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Superstitions About Love


Just about every feeling or emotion has a superstition behind it. One old belief says that having a bird poop on you is a sign of good luck. Another superstition says that being hairy is a sign you are especially lucky. Superstitions about love are extremely common. Just about everyone has fallen in love before, so it makes sense that these superstitions would exist. As a child, you may have jumped rope to a rhyme that revealed the name of your future husband on the letter you messed up on. These superstitions range from childhood rhymes to ancient myths.

Whether you believe they work or not, these superstitions are always fun to read. To find out some of the best superstitions about love, romance and marriage, read on. superstitions that are actually true

1. Make a Wish

The story behind this superstition seems unclear. For some reason, people believe that 11:11 is a magical time. If you make a wish when the clock strikes this number, then your wish is supposed to come true. The clock hits 11:11 twice every day, so you have two chances to make this wish come true.

2. Names on Paper

Names on Paper

Write names of three guys on three pieces of paper. Then, throw them up in the air in total darkness. Put the piece of paper under your pillow and sleep on it. When you wake up the next morning, pull out the paper and you will see the name of the man that you will marry.

3. Moon Phases

According to one superstition, the moon could tell you when you will fall in love. This superstition says that two people will fall in love at first sight on the seventh day after the full moon. If you want to see if this superstition is true, mark your calendar and make sure to see your crush on that day.

4. Daisies


Another superstition is probably a game you once played. You pull off daisy petals one at a time as you say, “He loves me, he loves me not.” Whatever the last petal lands on is how your crush feels.

5. Your Horoscope

Your Horoscope

This is not exactly a superstition as much as a different belief system. A number of people believe that astrology will show who you will fall in love with and if your relationship is compatible. Since there is a lot of variation between individuals within an astrological sign (even if you fit your sign perfectly), I would be very cautious about dismissing a potential date just because he is the wrong zodiac sign.

6. Break Out the Wishbone

Wishbones have long been thought to give you wishes. As a child, I remember pulling on either side of the wishbone as I made my wish. Whoever had the longest side was supposed to see their wish comes true. Another wishbone superstition involves marriage and relates to the saying, “Shortest to marry, longest to tarry.” Basically, two women have to pull on either side of the wishbone. The woman who gets the shortest side has the shortest time until she gets married.

7. Four-Leaf Clovers

Four-Leaf Clovers

It is said that a girl should put a four-leaf clover in her shoe. Then, the first man who approaches her on the side with the clover will become her future husband.

8. Chain Letters

This is a more modern superstition. It used to be something you actually received in the mail. Now, you get it on Facebook or in an email. The chain letter says that you will find out your true love or the person you will marry if you forward the message. If you do not forward the message, you will be cursed with bad luck for a set amount of time. It is a fairly safe bet that these chain letters are just a superstition, so don’t worry if you forget to forward them on.

9. Fallen Eyelashes

Fallen Eyelashes

Another common superstition involves eyelashes. The way I originally heard it is that, if someone tells you you have an eyelash on your face, you get to make a wish if you guess which side it is on correctly. Another superstition is that you should take the eyelash, put it on the back of one hand and throw it over your shoulder as you make a wish. If the eyelash flies of of your hand, then the wish will be granted. If it sticks, it will not be granted.

10. Coins and Fountains

Coins and Fountains

Another wish is that tossing a coin into a fountain will give you a wish. If you go to the Trevi Fountain in Rome, throwing in a coin means you will return to the city. Tossing in two coins means you will return to the city and fall in love with someone. For three coins, you will return, fall in love and eventually marry that person.

11. Eating a Daisy

I highly recommend that you do not try testing this one out. According to the superstition, the girl has to find a five-petal daisy. Then, she has to swallow it without chewing at all. During the next day, she will shake hands with her future husband.

12. Psychics

For centuries, psychics and fortune tellers have been said to be capable of telling you when you will get married, who you will marry and how many children you will have.

13. Kissing on New Year’s Eve

One common superstition is that two people can determine the quality of their present or future love based on their New Year’s kiss when the clock strikes midnight.

14. Wedding Cakes

One superstition says that putting a wedding cake under your pillow will cause you to dream of your future husband. How you do this without making a mess is still a mystery to me.

15. Apple Stems

 twisting the stem of an apple

This ancient superstition involves twisting the stem of an apple while you say a bunch of names of potential dates. When you break off the stem finally, the name you said at that moment is the person that you will marry.

16. Horseshoes

Nail a horseshoe above your door. The first person who walks under it is the person you should marry.

17. Apples

At midnight, eat an apple as you sit in front of the mirror with a lamp in your hand. As you eat, say, “Whoever my true love may be, come and eat this apple with me.” According to the superstition, your true love will appear before you.


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