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200 Terms Of Endearment List For Her


Finding a nickname for your beautiful girlfriend can be troublesome and tiring. So tiring that you may have had to hop on the internet and search for a term of endearment that fits her perfectly.

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

You probably don’t want to give her a boring old name that you hear everyone else call their boo. Instead you want something that perfectly fits her and her personality as a whole. Something that really just feels… right. Well, if that is what you’re looking for, you’ve certainly come to the right website. This article is dedicated to showing you 200 wonderful, unique terms of endearment for her. Each one will have a description along with them to help you choose the best one for your girlfriend or wife. Trust us when we say we have every name you could possibly want to see on this list! By the end you will have picked out the best name for your partner and we guarantee you’ll both be happy with it!

Check out this list of 200 terms of endearment for her and find the perfect name right now!

  • Angel

You may think of your girlfriend or wife as the angel who saved your life. If so, this might just be the term of endearment for you!

  • Angel Eyes

Does she have the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen? Almost like an angel? You could call her angel eyes from now on.

  • Angel Face

Or if she has the most perfect, angelic face then you might want to start calling her a name that fits it. Such as angel face!

  • Apple

Well an apple is an apple, but we sure think it makes a very cute nickname for your lover.

  • Apple Pie

And what is even cuter than the simple apple? Why apple pie, of course!

  • Amoret

Amoret refers to a sweetheart or glamourous girl. Why wouldn’t she love this term of endearment? It’s simple and beautiful

  • Aynaya

The Arabic word for “My Eyes”.

  • Aphrodite

Like the beautiful Goddess of ancient Greek mythology.

  • Awesome Sauce

Because if she is truly awesome, she deserves to know each and every day, doesn’t she?

  • Babe

A classic term, but one that is still adorable and is very versatile.

  • Baby

Or you could go even more traditional when finding a name for you girl and use something like baby.

  • Baby Face

Does she have a younger looking face or maybe chubby cheeks that you just want to pinch? You could call her baby face!

  • Baby Girl

Another classic nickname that we simply love. Keep it simple and short and to the point with this one.

  • Baby Doll

Baby doll is a common term of endearment that men use on their partners. Always has been and always will be.

Sweet Nicknames Your Wife Might Actually Like

  • Berry

Like the delicious fruit! We love it!

  • Boo

Boo is another well known affectionate term that people use on other people when they are in relationships with them. It can be used for a guy OR a girl.

  • Bae

Ah, yes, the newest addition to the term of endearment dictionary. Bae is a shortened way of saying babe and very well liked among couples.

  • Beautiful

Obviously you think that your girlfriend or wife is very beautiful. So why not make it apparent by calling her so every single day?

  • Banana

A yellow fruit, but also a cute nickname for the person that you love. Terms of endearment can be beautiful or funny. This one is definitely more funny, but we thought it worthwhile to throw in the list.

  • Blondie

For those of you with blonde girlfriend’s out there. Blondie is the perfect fit for them.

  • Blue Eyed Babe

Beautiful blue eyes should be complimented every day. Why not call her your blue eyed babe?

  • Boo Bear

It’s cute, so why not use it?

  • Bear

She may be cuddly, but piss her off and she turns into a total grump. If that description fits her, go ahead and start calling her bear.

  • Bunny

Bunnies are cute and quiet creatures. So if she is cute and quiet, bunny might be for her.

  • Bootylicious

This one, we hope, is self explanatory!

  • Brown Eyed Girl

Does she have brown eyes, not blue? Call her brown eyed girl instead.

  • Bubbles

This is a great term of endearment for her if she has a bubbly, positive personality.

  • Buttercup

This is just a classic term that people use on their partners. We think it’s totally adorable!

  • Barbie Doll

This one is for all those picture perfect women out there! The ones that truly look like barbies.

  • Bella

In Spanish it means beautiful! How romantic is that?

Best and Worst Terms of Endearment for Your Girlfriend

  • Babette

This is a cute French term of endearment! Pronounced bah bet.

  • Beauty

It’s okay to keep your nickname for her simple, too. Something like beauty is a classic, but still well loved by those it is used on. It reminds her how highly you think of her on a daily basis.

