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15 Perfect Songs about Birthdays


Birthdays usually bring about mixed feelings in people. On the one hand, you’re another year older, meaning you’ve amassed more wisdom and experiences in life. On the other hand, birthdays are signals that we’re not getting any younger. And with that comes the angst we feel when we’re getting further and further away from the days of our youth.

Whatever your feelings may be on your birthday, we’re sure you can find the perfect song for it in this playlist.

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Rod Stewart – Forever Young

Here’s a sentiment we all have when we grow another year older, another year wiser. Forever Young is a song about wanting to stay young forever. Rod Stewart says he was inspired to write this song because he suddenly realized that he missed a good 5 years of his kids’ life because he was too busy touring. Now that his kids are older, he can take them on tour with him and sing them this song.

Birthday lyrics: May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam

And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you’re far from home

And my you grow to be proud, dignified and true

And do unto others as you’d have done to you

Be courageous and be brave

And in my heart you’ll always stay


Katy Perry – Birthday

In this song, Katy Perry promises one lucky guy the best birthday ever – and part of that is making sure he feels like it’s his birthday every day. It’s a fun dance tune to move to when you and your partner are celebrating a fun and frisky birthday evening.

Birthday lyrics: Boy when you’re with me

I’ll give you a taste

Make it like your birthday everyday

I know you like it sweet

So you can have your cake

Give you something good to celebrate


Carly Simon – Happy Birthday

To give us a hefty dose of reality before we celebrate our birthday, Carly Simon gives us some sound advice. In the song Happy Birthday, Simon enumerates all the things she has given up as she has grown older. That includes cigarettes, wine, sweets, and even fun, to a certain degree.

Birthday lyrics: Stay out of the ocean, stay out of the sun

Stay in perfect shape and be number one

We’ve got brilliant excuses for having no fun

So blow out the candles, Happy Birthday


The Beatles – Birthday

This incredibly popular birthday song was actually written on whim. Paul McCartney states that the song was inspired by the birthday of someone close to the band. Tons of people were there, and they didn’t know what song to do. The Beatles decided to take a few riffs off Pretty Woman and Lucille and changed it up a bit. The result was this popular birthday track!

Birthday lyrics: You say it’s your birthday

It’s my birthday too–yeah

They say it’s your birthday

We’re gonna have a good time

I’m glad it’s your birthday

Happy birthday to you


Don McLean – Birthday Song

Are you the type of person who’s not used to expressing your feelings? If you are, then this is the perfect song to sing to your significant other on their birthday. Think of it as a romantic way of professing your love in a way that’s not exactly your style, but will be appreciated by your partner for your effort.

Birthday lyrics: If I could say the things I feel, it wouldn’t be the same

Some things are not spoken of, some things have no name

And though the words come hard to me I’ll say them just for you

For this is something rare for me this feeling is so new


Kelly – It’s Your Birthday

In this party track, R. Kelly surprises his girl with a party she’ll never forget for the rest of her days. They’ll be hitting the club and celebrating the whole night through – all with Kelly’s VIP pass. If you’re up for a night of wild partying with your girl, this is the song for her.

Birthday lyrics: (It’s your birthday) so let’s party and have some fun

(It’s your birthday) we’ll dance til the morning comes yeah

(Happy birthday) girl let’s step the night away

(Happy birthday) and we’re gonna celebrate, yeah

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50 Cent – In da Club

This song was THE ultimate birthday song in the club back in the early 2000s! And that’s saying a lot considering it was 50 Cent’s first single. Lyrically it’s about celebrating someone’s birthday with a wild night of partying in the club where there’s booze and drugs for everyone.

Birthday lyrics: You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub

Look mami I got the X if you into taking drugs

I’m into having sex, I ain’t into making love

So come give me a hug if you into to getting rubbed


Jeremih – Birthday Sex

Of course, we can’t have a birthday playlist without this sultry track. After all, what better birthday gift could there be than a night of intense lovemaking? If you’re about to get frisky on the night of your birthday or your significant other’s birthday, you know this is the song you should be playing in the background.

