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How to Read Tarot With Playing Cards


Playing tarot cards is a fun way to spend your time. If you believe in them, you can also use tarot cards to tell your future and learn more about your current life. Unfortunately, few people have a tarot card deck just lying around. While you could head to the local spiritual shop to get a tarot card deck, it is far easier to just use a deck of cards that you have at home.

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Keep in mind that your attitude can affect the reading. Most tarot readings can be interpreted as positive or negative, but it is up to the interpreter. If you are in a bad mood, you might see dangers or negative influences that are not really there. Try to be positive as you interpret the reading and remember that these interpretations are supposed to help you live your life. You have to see the bright side in everything if you want to enjoy a good life, so don’t be too down on yourself. If you want a more in-depth, accurate reading, then consult a professional tarot reader to get your cards read.

Normally, a tarot card deck includes a set of cards called the Major Arcana. These cards help give added power and depth to the spread (layout) of the tarot cards. These qualities are not available when you are using playing cards instead.

With a deck of playing cards, you do not have images like the royal figures to guide your interpretation. With a deck of playing cards, you will only have the number and suits to guide your interpretation. We will cover the different ways that you can interpret your cards.

Numbers and Suits

The suits that you see on the playing cards are used to represent the suits that you use for tarot cards. To interpret these suits, read on.

Hearts: This corresponds to cups. It represents feelings, emotions and relationships.
Spades: This corresponds to swords. It symbolizes thinking and communication.
Diamonds: This represents pentacles. It represents the material world and practical things.
Clubs: This corresponds to wands. It represents action and creativity.

Spades are said to represent everything that connects to communication and thinking. Consider this to be “head-stuff” and brain-related. Things like lying, decision making, writing and studying would fall under the rule of spades.

Clubs are an active card set. They represent business, adventure and risk. They also symbolize competition, action and creativity.

Hearts relates to emotions and feelings. This one is easy to remember since hearts represents the heart. The cards within this suit show human emotions ranging from despair to joy. When you see hearts, it may also be connected to relationship because relationships are naturally imbued with a lot of feeling and emotion.

Diamonds represent practical matters. This suit may represent things like the practical needs pf work or the home. It may symbolize money, projects or anything that you can touch. Relationships show a practical viewpoint and may also represent health issues.

The Meaning of Numbers

Beyond the suits, your other way to interpret a deck of playing cards is through the numbers on the cards. While the meaning can vary slightly depending on the suit, each number carries a general meaning. Every attribute can have a positive and negative side to it. For example, the number five relates to disturbance. This could be a negative disturbance, or it could be a disturbance that brings an opportunity or change. Keep this in mind as you read tarot with playing cards.

Ace: Beginnings
Two: Balance
Three: Connection
Four: Stability
Five: Disturbance
Six: Harmony
Seven: Mystery
Eight: Movement
Nine: Growth
Ten: Completion

Using Numbers With the Suits

The next step in learning how to read tarot with playing cards is to use the numbers with the suits. The following descriptions are designed to help you interpret the cards. Your goal is to try to get the playing cards to tell a story. You basically link together the descriptions from the suits and numbers to create a story. You look at how each card may influence the other. You can develop this skill through practice, but it can take time.

The following descriptions are brief and just show the basic concept behind the cards. From the descriptions, you have to expand the meaning to create a story. Be creative and have fun with it.

Ace of Hearts: This represents a new friendship or a new romance.
Ace of Spades: This shows a new realization or insight.
Ace of Diamonds: This card represents a new job, project, win or home.
Ace of Clubs: This indicates a new business, a new idea or a fresh action.

Two of Hearts: This represents a deepening attraction.
Two of Spades: This shows a failure to communicate.
Two of Diamonds: This indicates waiting for resorts or trying to juggle resources.
Two of Clubs: This shows planning and preparation.

Three of Hearts: This shows joy in friendship, company or celebration.
Three of Spades: This indicates a misunderstanding or a miscommunication.
Three of Diamonds: This indicates teamwork or improving your skills.
Three of Clubs: This shows leadership and exploration.

Four of Hearts: This demonstrates apathy or a tendency to turn inwards.
Four of Spades: This indicates recovery, recuperation or contemplation.
Four of Diamonds: This demonstrates a tendency to be miserly or possessive.
Four of Clubs: This represents a rest from action or a goal successfully achieved.

Five of Hearts: This shows despair or loss.
Five of Spades: This demonstrates a hollow victory. It could also represent dishonor or discord.
Five of Diamonds: This demonstrates a loss of a job, money or possessions.
Five of Clubs: This indicates disagreement, irritation or competition.

Six of Hearts: This shows nostalgia, childhood or good memories. It may represent an old friendship resuming again.
Six of Spades: This shows moving on, mentally getting to a better place or travel.
Six of Diamonds: This demonstrates a pay increase or obtaining new resources. It may indicate giving or receiving money.
Six of Clubs: This shows achievement, victory or passing an exam.

Seven of Hearts: This demonstrates wishful thinking or daydreaming. It may represent an upcoming choice.
Seven of Spades: This shows theft, lying, irresponsibility or deceit.
Seven of Diamonds: This shows a turning point or reassessment. It may represent a mild dissatisfaction.
Seven of Clubs: This indicates conviction, defense or a strong belief.

Eight of Hearts: This shows leaving a love behind or making a hard choice. It may represent an emotional detachment.
Eight of Spades: This shows powerlessness or an illusion about being trapped.
Eight of Diamonds: This indicates paying attention to detail. It means focus and practice.
Eight of Clubs: This may mean a pregnancy or organization. It could mean moving quickly with something.

Nine of Hearts: This shows sensual pleasure, satisfaction or spiritual growth.
Nine of Spades: This demonstrates nightmares, worry, problems or guilt.
Nine of Diamonds: This card indicates an increase in wealth, independence or self-reliance.
Nine of Clubs: This shows physical strength or endurance. It indicates a continuing battle.

Ten of Hearts: This shows joy, contentment, family or fulfillment.
Ten of Spades: This shows martyrdom, giving up or being a victim.
Ten of Diamonds: This shows family property, great wealth or inheritance.
Ten of Clubs: This demonstrates responsibility, carry a burden or debt.

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Interpreting the Court Cards

The court cards can be interpreted as representing a personality trait or a person. You have to understand the context of the reading to really get what it means.

Jack of Hearts: This means things like romantic, falls in love easily or a chatterbox.
Jack of Spades: This shows fighting for a cause, rebel, political or intellectual.
Jack of Diamonds: This represents things like hard-working, hidden depths, reliable or quiet.
Jack of Clubs: This demonstrates hot-headed, athletic, unreliable or risk taker.

Queen of Hearts: This indicates dependent, emotional or empathetic.
Queen of Spades: This demonstrates ruthless, sharp, organized, intelligent or insightful.
Queen of Diamonds: This embodies practical, motherhood, warm and dependable.
Queen of Clubs: This represents qualities like career-minded, disorganized, energetic and untidy.

King of Hearts: This shows diplomatic, wise, tolerant, patient and feeling.
King of Spades: This means communicators, introspective, stern or ethical.
King of Diamonds: This represents qualities like self-made or jolly. It may show an encouraging business owner or someone enjoying the fruits of their labor.
King of Clubs: This shows entrepreneurial charisma, creativity, forceful natures or hot-tempered attitudes.

If the Joker appears, it basically equals the tarot card’s fool. This means it represents unlimited potential. It could mean taking a major risk, but having the trust that everything will turn out well. If it is the wrong way up, it can show a reverse meaning of foolishness or folly.


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