, and heightenes with teenage hormones. Mine has declined significantly since

      • Thank you for sharing your positive and supportive comments. It is certain that you will help other members of our community in the future. Have a great day, Brandy!

    • You have had an experience with your dream. It seems that you are interested in sharing your positive energy with everyone in your life. If you have similar dreams in the future, then allow then to guide your future actions. Sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life will bring you many benefits in the future. Have a great day, Brandy!

  3. I used to have these crazy dreams, every single one coming true, and they’d be so vivid. For example, when I turned 14, I had this dream I went to a beach, and my aunt fell off the pier. A week later, we went to the exact same beach, and she fell off the pier.
    I also had this dream, when I was 13, that my aunts friend tried to kill her kids while she was away at the store. ( she let him babysit her kids) I then had the same dream, except she was home and he tore the strap of her tank top and tried to strangle her with it.
    As soon as I had the dream, I told her, but she just laughed and said I was insane. A week later, he did exactly what happened in the dream. ( she lived, don’t worry)

    Then, like a month later, I had a dream about the same guy, and he was trying to kill me, and hired a guy to come to my house and shoot me, but he luckily missed. A day later, the guy he hired to kill me came to my house and tried to break in.

    I know these dreams are probably just coincidences, but they’re so vivid and almost everytime I dream, it comes true. ( besides some of the crazier ones about dancing skittles)

    When I was six, I used to dream I’d be in my dads car, and he’d get out to fill the gas tank. When he’d go pay for it, the brake would mess up, and the car would start rolling away, speeding to a railroad track. Luckily, he’d stop it by popping the tire. In the dream, I looked around 18. A week ago, it happened.

    • Your dreams are clear indications of your insight into the future. If you have similar dreams in the future, then ensure that you speak with the people in your life about the events in the dream. If they come true, then there will be others who are aware of your gift. Ensure that you always share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. Have a great day, Lexi!

  4. Hello… When I was very young….I used to see spirits.. But as I got older it never happened again… Now that I’ve gotten older from 40-50’s its all coming back to me….I have Dejavu, dreams that come true.. I hear the dead… And I’m freaking out!! At first…..but now I’m not afraid…it can be confusing… I have never told anyone only my boys.. So thats my story.
    Thank you for this..

    • You once interacted with spirits, and you are now seeing them again. Ensure that your gift guides you in a positive direction. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion at all times. This will help draw positive people and energy into your life. Do not worry or live in fear, as the spirits will not harm you. Have a great day, Agnes!

  5. Once when I was 10 I dreamt of my uncle dying of cancer. There was no way I could have known at all but in the dream, there was my uncle’s name and how he died. He died a year later in real life when I was 11.

    • Your dream could have been a manifestation of your hidden knowledge of the future. If you have similar dreams in the future, then ensure that you share your positive energy. Ensure that you share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will bring positive people and energy into your life. Have a great day, Kai!

  6. I keep having the same dream.everyday heres a hint not to remind your self NOT to have the same dream.it worked for me.try it out its easy.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. Please share more of your supportive comments in the future. Have a great day, Riley!

  7. All the time I was dreaming.I aways dream about someone else life and it was guy. Just yesterday in real life I ran in to the same guy in my dream.i told him if he know me. And he said yes.And he said he likes me.IM SCHOKED THaT MY DREAM WAS REAL.but how I’m a 12 year old girl how is this happening

    • Yours dreams seem to be manifestations of your future. This may be a gift that you have. If you have similar dreams in the future, then ensure that it influences you in a positive direction. Ensure that you share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will draw positive people and energy into your life. Have a great day, Riley!

  8. I had a dream about a certain place I was in and people I was speaking to. I had never met these people or been to this place before. I brushed it aside because it didn’t make sense to me. A year later the exact same dream played out before my eyes. I finally officially met those people in the dream they were my new coworkers at a new job in a building and city I had never been to.

    • Your dream seems to have been a manifestation of the future. The events in your waking life have confirmed this dream. This means that you are following your path. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion at all times. This will help draw positive people and energy into your life, and it will bring you many benefits in the future. Have a great day, Pharaoh!