  • Booger

She might be annoying, A.K.A a booger, but at least she’s your booger, right?

  • Bee

Like a cute little bumble bee.

  • Buddy

This term is used more than you would think. Let her know that she is your best friend by calling her buddy.

  • Care Bear

Care bear is a great name to use on something with a caring personality.

  • Cutie Pie

Nothing better than always having a cutie pie around!

  • Cutie

You might think your partner is the cutest girl in the world. So call her cutie!

  • Cuddle Bug

A perfect term of endearment for someone who is very intimate and cuddly.

  • Cookies And Cream

One of the most delicious combinations there ever was.

  • Chica

Spanish for girl or chick! We like it!

  • Chickie

Like the fluffy little baby chicken!

  • Cherie

Another beautiful sounding French term for you to use if you would like.

  • Cupcake

If she is sweet and colorful in personality, you may want to think about using cupcake as your term towards her.

  • Cherry

Cherries are luscious, juicy and beautiful. Does that sum your partner up?

  • Cherry Pie

Or you could call her cherry pie if you want to add something extra!

  • Cariad

The Welsh translation for this is love. We think it makes a great pet name for her.

  • Chakkara

It means sugar in Malayalam.

  • Cielo

This one is Heaven in Spanish. So if she is your little piece of heaven you could call her cielo.

Or mi cielo.

  • Cheesey

Is she a little corny? You might consider calling her cheesey.

  • Chub

Now be careful with this one. She might take it the wrong way, but if you know that she won’t then we suggest using it.

  • Cat

Does she love cats? She might love this term being used on her!

  • Crazy

This is another one that you might have to be cautious with. Not everyone enjoys being called crazy. However, if you know she already knows she’s a bit weird, then go ahead and start using it.

  • Crazy Hot

Most likely she won’t object to being called crazy hot.

  • Darling

No explanation really needed for this one. Just another classic term of endearment.

  • Doll

Does she remind you of a beautiful, perfect doll? If you answered yes, this is the perfect term for you.

  • Doll Face

Another way to let her know that you think she is perfect.

  • Dork

She may be a little dorky, but at least she is your dork.

  • Dear

A term commonly used between lovers.

  • Dearie

A spin on the term dear.

  • Delicious Girl

She may taste good to you and therefore she would be a delicious girl!

  • Dutchess

Treat her like royalty by calling her something like Dutchess.

  • Diamond

Does her personality shine bright like a diamond? Well, you might have found your name.

  • Ducky

Like a cute baby duckling.

  • Dreamer

If she always has her head in the clouds, you could call her a dreamer.

  • Dream Girl

She might be your dream girl that you have always wanted. So let her know by using this pet name!

romantic terms of endearment

  • Dreamy

Another way of letting her know that she is your perfect woman.

  • Dulce

Spanish for sweet.

  • Dove

Like the beautiful, romantic bird.

  • Ditz

For those out there that are just a little ditzy.

  • Doe

As in a female deer. It also makes for a cute term of endearment.

  • Debutante

A great nickname for someone who has high standards and acts like a lady at all times.

  • Delish

Short for delicious.

  • Everything

As in your everything. Everything you have wanted in life!

  • Evil

Or you could try to be funny with her and call her something like evil!

  • Firecracker

A great term for someone with a lot of spunk in their attitude.

  • Fire Starter

You could use this on her if she is someone who is more of a go-getter.

  • Fierce One

Fierce personalities call for fierce nicknames from our lovers.

  • Freckle Face

An obviously good choice for someone who is covered in freckles. But make sure she knows you are not making fun of them, but highlighting them and how beautiful they make her look.

  • Fruit Loop

She might be a little fruity, but you can turn it into something cute like fruit loop.

  • Flower

Like a beautiful plant.

  • Fleur

The French word for flower.

  • Flor

The Spanish word for flower.  

  • Fluffy

Just a cute nickname you could use on your girlfriend or wife. It just has a nice ring to it.

  • Favorite

Why not let her know that she is your favorite thing about life?

  • Fruit Ball

Another cute way of letting her know you think she’s a little strange, but in a good way.

  • Fresh Face

Perfect for someone who is always fresh and ready to face the world.

  • Fav

A shortened way of letting her know that she is your favorite person.

