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80 Surfer Baby Names


Surfing has been a popular sport for decades. It is the perfect way to enjoy the sun and ocean during warm weather. For parents who love the adrenaline rush of surfing, surfer baby names are the perfect choice. To get started on your name search, check out our list of 80 surfer baby names.

40 Surfer Baby Names for Boys

1. Dean

Dean became a famous name because of the surfer Dean Bowen. It is said to mean church official.

2. Finn

Finn is a name that comes from Ireland. It means fair or white. It has been the name chosen by celebrities like Christy Turlington for their children.

3. Kai

There is one big-wave surer and four pro surfers with this name. In Hawaiian, this name means sea.

4. Ocean

Ocean is an extremely appropriate name for a surfer in the making. This name can actually be used for boys or girls.

5. Reef

Reef is a word for a rock bar, sand or coral located in the water, so it is a great name for a baby boy.

6. Sunny

Sunny calls to mind the beauty of a summer’s day on the beach as the waves roll in. It was also the name of the World Champion, Hawaiian surfer, Sunny Garcia.

7. Marley

Marley is a popular surfing spot in Australia as well as a tribute to the reggae musician, Bob Marley. This surfer baby name means meadow of the lake.

8. Jack

This was the name of the professional surfer, Jack Freestone, who came from New South Whales. The name actually means God is gracious.

9. Duke

Duke Kahanamoku is a Hawaiian surfer who is considered the father of modern surfing. He won medals for swimming five times in the Olympics and popularized the sport of surfing.

10. Chase

Chase Wilson is a surfing star from California, and this French name has a chic aura to it.

11. Adriano

Adriano De Souza is well known as a top surfer from Brazil. The name is an Italian version of the name, Adrian, which means man of Adria.

12. Fletcher

Fletcher is a strong name that was once a surname. It is well known as the surname of one of the most famous surfing families ever. This American family included the surfers Nathan, Herbie and Grayson Fletcher. In English, this name means arrow maker.

13. Larsen

Granger Larsen was a surfer from Hawaii who almost made the top 32 World Championship tour. The name means crowned with laurel.

14. Parker

Parker Coffin was is a promising surfer, and the English name means park keeper.

15. Morgan

Morgan was a Welsh name that was originally the name of an enchantress in the legends of King Arthur. The name actually means sea and circle.

16. Julian

Julian Wilson is an Australian surfer and means youthful or downy.

17. Dover

Dover is an Irish name that means water, but it is also the name of a British city placed on white cliffs.

18. Cooper

Cooper Chapman is a pro surfer from Australia.

19. Bede

This was the name of the Australian surfer, Bede Durbridge. It means prayer and was the name of a saint in the 7th century. Aussie surfer Be

20. Oakley

Oakley is a brand associated with surfing and can be used for boys or girls.

21. Foster

Foster was the surname of Beau Foster.

22. Dane

Dane Reynolds is a surfing pro from California. In English, the name means from Denmark.

23. Kelly

Kelly Slater is an 11-time World champion surfer.

24. Luke

Luke Davis was a famous surfer from California. The name actually appeared in the New Testament and meant man from Lucania.

25. Dylan

Dylan is a Welsh name that means son of wave or tide. It is also the name of the pro surfer from Hawaii, Dylan Goodale.

26. Bodhi

Bodhi is the name of the young surfer, Bodhi Leigh-Jones and is a perfect surfer baby name.

27. Arnav

Arnay originally came from India. In Hindu, this name means ocean.

28. Declan

Declan Wyton is a pro surfer, but this Irish name actually means man of prayer.

29. Jeremy

Jeremy Flores is well known as a French surfer. The name is an English variation on Jeremiah, so it means appointed by God.

30. Merrick

Merrick is a name that is Scottish-Gaelic in origin and means fork in a river.

31. Perth

Perth Standlick is a professional surfer who comes from New South Wales. He was nicknamed Bondi’s Great White Hope. The name actually meant thorn bush thicket in Scotland.

32. Laird

Laird is the name of the American surfer, Laird Hamilton.

33. Dwayne

This name comes from the young surfer, Dwayne Scharsh, who died in a tragic accident. It means swarthy and was a fairly popular name during the 1960s.

34. Cove

Cove is a word for a small bay on the shoreline or a seaside inlet. This is a wonderful surfing-inspired name for a baby boy.

35. Beau

Beau Foster is the name of a professional surfer who hails from Australia’s New South Wales

36. Adrian

Adrian is a name that means man of Adira. It was also the name of the Australian surfer, Adrian “Ace” Buchan, who started surfing when he was just four years old.

37. Brett

Brett Connelen was a surfer well known in the surfing community. The name actually started during the Middle Ages as an ethnic term for people who arrived in Britain during the Norman conquest.