Birthday lyrics: It’s yo birthday, so I know you want to ride out

Even if we only go to my house

Sip mo-eezy as we sit upon my couch

Feels good, but I know you want to cry out

You say u want passion, I think you found it

Get ready for action, don’t be astounded

We switching positions, you feel surrounded

Tell me where you want your gift, girl


Blink 182 – What’s My Age Again

Moving on from the fun and frisky tracks, let’s get into more angsty topics. What’s My Age Again might not exactly be a birthday song, but it certainly tackles the issue of acting your age. Blink 182 bass playing Mark Hoppus was inspired to write this song because he was often told by women that he was immature. We can only imagine that the things he did are reflected in the lyrics of this song!

Birthday lyrics: That’s about the time she broke up with me

No one should take themselves so seriously

With many years ahead to fall in line

Why would you wish that on me?

I never want to act my age

What’s my age again, what’s my age again?



Jimmy Eat World – 23

Again not another song for your exact birthday, but one to play if you’re feeling a little angsty on the days leading up to your birthday. In this song, the age of 23 is marked by coming to terms with the guilt of not being able to do everything we wanted when we were younger. In the song, the protagonist is telling himself that there is no “right time” for everything. Instead, one should take each day as it comes along and just seize every opportunity available.

Birthday lyrics: You’ll sit alone forever

If you wait for the right time

What are you hoping for?

I’m here and now I’m ready

Holding on tight

Don’t give away the end

The one thing that stays mine


The Ataris – The Saddest Song

This birthday song is one of the saddest ones we’ve ever heard, mostly because it’s inspired by the plight of Ataris lead singer Kris Roe. He and his daughter hardly have a relationship because he’s constantly on tour. He also has a similar relationship with his father, who left when his parents got divorced. In the song, he wishes he could catch up more with her.

Birthday lyrics: Only two more days until your birthday

Yesterday was mine

You’ll be turning five

I know what it’s like

Growing up without your father in your life

birthday songs list

Tiny Moving Parts – Happy Birthday

In another sad birthday song, the protagonist of Happy Birthday laments his breakup with someone who seems to be doing fine. He admits to thinking too much about her and regretting not taking a chance with her the previous year. But as he’s miserable without her in his life, he knows that she’s out there celebrating each day without him like it’s her birthday.

Birthday lyrics: Getting stoned in the back of a car

You have no idea where you are

But you’re satisfied with life

And you dont think twice of it

Every day you celebrate, celebrate

Like it’s your birthday, your birthday

Well, happy birthday



The Tune Weavers – Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

Had enough of the sad birthday songs? Too bad, because here’s another bummer. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby might sound like a birthday song for a significant other, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this song, the singer calls up her ex-boyfriend on his birthday. She says that even though he has moved on to someone new, she still reminisces about the good times they shared together. In the end, she hopes she didn’t spoil his birthday and ends the call.

Birthday lyrics: Happy, happy birthday, baby

Although you’re with somebody new

Thought I’d drop a line to say

That I wish this happy day

Would find me beside you


Conway Twitty – Happy Birthday, Darlin

Of course, we need at least one country track on our list of birthday songs. So we’ve chosen this one by Conway Twitty. This song is like a gift to his wife, wherein he expresses his desire to take some things from her. What he wants is to replace suspicion, lonely moments, and doubt with faith and proclamations of love. In the end, he wants her to be able to say that on her birthday, “He didn’t give my anything, but he sure took a lot of things away.” It’s the perfect birthday song for couples who have had a bit of a rocky past, but are willing to work through it all to stay together.

Birthday lyrics: By showin’ more much more that I’ve shown lately

And then if someone should ask you what I’ve got you for your birthday

Well you can say why he didn’t give me anything but he sure took a lotta things away


Elton John – Your Song

To cap off this list, let’s lighten the mood with one of the most beautiful songs ever made. Elton John’s Your Song is that one song that can instantly make anyone feel better, especially on their birthday. If you have someone in your life whose birthday you want to brighten up, this is the ultimate song to play. It’s simple, sweet, and definitely something the crowd can sing along to.

Birthday lyrics: And you can tell everybody this is your song

It may be quite simple but now that it’s done

I hope you don’t mind

I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words

How wonderful life is while you’re in the world


Which of these songs embody how you feel on your upcoming birthday? Share your thoughts with us below!


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