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100 Really Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend


Women are verbal creatures. Just because you might not be, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need to hear sweet nothings from your lips. Being pretty predictable, if you say something that makes her swoon, she will probably reciprocate in like kind.

The key to saying sweet things is to choose something that sounds like it came from you, is realistic, and, it definitely needs to be said sincerely, or you will just come across as cheesy. That will make your efforts completely useless. These are 100 really sweet things to say to your girlfriend that will have her thinking you are the man of her dreams, which will lead to her making your dreams come true.

Whether you are married, dating, or just trying to get to know someone, the key to winning her heart is to tell her how you feel and mean it. Don’t be afraid of rejection, or being too over the top. The secret is to have it come from the heart. If it does and you mean what you say, you can’t ever overdo it.

#1 You’re the perfect end to my day – The perfect way to say goodnight

#2 I love your smile – Yep, something that simple, is awesome

#3 I was lost until I found you

#4 You make me happy – Every woman wants to make her man happy

#5 The stars even look brighter since I found you

#6 I never want to wake another without you next to me – If you want to make it official

#7 I am the luckiest man alive to have you

#8 Even your imperfection is perfect – The perfect thing to say after an argument or fight

#9 We were made for one another

#10 You’re what keeps me going

#11 You make everything okay – If she is the one who gets you through the valleys of life, let her know

#12 Thank you – Thank you can’t be underestimated. Feeling appreciated is the best feeling in the world. Say thank you every chance you get.

#13 I can’t get you out of my head today, and every day

#14 When I was little I dreamed of finding someone just like you – Girls dream of their Prince Charming for as long as they can remember. Let her know that she is your perfect princess.

#15 I feel sorry for all the men who can’t have you

#16 Life seemed random until I met you

#17 I never knew that someone could make me so happy – If she makes you smile then let her know.

#18 I thought I knew what love was, but thanks for showing me I didn’t until now – If it is something more than puppy love, let her know how serious you are.

#19 I know we just met, but I feel like I’ve been waiting all my life for you – Don’t be afraid to take it too quickly. If you know she is the one, let her know.

#20 I’ve never been the sappy type, but you just bring it out in me

#21 If I could stop the world and stay right here with you now, I would

#22 You are beautiful – A simple statement, saying “beautiful”, “graceful”, or even “classy” is better than “you’re hot” any day.

#23 You give my life meaning

#24 What I do every day, all day, I do for you and us – If she’s upset that you have been working overtime or not around that much, let her know why you’ve been working so hard.

#25 You must be exhausted, you’ve been running through my mind all day – Okay, so it has been done before, but this phrase is a great way to make her smile after a long day.

#26 No one is perfect, but I would imagine you are as close as it gets

#27 You are the only one who “gets” me – Women want to feel like you have a special connection. If you feel one, let her know

#28 Can I hold your hand, and maybe your heart, forever?

#29 I was meant to be with you

#30 I never want to spend another night without loving you

#31 Even when we’re old and gray, you will still be the most beautiful thing in the world – Let her know that you love her internal beauty as much as her external.

#32 If there is a such thing as a soul mate I am certain you are mine

#33 Do you believe in love at first sight? I didn’t, but I do now! – If you just met her and want to get a chance to see her again, this may get her on board for another date.

#34 I remember the first time I laid eyes on you, it was instant love

#35 Your smile is the best high I’ve ever known

#36 I love you, forever

#37 I used to hope girls would leave in the morning, I hope you never leave me ever – If she knows that you used to be a player, let her know that your game days are over.

#38 Since I met you, I see color for the first time – Just tell her she makes everything more real and alive.

#39 I can’t wait for my family to meet you – If you are ready to take it to the next step but don’t want to scare her, try this phrase and see what her reaction is.

#40 Do you want to take this too fast? – This phrase can be both sweet or a great pick up line.

#41 No playing games unless it is monopoly…promise – If she is upset with you because you are taking things too slowly, try this game move.

