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15 Songs for When You’ve Got a Huge Crush on Someone


Can you remember the first time you had a crush? Was it back in grade school when you saw that cute boy with the floppy hair and bright blue eyes? Or that pretty girl in your class who loved to read as much as you do?

We all remember our first crush. Most of the time nothing comes out of it, but it’s still good to reminisce about those innocent days when we wish we’d finally have the guts to talk to them.

Even as adults, we still have crushes. We may be more mature and less socially awkward, but when the love big hits we still don’t know how to escape it.

There are literally thousands of songs out there about crushing on someone. Most of them have the word “crush” right in the title. But let’s change things up a bit with a playlist of love songs that talk about developing a crush and the many things that can happen.


Fergie – Clumsy

This super catchy song from 2007 is one of the songs that shot Fergie to fame. Clumsy is a great song for all of you who find yourself tripping over and getting tongue-tied whenever you see your crush. And isn’t that something we can all relate to?

Ridiculously Cute Lines: You got me trippin’, stumblin’, flippin’, fumblin’

Clumsy ’cause I’m fallin’ in love

You got me slippin’, tumblin’, sinkin’, fumblin’

Clumsy ’cause I’m fallin’ in love

So in love with you


Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

Having a crush as an adult can sometimes bring back those memories of your teenage years. You recall the rush of adrenaline when your crush talks to you. You remember the excitement when your crush subtly flirts with you. And who can forget the intense mix of relief and exhilaration when you learn that your crush likes you back? Katy Perry’s song about feeling like a teenager again because of someone perfectly captures those feelings in this catchy pop tune.

Ridiculously Cute Lines: You think I’m pretty without any makeup on

You think I’m funny when I tell the punchline wrong

I know you get me, so I let my walls come down, down


John West – Loved You Tonight

The great thing about this song is that it has two versions: one for those who love acoustic songs, and another for those who prefer a bit of an urban edge. Either way, the lyrics are the same and they talk about falling in love at first sight. After all, when you develop a crush for someone, it often feels a lot like love, right?

Ridiculously Cute Lines: Would you mind if I told you I loved you tonight?

‘Cause it seems when you’re close to me it’s gonna be all right


Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

Jason Mraz truly is a master when it comes to creating relaxed, acoustic songs that give you butterflies in your stomach when you hear it. I’m Yours is about wanting to give in to the moment when you feel like you and your crush are meant to be. You want to tell your crush that he/she’s got your heart, and since time is so short, it’s time for you to both give in to the mutual feeling.

Ridiculously Cute Lines: So I won’t hesitate no m ore

It cannot wait I’m sure

There’s no need to complicate

Our time is short

This is our fate, I’m yours


Joe – I Wanna Know

Let’s slide on over to the smooth tunes from RnB singer Joe. I Wanna Know is the perfect song to sing when you’re just getting to know your crush. You want to know more about the person you’re crushing on, so you can be the ideal man for her. It’s such a sweet song that will tell your crush that you’re willing to do what it takes to make them happy.

Ridiculously Cute Lines: I wanna know what turns you on

So I can be all that and more

I’d like to know what makes you cry

So I can be the one who always makes you smile


The Smiths – Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Whether you’ve always been a fan of The Smiths or you first heard this song on (500) Days of Summer, you can’t deny the pure emotion that this song exudes. This The Smiths song is about living for a long time with awful luck. And then there’s this one thing or one person (in this case, the crush of the singer) who gives them some hope. So he begs and pleads with fate to give him this one person to make up for all the bad things that have happened in the past.

Ridiculously Cute Lines: Good times for a change

See, the luck I’ve had can make a good man turn bad

So please, please, please, let me, let me, let me

Let me get what I want this time


Paolo Nutini – Better Man

This is the perfect song for the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. In this song, Paulo Nutini sings about the woman of his dreams. She’s carefree, fun, and can match him pint for pint. She’s so perfect in his eyes that it makes him want to become a better man. And isn’t that what we all want to do to make our crush want us?

Ridiculously Cute Lines: She’s fearless, she’s free, she is a real live wire

And that girl, she’s got me feeling so much better

Oh, you trade all the money in the world just to see this girl’s smile

All the while, she’ll make you feel so much better

Oh, that girl makes me want to be a better man

And should she fit, gonna treat her like a real man can


The Carpenters – Close to You

Do you ever feel like the world suddenly bursts into life whenever your crush is around? This is what this classic The Carpenters song is all about. You feel like wherever your crush is becomes such a wonderful place that you can’t help but want to be close to them all the time.

Ridiculously Cute Lines: Why do birds suddenly appear

Every time you are near?

Just like me, they long to be close to you


The Darkness – I Believe in a Thing Called Love

We all have that one crush that makes us believe that love is real. This 80s glam rock throwback song from The Darkness is a catchy song that can get you pumped up for those days when you know you’ll be seeing your crush. After all, we all have that guilty pleasure song that we listen to whenever we think of the one we like.