38. Dorian

Dorian is a name that comes from an ancient Greek tribe. It was also the name of the Hawaiian pro surfer, Shane Dorian.

39. Joel

Joel Parkinson is an Australian surfer who was famous for competing within the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour. This name actually means Jehovah is his God.

40. Miki

Miki Dora was well known as a surfing icon of the 1950s and 1960s. He was nicknamed Miki, but his full name was Miklos. His other nicknames were Da Cat and the Black Knight.

40 Surfer Baby Names for Girls

1. Carissa

Carissa Moore is a Hawaiian surfer, and the name actually means grace.

2. Frieda

Zamba Frieda is the name of a four-time world champion from the United States. The name is actually from Germany and means peaceful ruler.

3. Monyca

This is a variation on the name Monica, and it means adviser. It was the name of the American surfer, Monyca Byre-Wickey.

4. Waverly

Waverly calls to mind beach waves, but the English surname actually means meadow of quivering aspens.

5. Silvana

This name means from the woods and was popularized by the Brazilian professional surfer, Silvana Lama.

6. Rosanna

This was the name of the South African surfer, Rosanna Hodge.

7. Marina

This name comes from Latin and means from the sea. As such, it is a great name for a little surfer in the making.

8. Daize

Daize is known as the nickname of the surer, Sarah Rose Shayne.

9. Bethany

Bethany is the name of the professional surfer who had a shark bite her hand off when she was 13. Bethany Hamilton inspired other surfers when she got back on her board and turned pro later on.

10. Anastasia

This name means resurrection, but it was also the name of a pro surfer.

11. Bruna

This name means brown, but it was also the name of the popular surfer, Bruna Schmitz.

12. Oceana

Oceana was the Greek word for ocean. Meanwhile, Oceanus was known as the Greek god of the sea.

13. Summer

Summer was a popular name during the 1970s and is a great surfer name.

14. Sage

You may recognize this name from the American pro surfer, Sage Erickson.

15. Moanna

Moanna is from a Hawaiian word that means ocean.

16. Malia

Malia Manuel was the youngest surfer ever to compete in the US Open of Surfing. She comes from Hawaii and competed at the event when she was just 14 years old.

17. Debbie

Debbie Beacham was a world champion surfer, and the name actually means bee.

18. Arnette

Arnette is a type of sunglasses brand popular among professional surfers, but it would be a great surfer baby name as well.

19. Roxy

This is a name popular among female surfers and is another surfing brand.

20. Erica

Erica was the name of a surfer from California, but the name means eternal ruler.

21. Layne

This was the name of the seven-time world champion, Layne Beachley. It is a version of lane, which is said to mean roadway or a small path.

22. Morwenna

Morwenna is a name that means waves of the sea.

23. Chelsea

Chelsea is a name of a pro surfer and Triple Crown of Surfing winner.

24. Sandy

Sandy was once a nickname for Sandra and Alexandra, but it makes us think of sandy beaches and oceans.

25. Ripley

This is from an Old English surname. While it means strip clearing, we think of rippling waves and beautiful shorelines whenever we hear the name Ripley. This could be either a girl or a boy name.

26. Isla

Isla means island in Spanish, and it is also the name of a Scottish river.

27. Bondi

This is the name of a Sydney beach resort that is popular among surfers.

28. Aquata

This name comes from Latin. It means water, so it would be the perfect name for a little surfer.

29. Coral

This is one of the most delicate and adorable surfer baby names. It calls to mind the skeletal deposits that create underwater reefs.

30. Maya

Maya Gabeira is a Brazilian surfer who rode the largest wave ever (by a female) in 2009. The name means water in Hebrew. In Sanskrit, it means illusion.

31. Tarni

This name means wave or surf in Kaurna.

32. Paige

Paige Frances Hared is known as the first female pro surfer from New Zealand to qualify to be on the World Tour.

33. Koa

Koa Smith is a Hawaiian surfer, but it is also the name of a Hawaiian tree.

34. Delta

Delta is a water-related term, but it is also the name of a brand of surfing gear.

35. Azul

This is the Spanish word for blue, which makes it perfect for a baby surfer.

36. Alana

Alana Blanchard was an American model and surfer who was ranked as one of the top surfers in the world.

37. Coco

Coco Ho’s full name is Coco Malia Camille Hapaikekoa Ho . She was a Hawaiian surfer who started surfing at a very young age.

38. Ellie

Ellie Jean was well known as a surfer from Australia. The name actually means bright, shining one.

39. Nikki

This name originally came from the name Nicole. It was the name of the amazing Australian surfer, Nikki van Dijk.

40. Sydney

Sydney is a city in Australia that is popular among surfers, so it makes sense that surfers would pick this name for their baby girl.


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