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Taurus Man in Love


Dedication and loyalty are the name of the game for a Taurus man in love. Once he has set his sights on a goal, he will work with exceptional persistence to achieve it. His personality is calm and steady. While some people think that a Taurus man is shy, he can still be quite a charmer. When ladies get to know the Taurus man in love, they are naturally drawn in by his personal charm and hard-working nature. This is the type of guy who is perfect for a committed relationship. One of his major goals in life is to find the right woman and set up a comfortable home. He is the type of guy that is great for raising a family. Once he loves someone, he is completely dedicated to making them happy.

The Type of Woman Who Works Best With a Taurus Man in Love

Being in a relationship with a Taurus man is quite enjoyable. He is a loving, romantic guy. While he might not dream up over-the-top romantic gestures, he does little acts of kindness every day to let you know how he feels. Because of his kind heart and steadfast nature, he works well with a woman who appreciates his acts of kindness and sensual nature. He is not looking for a loud, opinionated partner because he naturally shies away from arguments and strife.

This is not a man who will ever understand hints. If you want your Taurus to do something, your best option is to just tell him what you want. One of his biggest goals is to make you happy, so he will most likely give you whatever he asks. If you try to hint or be coy about what you want, good luck. A Taurus man wants a woman who is upfront about what she wants and never plays games with him. If there is a problem, he will want you to calmly tell him about it so that he can work toward finding a solution.

A Taurus Man in a Relationship

A Taurus man can be extremely fun in a relationship. He is the type of guy who will open doors for you on the first date and give you an old-fashioned is on the cheek at the end of the date. Once he finds the right woman, he gives her his undivided attention. At times, his love and affection can be almost suffocating. Like everything else, he pursues with a relentless persistence. If he is determined to win your love, it will probably happen.

While he may occasionally date around, this is not the kind of guy who will jump into anything. One of the reasons the Taurus man works so well with the Aries woman is because of her impulsiveness. A Taurus man rarely starts a new project, but he is the type of guy who will steadfastly work to finish one. He needs a woman who will catalyze new things, and he will be more than happy to provide the follow through.

When you are wooed by a Taurus man, expect it to take some time. He would much rather take things slowly and see where the relationship goes. If you like rushed romances and love at first sight, he is probably not the guy for you. It takes time for him to realize if you are right for him, so be patient.

Once you are in a relationship, you can enjoy having an extremely loving man at your side. He will do little things to make you happy. Expect romantic dinners, thoughtful gifts or flowers. Whether he is planning a romantic getaway or cooking a candlelight dinner, your pleasure and happiness are at the top of his mind. His goal is to surprise you with kindness and romance so that you are as much in love with him as he is with you.

Another positive quality about the Taurus man in love is his consistency. If he has decided that you are the one, he is unlikely to cheat. He would rather create a stable, loving relationship that he can depend on. In return, he expects the same of you. A Taurus man can’t understand why someone would not be steadfast or loyal, so never cheat on him. If you do, his trust will be broken and it can take him years to overcome that sense of betrayal. He places you first in all things, so he just assumes that you would do the same thing.

The only downside to the Taurus man in a relationship is his temper. Luckily, he is not someone who angers easily. If you do get him angry, watch out. He can also be a bit jealous at times, and he is the type of guy who likes reassurances of his love. As long as you do not do anything to make him jealous and are a good partner, you probably won’t have to see his green-eyed monster come out.

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The Downsides to a Taurus Man in Love

Like any zodiac sign, there are some negatives associated with the Taurus man in love. The most common complain is his stubbornness. While he respects your right to have your own opinion, he disagrees with it. You can try brilliant arguments and sensual persuasion, but you will never, ever change his mind once he has decided on something. For the most part, this is not a major problem. If you break up though, watch out. If he has made up his mind to leave, nothing can convince him otherwise.

Another downside, as we mentioned before, is his jealousy. He can be a bit possessive of his partner. When he is not a self-evolved Taurus, this can spiral into controlling before. With his passion and intense love, controlling his jealousy can be difficult at times.

A Taurus man is stubborn and persistent, which is one of the reasons why he is so goal-oriented. While this can be a good thing, it can also mean that he acts selfishly. He has decided on what he wants, and he is going to go for it. He won’t realize the consequences to anyone else or that he is even being selfish. In the worst cases, this can make him seem narcissistic and rude. If you do point this out to him, the situation will generally improve. After all, his main goal is to make you happy. If you calmly explain how his selfish behavior hurts you, he will bashfully try to make amends and get back on track.

A Taurus Man in the Bedroom

Family guy and hard-working might describe the Taurus man, but don’t let those adjectives fool you. While he might be a soccer dad in the making, he is extremely sensual in the bedroom. Women who sleep with a Taurus man are often surprised by how passionate and sensual he can be. To the rest of the world, he seems like a calm, collected man. Once you get him in bed, his unbridled passion takes hold. He does not view sex as a moment or passionate outburst. For your Taurus, making love is an event that takes hours. He absolutely hates to be rushed.

This does not mean that he is a selfish lover—far from it! In reality, his main goal is to please you. If you want hours of foreplay and gentle caresses, he will treat you like a goddess. Like a sculpture, he will discover every crevice of your body and make it his own. Just don’t expect him to do it quickly because he won’t.


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