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Meeting and Dating Submissive Girls


When you are looking for the right partner, there are a number of things that you may want. You might be looking for an attractive woman, intelligence or a sparkling personality. Some men are also trying to meet and date submissive girls. Perhaps you were in a controlling relationship in the past, or you may just want a partner who goes with the flow. Whatever the case, you need to find a way to start meeting and dating submissive girls.

If you are more assertive and like to take a leadership role, then you may want to meet a woman who will follow your lead. In the West, gender equality and a stronger role for women in the workforce mean that you are less likely to find submissive women. Before you can even start your search, there are a few things you need to understand.

Women Are Not Naturally Submissive

Despite what you hear among anti-feminists and traditionalists, women are not naturally submissive. When anthropologists look at matriarchal societies, it is the women who hold the power and take on leadership roles. Interestingly, this even extends to cases of rape. Since rape is fundamentally about power, it is not the men who do the raping in matriarchal societies. Women are in the position of control, and men are their submissive counterparts.

What this means is that women are not naturally submissive. You could argue that their smaller physique means that they are less likely to win in a fight, but societies are not based on who is strongest. Otherwise, you would have body builders as presidents and CEOs instead of people who have the intellectual capacity to run a country or a business.

Submissiveness is something that is taught within a culture. How someone is raised greatly determines their character traits and how they perceive their gender. For example, the androgynous look is extremely popular among men in Japan. When Abercrombie tried to advertise muscular, physically imposing male models in Japan, their ads failed. The same advertisements did well in the United States where men are raised to be more muscular and masculine.

If you are looking for a submissive woman, one place to start is with her culture. Many women raised in the West are not taught to be submissive. They are raised to be equals and to take on leadership roles. If you want to meet and date a submissive woman, then you need to find a culture where those traits are valued among women.

In many Asian societies, women are given submissive roles. In China and Taiwan, you find men dominating leadership roles—even when those roles are at jobs traditionally dominated by women such as teaching. In Japan, women are expected to have a family and care for their spouse while the husband provides for the family financially. If you are looking for submissive women, start by looking for women from a culture or background where those traits are prized among females.

What Type of Woman Complements You?

Another thing you should consider is the type of woman who matches your personality traits. If you are terrible at cooking or managing a checkbook, you need a partner who can do these things. The right relationship is all about finding a balance between your skills and your partner’s skills.

To do this, you have to be extremely self-aware. Too many people are over-confident about their abilities. They think that they can do anything without realizing that they have weaknesses just like everyone else. Once you know and accept your weaknesses, your goal is to find a mate who is capable in the areas that you are not. If you complement each other well, then you can enjoy a healthy, happy relationship within a positive home.

Do You Really Want to Be Meeting and Dating Submissive Girls?

One of the biggest reasons why men look for submissive girls is a lack of self-confidence. Whether they admit it or not, they are insecure in their personality, intelligence, physique or other areas of their life. They want a submissive girl because it makes them feel better about themselves. If the girl is not as smart or personable, the guy feels like he actually has a self-worth.

Don’t let this common scenario be you. It is one thing the want a submissive partner if you are truly more dominant and assertive. It is an entirely another thing to let your insecurities and lack of self-esteem dictate who you are with. If you lack self-esteem, you won’t gain it in a relationship with a submissive girl. At best, this will just be a band-aid that you use to assuage your own self-worth and put off the real issue of whether you are actually a worthy individual.

Become a Leader

In general, submissive people are attracted to someone who seems like a leader. In the same way that hiking enthusiasts tend to date other outdoor lovers, a submissive person is drawn to someone who is dominant. If you are not a natural leader, you will never get a submissive partner. Instead, you will end up drawing in people who will want to dominate you and have you as the submissive partner.

What this basically means is that to be the leader in the relationship, you have to learn how to be a leader. You can learn this by taking leadership roles in community organizations, at work or at volunteer organizations. If you do not have an opportunity to take on leadership roles, then invest in a bunch of self-help books. There are many, many books written about leadership and what it takes to be a good leader. Until you are actually good at leadership, you will never attract a follower.

Make a List

Now that you are ready to attract a submissive partner, you should also look at the other qualities you want to find in her. Being submissive is merely one personality trait. If you are just looking for that trait, you could easily end up with a mismatched partner. Instead, make out a list of the qualities you want.

Being the submissive person in a relationship does not mean that your partner cannot be confident, funny and intelligent. It only means that she is willing to take a backseat at times in the relationship and let you handle things. She still needs to be able to speak up and let you know what she wants. If she is too submissive, your relationship is doomed to fail unless you can read her mind and actually figure out what she wants.

The level of submissiveness you are looking for depends on how assertive you want to be in the relationship. If you are extremely aggressive, then you may need someone who is more submissive. At the same time, this could end up scaring someone who is extremely submissive away. Everything in a relationship is finding the right balance between what you want, what she wants and what you need together.

Meeting and Dating Submissive Girls

Last, we have to ask, do you really want someone who is too submissive? It can be hard enough figuring out what your girlfriend wants when she is assertive. If she is too withdrawn or submissive to voice her desires, satisfying her can be impossible. Most men want a submissive girl because they are insecure and lack confidence. If you are a confident person with a high self-esteem, then you can handle being in a normal relationship. If not, you may need to look for a submissive partner who satisfies your ego.


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