  • Gorgeous

Letting her know that you think she’s pretty is important. So try out something like gorgeous and see how she likes it.

  • Glory

She might be glorious in your eyes, so why not let her know every day?

  • Green Eyes

For someone with green eyes!

  • Greatest

Because you think that she is the greatest being that ever lived!

  • Gum Drop

A gum drop may be a candy, but it also makes for a super duper cute term of endearment you can use on her.

  • Ginger

We suggest using this one if she has ginger colored hair! As long as she doesn’t mind that is.

  • Graceful

A great pet name for a girl who is very graceful and poised.

  • Goddess

She could have beauty like the ancient Greeks. So you could  call her goddess as a nickname.

  • Gem Stone

Does she remind you of a gem? Call her gemstone!

  • Goldie Locks

A wonderful name to use on someone with beautiful blonde hair!

  • Great One

Another way to let her know that you think she is just the greatest.

  • Gentle One

A great name for someone with a gentle soul.

  • Heaven

She might be heaven on Earth to you and if she is, call her accordingly.

  • Halo

Does she remind you of an angel? Call her halo as a term of endearment.

  • Honey

Honey is commonly used between partners. Even though it’s very well known, we still think it belongs on this list.

  • Honey Bear

Is honey too boring for you? You could test out honey bear instead.

  • Honey Bee

Or honey bee.

  • Honey Bunch

Or honey bunch!

  • Hottie

You probably think she’s hot if you are dating her. So tell her that when you call her out!

  • Hot Stuff

Another name that lets her know you think she is smoking!

  • Hot Mama

Perfect for the mother of your child.

  • Huckleberry

Just an adorable term for you to use on the love of your life.

  • Hipster

She may always try to keep up with new trends. That may be grounds for calling her hipster as a nickname.

  • Happiness

If she makes you happy, call her your happiness.

  • Happy Face

Is she happy a majority of the time? Does she always have a smile on her face? Call her happy face!

  • Holiness

A name made for those who are very dedicated to their religions.

  • Hater

Careful with this one!

  • Hop

For somebody who always loves to have a good time. No matter what the situation!

  • Heel Queen

She may earn this name if she is always rockin’ heels.

  • Inamorata

This is an Italian based word that means to fall in love. We think it makes for a fine pet name.

  • Iris

A beautiful flower.

  • Jolly

For a girl with a neverending perfect mood!

Terms of Endearment from Around the World

  • Joy

Another great way to compliment her optimistic persona.

  • June Bug

June bugs might actually be a little gross, but the name is so cute that we couldn’t resist adding it on her.

  • Jewel

Like the precious stone.

  • Jaws

A great term for someone who is always yapping, but in a way that you don’t mind.

  • Joker

Does she love to joke all the time? Well, you’ve found your perfect name then, haven’t you?

  • Kooky

Kooky and crazy fun loving people deserve this nickname.

  • Kid

You might want to poke a little fun at her if she is a little younger than you and call her kid.

  • Kind Heart

Those with passionate and empathetic hearts can earn this term of endearment.

  • Kitten

Like the adorable baby cat.

  • Kitty

A shortened term for kitten. Which we think makes it an even cuter term.

  • Killer

A cute way to let her know she is a total badass.

  • Klepto

For a girlfriend or wife that is always taking your stuff!

  • Kindred

A great name for a kindred spirit.

  • Lover

Looking for something more traditional? Lover may just  be just the name for you to use on your partner.

  • Love Bug

A cute and affectionate term.

  • Lovey Dovey

A great term to use on someone that you are head over heels for.

  • Lucky Charm

You might feel as if she brings you good luck. Therefore you could call her your lucky charm.

  • Lovely

For a girlfriend or wife that always looks lovely in every way.

  • Lady Bug

Lady bugs are kind of cute, but what’s even cuter is their name!

  • Lady

A wonderful term for someone who is well mannered and proper.

  • Lioness

As in the beautiful, strong creature of the wild.

  • Lucious

Whether she has luscious hair or luscious lips, this is a great pet name.  

  • Lily Pad

A cute nickname, even if she isn’t named Lily.

  • Light Of My Soul

For a girl that is truly the center of your whole universe. One that really brings passion into your life.

