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Spanish Terms of Endearment


More of to the Spanish language terms

Why to communicate?

People have the excellent skill of communication. Skill that some people might find difficult to develop but, trust me, you have it. Even the way you act you are already communicating that perhaps you are a very timid person or the contrary. Either ways, it is always great to show and communicate your feelings towards that person. No regrets!

If you try to hide and bury your feelings you will act differently. The manifestation of your action tents to be noticed by other people around you and you might not even notice it but, they surely do. Along history we acknowledge that by demonstrating your feelings in accordance of the event (proper manner), problems and relationship issues get solved and life becomes a lot easier. It involves honesty and the aperture of the person you are. To be able to express your feelings is to convey your true feelings and ultimately finding out that is a great force. Please know that it is not to blast the other individual but to converge with them and to create a great life even for future generations.

Approach to the Spanish language

There are several Spanish terms of endearment and there is not only a variety but, also it will sound completely sexy when you tell them. Try some of the terms bellow to make your special person to tremble of emotions. The Spanish language can be found sexier than the French language in some cases. When you express in public how much you love your significant one, you are making a statement and you are telling the whole public that you are thinking on that person and that there is no room for anyone else and you even love to feel that way and you love to let know that you have found the right person. The individual that receives all of these statements will become surely of the couple.


Don’t be ashamed

Don’t feel bad about expressing the love you feel to your couple even in weird moments. Don’t lose them moments; perhaps the individual is enrolled in some work event or friends. Feel free to tell that person you love how you feel! You can even practice these Spanish phrases to use and make that person feel great and le the other people to know you guys can speak different language and how romantic and sexy it sounds. In accordance with your smiles and gesture, you will create a great impact towards your loved one. Watch your couple melt as you tell some of the most potent Spanish phrases that the language can offer.


Romantic Spanish terms

Feel free to use these phrases with your significant other:

  • Mi amor pronounced as: mee ah morh, will be translated to “My love.”
  • Mi vida pronounced as: mee veh dah, will translate to “My life.”
  • Amorcito is another way to tell someone “my love” but will be strongly translated to “sweetie.” Pronounce the phrase as: ah moorh see toh.
  • Cariño pronounced as: kah reh ynio will translate into “my sweetheart.”


Here below are more words you can use to tell that person what does they mean to you.

  • Chiquita/o pronounced as: chee keeh tah/toh will literally mean “Little one” and you have to use the final “a” when addressing to females and the “o” for males.
  • Corazon pronounced as: koh rha sun will literally mean “My heart” or “Sweetheart.”
  • Mi Sol from the Spanish Sun you may pronounce this phrase as: mee solh and you will be telling “My Sun”
  • Mi Tesoro will literally mean “My treasure” and you may pronounce this phrase as: mee teeh soh roh.


Make it sound poetic; add some mimic and some facial gestures to your movements as you speak. Continue using some of the greatest Spanish terms to make your partner melt with:

  • Princesita pronounced as: Prin seh see tah you will be telling your girl “My little princess.”
  • Mi Reyna/Rey pronounced this as: mee rei nah for the female “My queen” or the male “king” pronounced as: mee (mine) Ray.
  • Belleza/Hermosa pronounced the first one as: beh yeh sah to tell the girl the statement “Beautiful” or use the second one pronounced as: errh mo zah you will be telling the girl “gorgeous.”
  • Preciosa pronounce as: pre see oh zah you will tell her that she is “precious.”

Remember to add some gestures and movements here below you will encounter more phrases to use as you grab the person you love.

  • Querido for the English “darling” will be pronounced as: keeh ree duh.
  • Besame pronounced as: beeh sah meh it is the Spanish word for the English phrase “Kiss me”
  • Sirenita will mean “little Mermaid” and can be pronounced as: see reh nee tah.
  • Me vuelves loco/a y quiero hacerte mi mujer/hombre esta noche pronounced as: meh voo-ehl-ves loh-coo ee kee-eh-ru aa-sehrr-the mee ah/oh ess-tah noh-sheh. Translated to englssih will mean: “You drive me crazy and I want you to be mine tonight.”


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