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Teeth Breaking Dream


If you have a teeth breaking dream or a dream about your teeth falling out, should you be concerned? Is it a sign of what your future has in store for you?

Before you can really figure out what the dream means, you have to look at the overall situation and who is involved in the dream. Are your teeth breaking on your own? Was it an accident? Did a friend or an enemy break your teeth? You should also consider how you felt in the dream because this could indicate how you should interpret the actual event.


What Does a Teeth Breaking Dream Mean?

To many people, a dream about losing or breaking your teeth demonstrates a sense of insecurity or anxiety. It may also mean a sense of loss. This could be a loss of someone or something you care about. It could also be a figurative loss of something you care about or want to achieve. For example, you may have a dream about your teeth breaking after someone else is chosen for a promotion instead of you.

In many cultures, teeth are a symbol of transformation and power. When an animal displays their teeth, it can be a sign of aggression and a threat. If you lose your teeth, it could indicate that you subconsciously feel like you are impotent and no longer a threat. You may also feel as if something is de-fanging you in your real life so that you cannot put your plans into action.

Teeth are also a representation of happiness in Western cultures. We smile at our friends and to show strangers that we mean no harm. If your teeth are broken, it may mean that you feel as if this friendly attitude is gone from your life and your goodwill was broken by others. It may also mean that you feel like someone or something has taken away your own personal happiness.

What Does a Broken or Chipped Tooth Mean in a Dream?

Another common dream involves having a chipped, broken or crooked tooth. According to some dream interpreters, chipped, crooked and broken teeth represent someone being uneducated or poor. The individual may also be embarrassed about their financial or academic past, so they dreamed that they have a chipped tooth.

Some people will have this kind of dream when they are trying to fit in with a new crowd or start a new job. They are not used to how other people act in this new setting, so they may feel like they are not smart enough, attractive enough or rich enough to fit in. Because of these insecurities, they ended up having a dream that their teeth were broken.

Sometimes, crooked teeth also show that you need to straighten something out or figure it out. It may also show a desire to become perfect, but the slightest thing like a crooked tooth holds you back. Until you can accept that you—and everyone in the world—have imperfections, you may continue to have this kind of dream.

Breaking Something of Value

One common meaning behind a teeth breaking dream is that you are breaking or losing something of value. Obviously, your teeth represent your looks and physical attractiveness, but they also represent so much more. You require your teeth to digest food and to enjoy your meals. They help you to smile at a friend and snarl at an enemy. If you were to break your teeth, you would lose your culinary options, digestive ability and social connections.

Because of this, a dream about your teeth breaking often symbolizes that you have lost something of true value. You may have lost a friend or broken up with an ex. At some point, your subconscious mind realized that you have lose something valuable that you can never get back. Your subconscious mind is trying to send you nudges through your dreams so that you realize what you have lost before it is too late.

Other Teeth Dream Meanings

There are a number of other common teeth dream meanings that may apply to your situation. Keep in mind that each person is unique and has a different set of experiences, so the exact meaning can vary.

Pulling Teeth: Pulling teeth in your dreams tends to show that you are being forced into a situation that you do not feel comfortable with.

Crumbling Teeth: Often, this dream means that you fear the signs of aging and are uncomfortable about the idea of getting older.

Losing Your Teeth When you have a dream about losing your teeth, it often means that you feel a sense of powerlessness. You may feel as if you do not have control of your own life or the ability to get what you want out of your goals for the future.