  • Lovebird

You might love using this term of endearment on her! Try it out!

  • Loco Lady

If she’s a little crazy, it’s okay, just call her loco lady and laugh it off.

  • Missus

A cute way of reminding her she’s not married to you… Yet.

  • Missy

Or shorten it up and call her missy.

  • Messy

Or if she is a little messy, let her know by using it as her nickname.

  • Mistress

Do you like a little roleplaying? Get hot and steamy with this pet name.

What Are the Most Popular Terms of Endearment

  • Ma’m

Or be proper and stiff with something casual like ma’m.

  • Miss Wonderful

It will surely warm her heart if you call her something like this every day.

  • My Juliet

You could be Romeo and she could be your Juliet.

  • Muffin

A delicious pastry that also doubles as a cute pet name for your girlfriend.

  • Mine

Because she is all yours, duh!

  • My Girl

Another way of claiming her as your lover.

  • My Dear
    A simple way of saying the above again.
  • Mi Amor

My love in Spanish.

  • Mi Carina

This one means my dear in Spanish. How beautiful!

  • Mamacita

For a sexy lady!

  • Mami

A Spanish slang term used on sexy ladies.

  • Mi Corazon

It means my heart in Spanish. And it’s a good way of letting her know she has your heart.

  • My Passion

An even better way of letting her know that she has your heart.

  • My Only

A sweet reminder she is the only one that you have eyes for.

  • Only One

Or, if you don’t think the previous one rolls of the tongue well enough, try only one instead.

  • One And Only

And if that one didn’t do it, try this one on for size. You can always test out all three and see which one you like the most.

  • Peachy

For your girlfriend with a positive attitude.

  • Peaches

This is a fruit, but it also makes for a great term of endearment. What isn’t to love about it?

What Are the Most Popular Terms of Endearment

  • Precious

Because she is precious to you. More precious than anything!

  • Princess

She may be a princess to you, so let her know by calling her one as a term of endearment!

  • Princessa

The Spanish word for princess, but it really has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

  • Pumpkin

We love this cute pet name!

  • Pet

You could also just call her pet and leave it at that. It’s typically a term of endearment in Great Britain.

  • Pretty

A pretty name for a pretty girl.

  • Queen

If she is the queen to your kingdom, we suggest calling her queen itself.

  • Queen Bee

Does she have great leadership qualities? You could possibly call her queen bee if so.

  • Quiet One

For the partners out there that stay shy and quiet.

  • Ruby

Like the beautiful gem.

  • Red

This is generally a term used on those with red hair! Or if she has a nasty temper.

  • Richy

Does she save up in the bank? Maybe she’s rich. Use that to create your nickname for her!

  • Sapphire

Sapphires are beautiful. If your girlfriend or wife is beautiful, you may want to start calling her sapphire.

  • Sexy

A simple way to let her know that she never fails to turn you on.

  • Sexy Mama

As said above, but also if she has children.

  • Sugar

Is she sweet like sugar?

  • Sugar Plum

An even sweeter way to let her know you think she is perfect.

  • Symphony

Her voice may be music to your ears.

  • Star

For her if she always seems to shine bright.

  • Sugar Lips

You could let her know you think kisses are the sweetest by calling her sugar lips.

  • Star Shine

For someone with a bright, bold personality.

  • Sweetheart

It may be simple, but we still adore this one with our whole hearts!

  • Sweetie Pie

For someone with a kind, timid persona.

  • Turtle Dove

Turtle doves are gorgeous. Why not use this cute name as a term of endearment?

  • Turtle

Turtles are cute and so is their name!

  • The Mrs

Do you plan on making her your wife someday soon? Start calling her Mrs. now if you would like! Why not?

  • Tiny

For someone with a tiny physique.

  • Tinker Bell

Like the beautiful Disney fairy from Peter Pan.

  • Wonderful

Call her what she is- Wonderful!

  • Wonder Woman

If she is motivated and strong willed, you could call her wonder woman.

  • Wifey

If you didn’t like The Mrs., but you like the idea of what it means, you could try wifey instead.

  • Wise One

She might be full of wisdom. Therefore she would be a wise one.


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