  9. Few night ago I dream about a comet landing in our city and boomed everything up and everyone has too leave the city. Last Night it happened in real life. And now I live in Hawaii because of it.

    • You had a dream about a comet landing in your city. A comet did not crash in your city last night. It is possible that those thoughts were a reflection of various influences in your life. Abstain from consuming violent and dramatic media. Ensure that you share your kindness and compassion at all times. This will bring you many benefits in the future. Have a great day, Riley!

  10. Right after the realist dream, I dreamed last night I keep watching the news To see if there is gonna to be any more comets They said there are gonna be seen in 11 months. And when they said it it woken me up. I ran to the TV turned on the news. They said the same thing.I was like what the heck happen.We had a real one just 2 nights ago. I went to the computer to see if they said the same thing and yep they did.I don’t know if they are right.I just hope that one as not booms as the LAST one.I all these crazy dream when I was 7 years old.Now they all coming true at the age of 12. I can’t believe what is happening.So I’m just gonna see that one in 11Months.I hope dreams are right for everyone else.😄😉

  11. Just a week ago I Dreamed About a white Van Hit us and set off the air bag. Fornty. I did’t get killed UNFORTUNATELY Everyone in the car was killed.And I did’t.Today it happen. Last year I dreamed about there was a robber in my school and everyone has to leave the school. The on the last day of school of 2018 It happen in real life.Then during summer of 2018 I dreamed about meeting a boy. And he become my boyfriend. Then the week after dream it happen. Wich was werd nobody at age of 11 And 12 could never had a boyfriend. Then of New Year of 2019,i dreamed about I need to get ready for a date. And I told mom “there is NO WAY I’m not going out a date because nobody at age 12 Never has a date” then mom said I need t-” Before it woken me up.Then the next day it happen.I had so many dreams about this.

    • Your dream is a manifestation of various influences in your life. The robber in your school could be a reflection of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. You may be interested in maintaining a romantic relationship with someone at this time. However, it seems as though you are not allowed to date. With this in mind, ensure that you share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life, as this will draw positive people and energy toward you. Have a great day, Riley!

  12. I dreamed that klay Thompson would injure his left leg in oracle arena the night before game 5 of the 2019 Nba finals. it was on the exact play in the exact spot.

    • That is a remarkable story–I’m sure our other readers will be interested to hear it too. Thanks for commenting, Caden!

  13. I started having dreams when i was 6 i remeber everything i was having a happy dreams and everything then one night it all just turned i had these dreams about the fears and they we gone but then i had this weird thign with my ear and i just a get ear pain the doctors didn’t know what is was legit it was not a ear infection. Then later i had relitstic dreams every night that they are so real and about a week it happens examples
    I had a dream my crush kissed this other girl that had a crush on him not i know she actually does.
    This dream is about me working and i was sitting buy this girl and she said an exact thing in my dream i don’t remeber what she cause i was 9 im 13 rn but she wrote something on a back of a paper and i told her what she wrote and she said its a coincidence.
    I had a dream when i was going to a store and my did something in my dream and exactly what happen and if your thinking im an Attention seeker im not and i have this promblem of forgetting things easily nad she saying im crazy no everything is about real life no unicorns or fake people jus treal people but my mom knows me and i know feelings of everything i had a another dream that a horrible thing happened during christmas eve that day my mom injured jer ankle and was on crutches for a month.
    another dream that a bad thing was gonna happen at my school that we had a lock down we did and i wasn’t crying or anything tbh i didn’t feel anything and all the other kids were crying and these 5 kids were at P.E and they had to go to their class during the lockdown i mean really they probably gor killed they didn’t. Also in sixth grade people left school cause of a school shooting from a student i mean i was friends with the students sister then the next year he killed him self i didn’t know it was so tramatic to everyone me i had no feelings at all i didn’t feel sad or anything but my mom told me how he did it i feel nothing at all. Well this all might look fake but why would i waste my time writing something long and waste my time nope everything happened but yeaht and if your read this thanks.


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