Ridiculously Cute Lines: Can’t explain all these things that you’re making me feel

My heart’s on overdrive and you’re behind the steering wheel


Sam Smith – Latch

When you find someone who lifts you up and makes you happy (alongside finding them attractive), that’s inevitably you developing a crush. And what do you do when you have a crush? You do whatever it takes to keep them around you. Hence, this song by Sam Smith can be the perfect crush song for you.

Ridiculously Cute Lines: You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down

You, you enchant me even when you’re not around

If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down

I’m latching on, babe, now I know what I have found


Dave Matthews Band – Crush

Okay, so we’re making an exception to the “crush in the title rule” here. Crush by Dave Matthews Band is one of those jazzy rock songs that you can’t help but fall in love with. It’s got the right mix of poetic imagery and smooth, soothing instrumentals. Play this one for your crush and you can be sure they’ll get into the romantic groove and like you back!

Ridiculously Cute Lines: Here I am dancing on the ground

Am I right side up or upside down

Is this real or am I dreaming

Lovely lady, let me drink you please

I won’t spill a drip I promise you

Lying under this spell you cast on me


Balance and the Travelling Sounds – Something About Us

Daft Punk may have created the original, but there’s no doubt that this Balance and the Travelling Sounds version is so much more romantic. It’s a mix of jazz and RnB that’s so soothing that you can’t help but listen to this a bunch of times. As for the lyrics, well it’s about feeling a spark between you and your crush that neither of you can deny.

Ridiculously Cute Lines: I might not be the right one

It might not be the right time

But there’s something about us I have to say

‘Cause there’s something between us anyway


The Beach Boys – Surfer Girl

When you hear this song, you’re sure to think about the sand, the waves, and of course, that surfer girl you instantly fell for when she started riding waves. Surfer Girl is one of The Beach Boys’ earlier hits, but it’s a timeless classic that speaks about crushing on a girl who’s just out of your league.

Ridiculously Cute Lines: We could ride the surf together while our love would grow

In my woody, I would take you everywhere I go

So I say from me to you I will make your dreams come true


Colbie Caillat – Fallin’ For You

Now here’s an upbeat pop song that you’ll want to play over and over again when you think about your crush. It’s the perfect song to play when you’re just starting to admit to yourself (and to your crush) that you’re falling in love. Out of so many songs out there about longing and unrequited love, it’s always refreshing to hear a wholesome, adorable track about falling in love.

Ridiculously Cute Lines: I’ve been spending all my time just thinking about you

I don’t know what to do, I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’ve been waiting all my life, and now I found you

I don’t know what to do, I think I’m fallin’ for you


Weezer – El Scorcho

Have you ever had that crush on someone who’s so unique and different that you practically have nothing in common? But the heart wants what it wants and despite being nothing alike, you find yourself wanting to be with that person? If there’s one song that’s spot on when it comes to putting those feelings into a song, it’s El Scorcho.

Ridiculously Cute Lines: I’m a lot like you so please

Hello, I’m here, I’m waiting

I think I’d be good for you

And you’d be good for me


Having a crush is one of those feelings that we will never outgrow. The butterflies will always be there alongside the excitement and hope you feel when your crush so much as looks your way. So for all you folks out there who have a crush on someone, give this playlist a go and start feeling like a giddy teenager all over again!


  1. I have a crush on this guy we are in a same church BT I feel so small because he knw everything at he can sing,play keyboard, preach n I know nothing am still knew in this church BT the thing I love him a lot

    • It is clear that you appreciate this person’s talents. You may feel an emotional and social connection with him. Determine what you want for your future. You will find benefit in speaking with him about your thoughts and feelings. You may find benefit in learning to support the church through similar volunteer work. Have a great day, Asanda!

      • Thank you for sharing your experiences. Please feel free to share your insights and knowledge gained from your behaviors. Have a great day, Clementine!

  2. in the early 80’s I had a crush on a girl in high school. I know that having a guy comment on here is strange but this story has to be told. in French class we sat beside each other and even sat near each other in history class. we did talk to each other in class and even goofed around a little in french class but I knew I was way out of her league so it never went further than that. I moved away around 2 years later so I never saw her again. I found out in 1985 she died. it wasn’t till then I realized my crush was actually love. I still think about her to this say and love her in my heart and named my daughter after her.

    • It is clear that you felt a strong emotional relationship with her. You have chosen to honor her memory by naming your daughter after her. It is certain that this would please her. Ensure that your thoughts of her influence you to share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. Have a great day, Kevin!

  3. There is this guy I like at my school. He 2 years older than me but we get along so well. We share all the same interests and hang out whenever we can, the only problem is.. He has a girlfriend and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell him how I feel. The second I saw him I felt my heart start beating so fast and when I learned he had a girlfriend, my heart hurt so bad. I don’t what to do.

    • It is unfortunate that he has a girlfriend because it sounds like you get along well together. When someone is in a relationship, you don’t want to hit on them because, if they did leave, you’d have to worry forever that they’d just leave you for someone else to. All you can do is wait and hope that he becomes single sooner rather than later.


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