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15 Hard-Hitting Songs About Honesty and Truthfulness


Honesty is one of the most important things to have in a relationship. It’s the foundation of trust, and without trust, a relationship is no good. And we’re not just talking about romantic relationships, but also relationships with friends, with family, with yourself, and even with your government.

Hard-Hitting Songs

If you’re looking for songs that highlight the importance of truth and honesty, here’s the playlist for you.

Billy Joel – Honesty

You can find love, you can find comfort, but the one thing that’s just so hard to find these days is honesty. At least, that’s what Billy Joel says in this song. And isn’t that true? There are so many instances where we find ourselves in the comfort of someone we love deeply, and yet we suddenly find little lies crumbling down the relationship. As cheesy some people may think this song is, there’s definitely some truth in it.

Lyrics about honesty: Honesty is such a lonely word

Everyone is so untrue

Honesty is hardly ever heard

And mostly what I need from you

Harem Scarem – Tell Me Honestly

Possibly one of Harem Scarem’s most famous songs, Honestly is a song wherein the protagonist asks his partner if she still loves him at all. It’s implied that the couple is at a crossroads, and the singer is at the moment of truth where he debates staying with his partner or leaving her.

Lyrics about honesty: Tell me honestly

If you’re still loving me

Looking into my eyes, honestly


James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado – Broken Strings

There are times when we know what we truly feel inside, but because of circumstances that we can’t control, we tend to keep it all on the inside. Broken Strings is a duet about a couple whose relationship has deteriorated beyond repair, and yet they still can’t find it in themselves to part with each other. They know that they’re headed nowhere, but they can’t be honest enough with themselves to just let it all go.

Lyrics about honesty: You can’t play on broken strings

You can’t feel anything that your heart don’t want to feel

I can’t tell you something that ain’t real

Oh the truth hurts

And lies worse

How can I give anymore

When I love you a little less than before


Olivia Newton-John – I Honestly Love You

A lot of people seem to think that this is a romantic song about professing one’s feelings. In a way, it is, but there’s more to it than just honest love. In this song, the singer has fallen in love with a man she has met. However, both she and her love interest are both married. So they mutually decide to just keep their affections to themselves and leave it at that. Who’d have thought this song was so sad?

Lyrics about honesty: If we both were born

In another place and time

This moment might be ending in a kiss

But there you are with yours

And here I am with mine

So I guess we’ll just be leaving it at this

I love you

I honestly love you


Michael Bolton – I Said I Loved You But I Lied

Here’s another song with a misleading title. You’d think that the singer is trying to take back what he said to someone he didn’t really love. But in reality, the song is about not feeling love, but something a whole lot more. This song is actually a song of everlasting devotion masked with an almost clickbait title!

Lyrics about honesty: Said I loved you but I lied

‘Cause this is more than love I feel inside

Said I loved you but I was wrong

‘Cause love could never ever feel so strong

Said I loved you but I lied


Rodney Atkins – Honesty

Sometimes, we only ever become honest with our partners when our relationship is about to end. In the case of this divorce song, that’s what the couple does as they discuss their separation. The couple are dining in a restaurant, and the man asks his soon-to-be ex-wife to list down all the things she wants out of the divorce. To his surprise, she lists down all the things she wish she had while they were still together.

Lyrics about honesty: “Honesty, sincerity, tenderness and trust.

“A little less time for the rest of the world,

“And more for the two of us.

“Kisses each mornin’, ‘I love you’s’ at night,

“Just like it used to be.

“The way life was when you were in love with me.”

Kodaline – Honest

In this song by Kodaline, the protagonist is practically pleading with his partner for a little honesty. She has lied to him, and he can’t stand being in a relationship with someone who refuses to be truthful. It’s implied that she may have cheated or she has been lying to him this whole time, and he’s giving her a warning that if she does it again he’s walking away.

Lyrics about honesty: We don’t communicate, can you not say what’s on your mind?

And I see it every day you hide the truth behind your eyes

Honestly, there’s no need for you to hide

Talk to me, can’t you see?

I’m on your side


Hot Chelle Rae – Honestly

This song by the now-disbanded group Hot Chelle Rae is a breakup song. But it’s not just any other breakup song, because it’s one of those songs that highlights the pros of the breakup instead of the cons. He says that he honestly doesn’t care about the relationship anymore, so he’s celebrating his newfound freedom.

