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80 Best Star Wars Wifi Names


If you are a huge Star Wars fan, than these are the best Star Wars wifi names for you. You can show off your love of the Star Wars universe through things like your username and your wifi name. To change your wifi name, use Chrome or your web browser. Type home or in your address bar. When the page loads, enter the default ID and password. Once you are logged in, you will arrive at a configuration panel where you can change the network name. You just have to delete the current SSID and then input the new network name of your choice. When you are done, click save and you will now have the best Star Wars wifi names for your home internet. Best wifi Names for your home network router ssid

80 Best Star Wars Wifi Names

1. Leia Organa SoLAN: The LAN comes from internet connections, which makes this a clever play on words.

2. Lan Solo: If you can use “lan” in the Star Wars wifi name, then you instantly have an awesome pun for your home wifi.

3. Trash Monster: This would just be a fun name for a wifi connection.

4. WiFi Walker: This is a variation on the name Skywalker.

5. Millennium Falcon: This ship would be one of the top Star Wars names that you could use for your wifi.

6. Anakin Skyrouter: This would work better for your router than your wifi, but it is still kind of cute.

7. Jedi Master: An obvious option, but it could still work.

8. Rey of Wifi: Rey was on the recent movies. In Spanish, this name means king, which makes you the king of wifi.

9. Wi-Fight Wars? Why, indeed.

10. The LAN of No Return: This would be an absolutely awesome name for your wifi.

11. Jawa Router Scavengers: This would be a fun choice.

12. Death Star Exhaust Port Control: This would be an awesome name for your wifi.

13. KyLAN Ren: If you really like the newer movies, then this name would make sense for you.

14. Mace Wifi: This is a straightforward choice from Mace Windu.

15. Ewoks E-Fi: This one just sounds adorable.

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16. R2D2serialport: This is one of my favorite Star Wars characters, although my husband hates me for it.

17. AT-AT Manufacturing Facility Server: These are the creatures from Hoth.

18. GunGan Forcefield Generators: This would be a decent choice, but there are definitely better options on this list.

19. The Last Jedi: This is not really a pun on any level, but it still would be an awesome option to go with.

20. It’s My Galaxy: This would be even more amazing if your wifi hook-up is from a Galaxy phone.

21. Luke, I am your wifi.: This one makes me giggle every time I see it.

22. Embrace the power of the WiFi: This is a bit long, and I think embracing the dark side was a lot better as far as phrases go.

23. LANgo Fett: This name had to be changed up a bit to give it an internet-like pun, but it would be a good choice if you liked this bounty hunter.

24. Supreme LANcellor Velorum/Palpatine: This pun is a bit of a stretch, but I guess it would still work.

25. Looking for WiFi in Alderaan Places: This is a play on a popular dating phrase, so no one expects the wifi and Star Wars connection. This is even more amusing because Alderaan blew up.

26. Docking Bay 94: This would be an easy, fun option.

27. A long, long time ago, in a router far, far away: This would be an insanely long router name, but even non-Star Wars fans would immediately get the reference.

28. Holonet: I think that this one should get bonus points.

29. Let the WiFi-key win: This is an awesome option.

30. Belkin’s Cloud City: Cloud City was what they were going for, and Belkin is just the name of a router.

31. Padawan Wifi: Cute!

32. Padme AmidaLAN: I grew up with her as my hero, and this film was my first introduction into the Star Wars series.

33. The Jedi Knight of Night: Perfect for all of those gamers out there.

34. Not the Wifi you’re looking for: Technically, you’re not the droids that you’re looking for either.

35. It’s a Trap: With this quote, you can be certain that no one will steal your wi-fi.

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36. Clone Wifi: A decent enough choice.

37. Star Destroyer: Fun!

38. Wifi 1: This comes from the Star Wars ship called Slave 1.

39. The Hutts’ Wifi: A fairly straightforward, easy choice.

40. LANdo Calrissian: This would be a fun choice to go with.

41. Roger Roger Router: From what the droids are always saying.

42. Suck My Force: This certainly sounds passive-aggressive.

43. Sith Apprentice: Nice!

44. Surf, or surf not… There is no WiFi: This modified quote comes from Yoda, so it would be an awesome Star Wars wifi name.

45. Rebel Wifi: Fun!

46. Wifi Destroyers: This is not a fortuitous name.

47. Savage Opress You: Clever, very clever.

48. You Da Wifi, Man: If you say it fast enough, it sounds like Yoda Wifi.

49. Padawan Wannabe: This just sounds cute.

50. Obi-Lan Kenobi: Technically, LAN isn’t wifi, but it still makes for some fun puns.

51. Millennial Falcon: A pun-ny version of the Millennium Falcon for Millennials.

52. StormPooper: Mature. Really mature.

53. X-Wing WiFi Fighter: This would be a cute option.

54. DeathBar: This is a pun on the Deathstar, but it is how you feel when your wifi bars drop to zero.

55. The WiFi Clone: Clever, but people might not realize that it is related to Star Wars.

Funny WiFi Names To Surprise Your Neighbors

56. R4-P17 Wifi: This is a fairly obvious choice.

57. BB-8 Wifi: Really, any drone name will sound like a wifi name.

58. Y-Fi-Wing Fighter: I think that this would be an improved option and actually has a much better pun in it.

59. Han Yolo: This is decent enough.

60. Adobe Wan Kanobi: Clever.

61. Watto you doin’?: A fairly good pun.

62. Jar Jar Linksys: This sounds a bit like Jar Jar Binks.

63. I’m Riding Solo: Very clever.

64. Sith-Kabob My Lightsaber: The answer to what you call five Siths on a lightsaber. A Sith-kabob.

65. Darth Wifi: This would be an obvious option, although it is far less creative than the other options on this list.

66. The Dark Side of Wifi: Nice.

67. Ewokie Talkies: Cute.

68. AdmiLAN Ackbar: I would prefer other characters, but some people might go for this option.

69. Sith Grade Wifi: Clever.

70. Darth Tater: For potato, french fry and Star Wars fans.

71. Luke Skyrouter: This is a fairly good option, although this makes more sense for a router and not a wifi name.

72. The Woo-Key: Perfect for your wifi key.

73. Mustafarian Data Miners: Clever.

74. Game of Clones: Perfect for Star Wars fans and Game of Thrones fans.

75. Secret Rebel Base on Hoth: Have you ever been in the car and notice that someone named their wifi “FBI Van”? This is like the same idea, except for Star Wars.

76. Wookieleaks: This would be an awesome name for a website.

77. Two Jawas Walk Under a Bar: An easy one-liner joke for your wifi name.

78. Endor Fins: This is from the Return of the Jedi and is a pun on the happy chemicals, endorphins.

79. Cyber Knights: This is a variation on Jedi Knights.

80. It’s Getting Hoth in Here: Perfect for someone who is a Star Wars fan and a Nelly fan.


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