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Spanish Nicknames for Guys and Girls


It is imperative that we give a nickname to a friend we love. It is one of the basic things we do to a friend we love, that is to refer to them using a name rather than the one they received at birth.

It is emotive to refer to friend using that individual’s nickname. It sounds awkward, weird but definitely funny if the person who calls the nickname is close towards the individual. There are many nicknames one can use to name a friend.

The Spanish language offers a vast compilation of nicknames to be used on any friend. You may not speak the language and you might be in a difficult situation trying to reach such information, worry less as I show you some good examples you can use to name your friends or also feel free to inspire and come up with your own ideas!

I will show you some epic nicknames you can use to show how that friend is located within your mind. Make sure to be good friends before attempting such task, you don’t want to be offensive as you use a language that offers a variety of information. I encourage you to come up with a nickname on your own and to enhance your creativity!

Use the nicknames below to call your friends!


All Class Nicknames

  • Amiga: The Spanish word for “friends.” The word will lead the individual’s mind to the very definition, so make sure to add some emotion in accordance when telling her.
  • Morena: A woman who has a passion cinnamon skin complex, whose temper fuels her dancing skills! And some other great things.
  • Cosita: Used in the right context, this word refers to anything that is tiny.
  • Conejita: Means little female bunny, perfect of bunny girl. You know, they are cute and lovely.
  • Estrella: Among stars!
  • Mi chica divertida: My funny girl!
  • Caramelo: The Spanish word for candy, so sweet!
  • Chiquita: Little one!
  • Corazon: The heart!
  • Mami: Refer to someone who is sexy!
  • Hechicera: That female wizard! Stunning girl! She will witchcraft the life out from you!
  • Reina: She is the Queen! Ruler of everything!
  • Princesa: She is a princess! Be afraid! She isn’t that lovely.
  • Gatita: The diminutive Spanish female form of Cat.
  • Linda: Ohh! How pretty she is!
  • Bombon: It is the lollipop candy.
  • Angel: Your angel! Your savior!
  • Bella: She is the living manifestation of beautiful!
  • Barbie: Refers to the brand of doll.
  • Muñequita: Little doll.
  • Porcelana: So beautiful to watch, so weak, ready to be cared.
  • Angelita: Little angel.
  • Chelita: This means Blond.
  • Frecita: The diminutive form of strawberry.
  • Griposa: For someone who is constantly with flu.
  • Lunatica: It means lunatic, perhaps she is at ease.
  • Cuatro Ojos: If she wears glasses.
  • Manzanita: It means little apple.
  • Loquita: If you want to call her crazy.
  • Leona: A female lion, so powerful!
  • Pulguita: It means little flea.
  • Manguito: The little tropical fruit.
  • Arenita: It means sandy.
  • Regalito: If she is a divine gift!
  • Musa: The Spanish of muse.
  • Amazona: She is from that forest!
  • Corazon de Melon: It sounds cute when spoken. It means Melon heart.
  • Almendra: Because she has beautiful eyes!
  • Ninfa: She is from the woods!
  • Millonaria: She has the money!

Romantic Nicknames

  • Mi alma: My soul!
  • Amada: The female Spanish form of the English word “Beloved.”
  • Preciosa: She is your precious! So much of a treasure.
  • Muñeca: The Spanish for “doll.”
  • Bebe: It means baby.
  • Mamasota: It gives a sexual context, means “big mama.”
  • Flaquita: The diminutive form of the Spanish word of “skinny.”
  • Nena: A word used to refer to a sexy female.
  • Rosa: The plant rose.
  • Sabrosura: Because she tastes so delightful.
  • Dulzura: She is pure sugar! So sweet to even think about.
  • Mi Vida: Tell her she is your life.
  • Cariño: It literally means darling.
  • Deliciosa: She is so delicious! You cannot live without her!
  • Solcito: She is your own Sun! Just right next to you.


All Class Nicknames

  • Flaco: Used to make fun of a skinny person, it means skinny.
  • Viejo: It means old, But you can use it to refer to someone you consider great such as your dad, or your man or any friend.
  • Lagarto: A type of crocodile. Tell this to a friend who has big mouths for conquering love and much other stuff.
  • Tonto: It may be translated to silly, but you can tell this to a friend who wouldn’t show that much intelligence.
  • Lindo: A male version of the word cute.
  • Maravilloso: Someone who is wonderful!
  • Osito: Means little bear, but will often refer to teddy bear.
  • Perrito: It means puppy, but please tell this as cute as possible.
  • Rey: translates into King.
  • Tigre: That tiger is always hungry!
  • Jefe: The boss.
  • Tranposo: If that guy likes to cheat in games.
  • Guapo: This one sounds great and you can even make it sound sarcastic, it means Handsome.
  • Chiquito: This is for someone who is short.
  • Gordo o Gordito: It refers to someone who is Fat, and the second one is the diminutive form.
  • Amado: For that guy all the group loves.
  • Amante: It means lover, it can be apply directly followed by the thing he does the most. If you want to say French fries lover, it would be: Amante de papas fritas.
  • Fosforo: It means match, you may refer to someone’s temper.
  • Pata de perro: It means dog paw, it is commonly use on someone who is always on the streets.
  • Bandera Pirata: It means pirate flag, may refer to someone who is skinny as a bone.
  • Amado Mio: It means my love.
  • Ojos de Cielo: Someone has baby blue eyes!
  • Chocolatito: It means little chocolate.
  • Mono: It literally means monkey.
  • La Bestia: You are telling him he is the beast!
  • Dalmata: He has two tone colors as he speaks. It means Dalmatian.
  • Araña: It means spider, may refer to someone who is handy with wrong stuff.
  • Bebote: Slang word from Baby, It means big baby.
  • Principe Azul: He is your prince charming!
  • Arrecho: For someone who gets angry all the time or does everything bravely.
  • Pollo: Chicken, they look cute.
  • Pesado: It refers to someone who gives heavy jokes.
  • Leon: A male lion.
  • Amor: He is the living manifestation of love.
  • Garfield: You know that lazy cat right?
  • Bipolar: He is always changing moods.
  • Pitufo: Those little blue characters.
  • Kraken: That legendary sea monster.
  • Dragon: The reptile looking legendary beast.
  • Hijo de Papi: That guy who still lives with his parents.
  • Narizon: He probably has a big nose.
  • Mapache: That raccoon!
  • Churro Quemado: A toasted snack you won’t eat!
  • Caracol: He is so slow.
  • Pompeado: He is addicted to the gym!
  • Zombie: He is always sleeping.
  • Celoso: For someone who is jealous.
  • Chunchito: A slang word that refers to anything you can’t remember the name of.
  • Pata de Pollo: Chicken legged.
  • Boludo: It refers towards the big testicles that won’t let him to move.
  • Simplon: For someone who is simple.
  • Topo: The mole.
  • Mono Cara Roja: The Japanese monkey named Macaca.
  • Macho: That macho friend.
  • Brazo de Lata: For someone who has metal screws to hold the bones in place.


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