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10 Songs About Angels


Angels are mystical creatures that are said to help us when we’re in trouble. But these songs show that there’s more than just one kind of angel. To show the many different angels and “angels” in the lives of people, here’s a playlist dedicated to them!

Slayer – Angel of Death

Let’s start off this list with the heaviest and darkest song about angels that we know about. Slayer’s Angel of Death is about Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor at Auschwitz who was dubbed the angel of death. He was the sadistic doctor who performed gruesome experiments on prisoners during the Holocaust. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean Slayer is a Neo-Nazi band; they simply have an interest in World War II and all the may atrocities that happened then.

Angelic (or not) lyrics: Angel of Death

Monarch to the kingdom of the dead

Infamous butcher, Angel of Death


The Black Crowes – She Talks to Angels

She Talks to Angels is a song about a woman who is addicted to heroin. Her only saving grace is the angels she talks to that keep her from completely falling off the edge. Lead singer Chris Robinson says that this was inspired by a girl he used to always see at the club scene. She would always wear really dark makeup, and thus he invented a song about her.

Angelic lyrics: Says she talks to angels

They call her out by her name

Oh yeah, she talks to angels

Says they call her out by her name


Martina McBride – Concrete Angel

This might just be the saddest song about angels we could find. Concrete Angel is about a little girl who is abused by her mother. She finds a friend in her neighbor, a young boy. One night, the boy looks out the window to see the young girl being beaten by her mother again. The girl dies, and she finally flies to a place where she is loved.

Angelic lyrics: Through the wind and the rain

She stands hard as a stone

In a world that she can’t rise above

But her dreams give her wings

And she flies to a place where

She’s loved

Concrete angel

Sarah McLachlan – In the Arms of an Angel

It’s easy to think that this song is about finding solace with an angel in one’s life. But McLachlan has stated that the “angel” is actually drugs. In the song, you’ll see how the “angel” is able to take a person away from all the darkness in the world as it gives people comfort. Unfortunately, the song has been misconstrued over and over again as it’s been used in countless times in memorials for children.

Angelic lyrics: In the arms of the angel

Fly away from here

From this dark, cold hotel room

And the endlessness that you fear

You are pulled from the wreckage

Of your silent reverie

You’re in the arms of the angel

May you find some comfort here


Robbie Williams – Angels

Robbie Williams has admitted to his fascination with the paranormal, and has thus written this song about that. He believes that loved ones that have passed away can come back to take care of you in the form of angels. He says the song isn’t about anyone in particular, as it’s just a thought about how those in the world of the living can still have a connection to those who are already gone.

Angelic lyrics: And through it all she offers me protection

A lot of love and affection

Whether I’m right or wrong

And down the waterfall

Wherever it may take me

I know that life won’t break me

When I come to call, she won’t forsake me

I’m loving angels instead


Train – Calling All Angels

In this song, Train starts off with a bleak view of the world that needs saving. So in order to help the world become a better place, they call on angels to intervene. It’s a song with a social commentary that’s still relevant years after the song was written.

Angelic lyrics: When children have to play inside so they don’t disappear

And private eyes solve marriage lies ‘cause we don’t talk for years

And football teams are kissing Queens

And losing sight of having dreams

In a world that what we want is only what we want until it’s ours

I’m calling all angels

I’m calling all you angels

Dishwalla – Angels or Devils

Angels or Devils is one of Dishwalla’s most popular songs despite its slightly cryptic lyrics. In the song, there’s a fight going on between angels and devils inside the singer. Angels burn FOR the singer as they’re the outside forces that help people do good. On the flip side, devils burn IN us because they’re within us, constantly telling us do its bidding.

Angelic lyrics: The angels they burn inside for us

Are we ever

Are we ever gonna learn to fly

The devils they burn inside of us

Are we ever gonna come back down

Come around

I’m always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold


Mariah Carey – Angels Cry

What could possibly make angels cry? According to Mariah Carey, angels cry for the end of her relationship. She sings about regretting how she didn’t fight for her relationship, and now she lies alone and miserable knowing that she let a good thing die. It’s such a heartbreaking situation that even the angels are affected.

Angelic lyrics: And lighting don’t strike

The same place twice, when you and I

Said goodbye I felt the angels cry

True love’s a gift,

But we let it drift in a storm

Every night I feel the angels cry


Juice Newton – Angel of the Morning

Millennials might find this song familiar because of Shaggy’s Angel, but the chorus of that song was actually inspired by Juice Newton’s Angel of the Morning. This song is about a woman who’s trying to reassure her lover that even though they shared a wonderful night together, she’s still there to be his angel when morning comes.

Angelic lyrics: Just call me angel of the morning, angel

Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby

Just call me angel of the morning, angel

Then slowly turn away from me


Beyonce – Halo

To cap off this list, we have a song about a love so beautiful that it’s borderline heavenly. Halo was written by OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder and Evan Bogart. They co-wrote this song intending it for Beyonce because they imagined what her relationship was like with Jay-Z. And since we all know how Jay-Z and Beyonce are a happy celebrity couple, this song was perfect for her to sing.

Angelic lyrics: I found a way to let you win

But I never really had a doubt

Standing in the light of your halo

I got my angel now

It’s like I’ve been awakened

Every rule I had you break it

It’s the risk that I’m taking

I ain’t never gonna shut you out


What’s the angel in your life? Is it the person you love? Something that gives you comfort? Or do you believe in angels that watch over us all from above? Perhaps this playlist shows us that there are many things in this world that we consider to be angels.


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