Lyrics about honesty: Im’a go cause I got no

Problem with saying goodbye

Is it wrong that I’m gonna be

Having the time of my life

‘Cause deep down I know

I should cry I should scream

And get down on my knees

I should say that I need you here

But I’m gonna party tonight

‘Cause honestly I just don’t care

Honestly I just don’t care


Gwen Stefani – Truth

Truth was written by Gwen Stefani after her painful dissolution of her marriage to fellow singer Gavin Rossdale and her new relationship with country singer Blake Shelton. The lyrics are about the excitement of a new relationship after recently leaving a horrible one. In this song, you’ll find her thanking her new beau for saving her from her past marriage and showing her what a great relationship is like.

Lyrics about honesty: So this is what the truth feels like

This is more of what I had in mind

Yeah this is what the truth feels like

And I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it


John Lennon – Gimme Some Truth

Let’s veer away from truth and honesty in romantic relationships and talk about honesty in our government. John Lennon, an artist known to incorporate his views with his music, sings about his frustration at the lies, hypocrisy, and chauvinism of the politicians at the time. He mentions issues such as the government’s attempts to placate the public (in the line “gonna mother hubbard soft soap me), the drug problem in society, and the state’s control of the media.

Lyrics about honesty: I’m sick and tired of hearing things from

Uptight short sided narrow minded hypocritics

All I want is the truth, just give me some truth

I’ve had enough of reading things

By neurotic psychotic pigheaded politicians

All I want is the truth, just give me some truth


Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues

This motivational song is all about having the integrity to pursue the path you want to pursue. There may be times when you feel like what you’re doing is pointless, but in reality each seemingly pointless action pushes you so much closer to your goal. Reaching your goal isn’t always about people cheering you on; on the contrary, integrity is all about still pushing through with your goal even when there’s no one there to laud what you’re doing. Oh man, Jimmy Eat World has some of the most devastatingly beautiful songs.

Lyrics about honesty: I wish I could hold

I wish I could touch

But a fool just wants and wants and wants and wants

All what you do when no one is there

It’s all what you do when no one cares


Aretha Franklin – Truth and Honesty

The queen of soul isn’t done telling us about all the good traits we need. Truth and Honesty is a song about being candid with each other. When we show our cards and make our intentions known, we’re allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, but it also allows us to be understood so much better. So to all of your guys out there looking for a good relationship – whether with friends, acquaintances, or love interests – truth and honesty are the two things you need the most.

Lyrics about honesty:  With truth and honesty that’s what we need to hold on

To the good stuff we believe in

Before we land up loose and sad and free

Before we find that it’s gone

We could pull it back together, truth and honesty

Open up your hands, show me your heart


Chainsmokers – Honest

And next up is a song that’s the total opposite of what Aretha’s trying to say. Honest is a song about the singer’s conflict about being tempted by another woman while his girlfriend is at home waiting to hear from him. It’s easy to see the singer as cheating scum, but the song is about honesty towards himself about his feelings. He knows that he doesn’t really need all these other women in his life, but he wants to be honest in that she’s not the only one he thinks of. It’s bleak and vulnerable and, undeniably, honest.

Lyrics about honesty: And I’m not gonna tell you that I’m over it

‘Cause I think about it every night I’m not sober, and

I know I keep these feelings to myself

Like I don’t need nobody else

But you’re not the only one on my mind

If I’m being honest


Eurythmics – Would I Lie to You

As we mentioned earlier, some of the most honest moments in a relationship happen at the end. In this song, Annie Lennox sings as an angry girlfriend who’s walking out on her cheating lover. She tells him that she’s not bluffing; she’s not lying about never wanting to be with him again.

Lyrics about honesty: Would I lie to you?

Would I lie to you honey?

Now would I say something that wasn’t true?

I’m asking you sugar

Would I lie to you?


Jason Mraz feat. Inara George – Be Honest

Some people say people put honesty on such a high pedestal as if it’s the most important thing in a relationship. But when you think about it, honesty truly is the foundation of a good relationship. As in this song by Jason Mraz, he sings about being okay with whatever his girl wants to do with her life, as long as she’s honest with him about it all. Now that’s love!

Lyrics about honesty: Okay go, go hang your heart on any tree

You can make yourself available to anybody

‘Cause every livin’ person knows you are a prize

Whichever way you go I’ll be easy to find

I don’t ask for much, just be honest with me

I don’t ask for much, be honest

Which songs on this list really made you think about the importance of honesty in your relationship? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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