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8 Basic Rules For Texting Girls


So, you like a girl and you want to chat with her. You make your move, you two speak and exchange numbers. Great, you’ve passed the initial stage. Now, it’s time to get yourself on a date with her. You may think this part will be easy, but it can actually be quite difficult. If you want to land a date with her, you’re going to have to impress her enough over text, that she wants to actually go out and invest her time with you. This means you need to know how to text. I know, you probably know how to text, but do you know how to text a girl you’re interested in? It’s not the same as sending bathroom selfies to your friends, you’re going to have to approach this differently. So, let’s get you familiarised with the rules for texting girls.

Speak properly

You’ll be surprised how having correct grammar can influence whether or not a girl will go on a date with you. If you write properly, your texts will come off as mature and intelligent – two things women are looking for in a man. Don’t write “lol,” “brb,” “Idk” – you’re not sixteen. Write out a full sentence, I mean, you’re not wasting that much time. Before you send it, make sure you re-read it and check for grammar, yeah, if you feel like you’re back in school, well, you are.

Don’t go wild with the smileys

They’re cute and I’m not saying you cannot use them, but don’t go too crazy with them. You can add a smiley face or a wink to change the vibe of the message, that’s all good, but if every second word has a smiley beside it, it’s too much. Don’t kill the message, you want her to be able to read it easily, not decipher a code. If you’re not sure how much is too much, watch her texts – is huge on wink faces? Then you can use some. If not, then you don’t have to. Mirror the format of her messages if you’re unsure of what to do.

Take it easy with the texts

No one likes feeling pressure, no matter who you are.  You cannot flood her with texts. This is applying pressure to her, pressure she doesn’t want. If she is interested, she’ll text you back, trust me. If she doesn’t text you back within two minutes of you sending her a text, don’t worry, she has her own life. She may be working, studying, with her friends – you don’t know her daily schedule. Now, if she doesn’t reply to you until the next day, you should take that as a hint that maybe she’s not actually that interested. Instead, back off and stop texting.

Don’t only text her at night

Texting her after work is fine, but if you’re only texting her at 11 pm, well, she’s not stupid, she knows it’s a booty call. Even if it’s not a booty call, don’t send her a text late at night.  If you’re drinking, well, we all know what I’m about to say – do not text her. Whatever you have to tell her at midnight, you can wait until the morning.

Keep the texts short

No one wants to read an essay about what you did today. If you’re getting into large paragraphs, then why don’t you just call her or send her a voice message? It’s much easier. No matter if it’s your first text to her, keep it short and to the point. You don’t have to explain to her who you are, she probably knows. Just sign your name at the end of the text and that should do. Don’t feed her with this long, sappy text about how she made you feel. Ask her a question and see if the ball starts rolling.

Talk with respect

It’s easy, if you want her to respect you and see you as a man, you need to show respect. Don’t start a text by saying, “hi there sexy,” you’re not seventeen. You need to talk to her and treat her as a human being because she is one. If you talk to her like she’s your eighth side chick, well, you’re not going to get much of a response. Can you blame her? Exactly. Keep it clean, if she gets a little flirty or dirty, then feel free to tests the waters. Don’t be scared to test the waters, however, don’t overstep your boundaries.

No crack texting

What is cracking texting exactly? Crack texting is when you send someone multiple texts, sending a sentence or two per text, basically blabbing on until she responds. You’re not going to get a response. It’s as simple as that. She knows you’re into her or else you wouldn’t have texted her, so don’t suffocate her with continuous texts. She’ll take that as a warning sign and run in the opposite direction. So, if you text her, wait until she replies. If she doesn’t reply, wait a day or two until you text her again.

Have a goal

You can start off your texts very casual, talking about last night or movies, etc. But you need to keep the goal in mind. You need to know why you’re texting her. So, when the conversation comes to a crucial point, you’re not just blabbing on while she loses interest. The point of you texting her is to ask her out. So, always keep that in mind. Don’t feel that you need to kill the flow of conversation to ask her out, but you can say, “We should talk about this over a beer.” That way, you show you’re still interested, however, want to see her in person instead.

So, now that you know what the rules are, it’s time you followed them. Take these rules seriously, they could make or break if you’re going to go on a date or not. So, have fun texting her, enjoy the conversation but keep these rules in mind.


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