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Speech Ideas for Student Council Roles



It is an honor to participate on your school’s student council. It grants you of a great responsibility, giving you a sort of authority to direct information in student activities and a seat in the table where the legislative body of people formally constituted would meet regularly. To have a voice within the school administration will look good in collage applications. A great task indeed, however, if you want that seat at the table you will first need to give a speech and collect votes from the other students.

Remember it is not easy to confront your classmates and all of the students, some of them will give you their votes, and other will encounter you directly.

As you continue reading you will find some recommendations gathered to help you bring your speech into existence, so marvelous they will never forget. Please do make sure to submit your speech to suit your school and position, and use your ideas and creativity to perform the ultimate speech.


As you prepare your speech, keep in mind what it that you want from your classmates is. A battle you will win using kindness and a little of humor. You may start with a humorous introduction, something that made everyone laugh about you. Let’s say you fell off the stage in front of everyone, use that to introduce yourself and then tell that once you got over that embarrassment, you decided to stay still and face them.

Goals You Have Meet

Write about the achievements you have earn during your experience in school. Mention your high school’s name followed by the ideas you had since you started studying. Present the enrollment you have had within the facilities: You may mention the first one and the last one, if you served as… to help planning for prom for example.

Also, you can mention the performance outside the classroom, some club/organization at volunteering for noble causes and make sure to mention that you have work with the community in various scenarios such as cleaning the parks or to disclose awareness somehow. Make sure to be specific towards the audience you have, as you recognize that you have responsibilities towards them.

Running For

Let them know what you think of them, use kind words as you approach to anyone’s mind. You can say that they are probably not surprise that you have decided to run for student council for the role of [be explicit and specific]. As student council (role), you will dedicate your entire being to continue to make improvements in the school for every student here at [your school].


Let them know you understand the job you want to perform. The student council works with the student body and the administration to assure that the student’s events, throughout the year, are successful. As for you and your position, you will ensure to the students that they will have a memorable year.

Ask the Vote

Be polite, be passive as you ask to the students to please vote for you. Tell them that you are asking for their vote for (role). Should they elect you, you will listen to their concerns and that you will dedicate your entire time to work hard for them. At the end, you would want to say “Thank you.”




Make this approach as a civilian. Do not claim what you are about to do, instead you can start by an idea or a memory that can lead you towards the goal you want to meet. Write a speech telling that you won’t mention your name just yet, write about a memory from your experience in high school. Start with something simple, for example, if the first day of your high school you were lost trying to find the class room. Tell that the facilities are big, and the only thing you were is to be lost.

Mention that you met someone cute that day by rushing out to the classes and falling in the floor, or tell any other approach or encounter you had with any student that marked your first day as you faced yourself with a goofy situation. Let them know you are just like them that, you suffer the same things the classmates do. Make sure to describe de situations with details that would captivate the mind of the audience, use words representing everyone else. Make sure to disclose information on how other teammates or classmates make you felt.

Aim towards the team work, it does have impact towards people.


Explain the reasons why you running for vice president, you can say that you want to re-pay to the school everything that has done for all of the students, including you. All the love you have feel form them, is time to make something for them. Don’t forget the new students that will show up, so include the future to your speech.

Let them know that you are such a friendly person, and you want to welcome the new students and keep defending the students that are already among you.

Follow the following example:

During the last years, I kept in mind to one day become to serve as vice president. For this purpose I have been taking extra work organizing different activities in accordance of any main event from high school, to cheer everyone out to participate and to eventually think constantly on our beloved high school. I have also been involved in different situations including office aid, to collect information on how to become better for students, most important, how students can improve to such internal task that the high school has. Things they have to make on their own and we don’t even look at.

This will let them know that you are capable to bring the ultimate support. That you know the inside and will awake on them trust as they acknowledge they can rely on your knowledge about how the school works and how you have become a connection in between the students and the school.

What Will You Do

Let them know you will stand beside their president, offering support and make a step front when the president is not around or ask for extra help. A phrase like: I will sit in the student council chair and will dedicate my soul at planning prom, graduation and more. Will definitely keep their attention as they realize that you identify yourself to their ideas and the goals they want to achieve.

The closure should involve part of the purpose you have and also you can tell that you will do what they have done for you. Remember the goofy situation you had and tell them that you will be there to help the students as someone else was there. If you formulate a speech manipulating their sentiments, you will get the ultimate speech.

Ask the Vote

Indeed you are asking the vote for vice president, so you might want to start with that. Tell them that you love the school, that you want to be helpful at everything and that you want to build great memories that you all going to treasure forever. Now you will try to step down the stage without falling, well, tell them! Be creative and handle concrete information.




Let me give you an example for this matter. You have to start with a salutation, then your name followed by your current year position. You will let them know that you will guide them to meet their goals they want for their future, with hard work and studying using a good environment.

Hello fellow comrades, my name is…and I am a junior. I will not give any prank to anyone, nor will I skip classes with you, this is not what you want from a class president anyways. I offer you hard work and improvements towards the ability to work with others walking difficult time and circumstances while keeping sense of humor.

Follow the speech by pointing at some situations that occurred in the past and you help on its solving. Let’s say that you noticed the cafeteria used to serve lots of junk food, so you were able to bring a salad bar by starting a petition, having many of your classmates to sing the request and take it to the principal.

Now that you have their attention, you would need to throw the spear towards their opened heart!

Use a phrase that will captivate their souls, such phrase have to contain information that will display towards your classmate’s minds, using selected words. Information such as emotions lived, the power you gather with them, and the success you all encountered. I will show you following the example above:

It is because we unified our souls to work together that we were able to achieve the salad bar for our alimentation, and now we can perform sports better.

Mention the benefits that bring towards your classmates, and also towards the organization, in this case, your school.

Manifest Your Credentials

Tell your classmates that you have served for the past years at your school; also mention the enrollment you have done in different activities. Use this part of the speech to approach to them to the different activities other students are also involved. You may say that you have play football or baseball and that you have spent time in various committees and helped tutor students after or during school.

The Purpose

Use a funny statement; tell them that you vow to end all homework. No, you can’t do that, but you can be their voice as you represent them against the school administration and work to make the current year excellent. Use phrases like: I will make the best year this school has ever had, followed by how you are going to make such thing.

Tell them that you will introduce ideas for events, such as weekly activities after the games and that you want all to work together through volunteer work.

Ask the Vote

Tell that you appreciate their vote for president. Make sure to state that if you get elected, you will perform tasks thinking what is best for the students. Elevate their minds to captivate them.

Use phrases like:  To continue to fight for the things that are imperative for students, no matter how big or small they show up. Let them know that they can work together to seal and be recognize within your community and to the world.

The information above are ideas and steps to perform the ultimate speech. If the role you want to perform is to be a treasurer or a secretary you may want to collect information as well from other speeches and customize them in accordance of the target you are aiming. If you like the beginning of one of the above, take it and mix it with the ending of the other one displayed here in this document.

Feel free to use the information above to complete your ultimate speech and have fun doing it and stay calm and confident about yourself! Go take the position!


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