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Taurus Woman in Love


A Taurus woman in love is a blend of sensuality, loyalty and passion. While she might seem calm and relaxed to the rest of the world, she is a lioness in the bedroom. Despite her passionate lovemaking, she is not someone who falls fast or easily. She needs to know that she has absolutely found the right partner before she can commit. Once she does commit, she is in the relationship for good. This is not a sign that bounces from partner to partner. A Taurus woman craves companionship, a family and a committed relationship. She won’t settle with just anyone, but she does want to settle down and have a cozy home someday.

A Taurus woman wants to be loved tenderly and passionately. This zodiac sign has a tendency to be a little jealous, so she needs a bit of reassurance to really trust you. She has a deep-rooted fear of being hurt by her lover, so don’t betray her trust. If you betray or cheat on a Taurus woman, it can take months or years to slowly earn her trust back.

The Taurus Woman in Love

If you are extremely masculine, it might cause some problems in your relationship. The Taurus woman is a blend of compassion and femininity. She is an exceptionally loving partner who goes out of her way to make your life as easy as possible. Unless you are particularly observant, you might not notice the small things she does everyday. Notes in your lunchbox, clean dishes or love letters can get lost in the shuffle, so the Taurus woman is often taken advantage of.

When you are with a Taurus woman, you need to be gentle and respect her feelings. Don’t take her for granted. She is the type of woman who wants to know that she is loved and appreciated. While she doesn’t want to be protected, she does actually need protection at times. Be gentle and respectful to her to keep her happy.

This type of woman is known for being practical and reliable. Her gentle nature is balanced by an intense inner strength. In many cases, she won’t even realize how strong she can be until she is forced to. Once she falls in love, the Taurus woman is completely committed. She is the type of partner who is unlikely to cheat. Once she has decided that you are the one for her, she will move heaven and earth to make you happy.

While there are certainly a number of good things about dating a Taurus woman, there are some potential pitfalls to watch out for. She has a natural fear of emotional pain and betrayal. Because of this, she can seem distant and difficult to reach at times. If she has been betrayed before, it might take her time to grow comfortable with you and open up.

The Taurus Woman in the Bedroom

This is a sign that is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, femininity and sexuality. As such, most Taurus women are exceptionally sensual. She is all about the five senses. If you want to make her happy in the bedroom, give her gentle caresses and loving kisses. Please her senses by lighting candles, playing romantic music and leaving rose petals on her pillow. She likes to orgasm and make love, but she wants it to be a sensual adventure.

For a Taurus woman, lovemaking is not just about the sex. For her, it is an intimate bond and a way to connect as partners. She wants to feel an emotional connection in bed as well as a physical connection. If she is not happy with her sex life, then she may become distant and cold. Unfortunately, this does not mean that she will actually change things or end the relationship. The Taurus woman is quite loyal and stubborn, so she tends to stick with things longer than necessary. It takes a lot to change her mind, so she can be unhappy sexually or romantically for a while before she decides that it is time to move on.

A Taurus Woman in a Relationship

Out of all the zodiac, the Taurus is one of the most feminine, tender signs. She wants to be loved and cared for, but she also wants to love and care for other people. Initially, she will most likely keep her distance. Trust has to be earned, and she is hesitant to commit to anyone that she does not trust fully. Once you do earn her love and trust, she will open up and become a committed partner. She is stable, clear and compassionate.

Some people say that the Taurus is boring, but nice. This stems from the fact that she doesn’t need anything more than you and her family to be happy. Once she finds the right person, she is completely fine with curling up for a weekend of Netflix and cuddles. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that she is actually boring. She knows what she wants and is an interesting person—she just doesn’t need a constant stream of adventures or thrill-seeking to prove it.

Dating a Taurus Woman

Once you have earned her trust, you’re in. A Taurus woman does not need fancy dinners or amazing gestures to fall in love with you. If you want to make her happy, pick a romantic restaurant that serves delicious food. A Taurus is all about the senses, so fine dining is often enjoyed by this sign. While she might not need an over-the-top romance, she will appreciate romantic gestures and little kindnesses. When she is cold, give her your jacket. Bring her flowers or write her a cute love poem to show how much you care.

When you are dating a Taurus woman, expect a fairly traditional relationship. In general, she will probably be fine with you taking the lead. She is capable of leading and can be assertive, but she generally does not have a problem with being a follower as well. A Taurus woman does like to be reassured of your love, so give her compliments and show how much you love her. Expensive gifts are less important than thoughtful gives because thoughtful gifts show that you care and truly understand her.

If you want your relationship to succeed, you should never, ever promise something that you cannot do. She is fine if you don’t make promises, but she will hate empty promises with a passion. She is someone who is exceptionally loyal and steadfast for her mate. If you give her empty promises or stand her up, you may have ruined your relationship potential forever. If you are unable to be on time for a date, make sure to call her.

While a Taurus woman rarely gets angry, this does not mean that she won’t. She is slow to anger, but is a fiery lion when she is enraged. She will listen to reason though, so be calm and listen to her needs when she is upset. If she feels like you understand what she wants and want to help, she will calm down. If you really need to make up for a transgression, plan a romantic getaway to a hotel or take her to the beach. As an Earth sign, the Taurus woman loves being close to nature and in the great outdoors.


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