#42 How did I exist without you next to me? I know, not happily

#43 You bring out the best in me – Every woman wants to bring out the best in the man they love. Let her know that she does.

#44 I love you more than I ever thought possible

#45 Now I get the “till death do us part” thing – If you want to give her a clue that you might be interested in the happily ever after, this phrase is the perfect, not too intimidating, first step.

#46 If I could build a perfect being, it would be you

#47 You are not only the person I share my bed with, you are my best friend – Girls want not just to be the person you sleep with but your best friend.

#48 One smile from you turns my whole day around

#49 Happy you; equals happy me

#50 If I live to be 100, I will spend it all trying to make you happy

#51 You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on – Girls still like to hear their sexy whether you are together for one day or one hundred years.

#52 We can take this as slow as you want, I’m not going anywhere

#53 You know when I love you most? When I don’t like you so much, cause I know I always want you around no matter what – Give her some security that she can’t run you off.

#54 Screw my friends, you are the most important thing in the world to me – Just once forget guys night out and put her first, you definitely won’t be sorry!

#55 You are my meaning of life

#56 I was missing something until I met you, now I am complete

#57 The house looks really nice, thank you for cleaning – Make sure to notice the small things she does and appreciate them verbally.

#58 My dreams are all filled with you

#59 I remember the first time I fell in love with you because I have been doing it over and over again ever since

#60 Thank you for waiting to meet me; life would’ve sucked if you chose someone else

#61 What can I do for you today? – Asking what you can do to make her life easier is so sweet!

#62 I had a bad day, but knowing I was coming home to you, made it bearable

#63 You look just as good going as you do coming, no lie

#64 I admire you – Girls want to be admired too.

#65 I thought I had this life thing figured out, then you came in to show me what was real….us

#66 You are better than a cold beer on a hot day

#67 If I had to choose you over anything, I’d always choose you

#68 I have many mistakes in my life, you will never be one of them

#69 I won the lottery when I met you

#70 You are way too good for me

#71 You are the only one who sees the bad in me and loves me anyway

#72 I will always and forever be here – She wants to know you have her back.

#73 I can’t imagine how guys who can’t have you, get over it

#74 Your love ravishes me, it is a power I can not resist

#75 If I could do one only do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be you

#76 You drive me crazy…in a good way

#77 I don’t know why you love me, but God am I grateful

#78 I watch you sleep sometimes pinching myself thinking it is a dream to have you next to me

#79 There is nothing on earth I need besides your love

#80 I will always do my best to make you happy, no matter what – This is the perfect makeup mantra.

#81 How you always know just the right things to do and say to make me so happy is beyond me

#82 I shudder to think how lonely I’d be if I never met you

#83 You make me want to be a better man

#84 If you and I are good, everything is good

#85 How was your day? Tell me all about it!

#86 If you are having a hard time standing, you can lean on me

#87 If life was a roller coaster I would go around with you forever – Let her know that even if things are rocky, you would still choose her.

#88 I couldn’t imagine being with one person forever, then I met you, and I can’t imagine not being with you forever

#89 I don’t know what I love most about you, the possibilities are endless

#90 You have a grace that I know is way too good for me – Let her know she is too good for you.

#91 How can I make you as happy as you make me?

#92 When you aren’t with me it is like something is missing

#93 I want to build my world around you because you are more core

#94 I want to be as selfless to you as you are to me – If she gives up a lot for you, let her know you notice.

#95 I am sorry I don’t say I love you as often as I should

#96 You are responsible for everything good in my life one way or another

#97 I would rather not live than ever live without you

#98 There is something about being with you that makes life worthwhile

#99 I don’t intend ever to let you go – This is the perfect way to say you are done looking around.

#100 If I could go back in time I would choose you over everyone else, every time

If you want to make the woman in your life happy, just a few simple words can do the trick. Choose the phrase that matches what is in your heart and warm hers by saying it aloud.


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