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35 Good No Texting and Driving Slogans


Texting and driving can easily become as dangerous as drinking and driving. Over the last few years, there has been more research in this field that shows how dangerous. In states like Washington, texting and driving is even against the law. To help encourage people to do the right thing, here are some good no texting and driving slogans. These slogans will hopefully get people to stop and think before they text and drive.

texting while driving quotes

1. Friends don’t let friends text and drive. This is a good no texting and driving slogan.

2. Life is short…don’t make it shorter by texting and driving. The last thing you need is a car accident.

3. Arrive alive, don’t text and drive. Texting might take a moment, but that moment could take your life.

4. Texting and Driving: A Grave Mistake. This would work well with a grave or cemetery image.

5. My life is more important than your text. Hopefully, anyway.

6. Stay alive, don’t text & drive. This is a catchy slogan.

7. Don’t drive inTEXTicated. You wouldn’t drive intoxicated, so why would you drive inTEXTicated?

8. If you want to survive, don’t text and drive. Texting can take your life away if you let it.

9. Is your text more important than your life? Is it?

10. Texting and driving – There are stupider things, but it’s a very short list. That’s certainly the truth.

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11. It takes 3 seconds to view a text, and for a child to step into the road. Children have a bad habit of doing that.

12. Think texting and driving is NBD? It is always a big deal.

13. No text is worth a death. If you think your text is worth someone dying, you need to reevaluate your priorities.

14. Don’t tempt fate that text can wait. It definitely can.

15. Just because you have a smart phone it doesn’t mean it’s smart to text and drive. This is a bit too long to be memorable.

16. That text isn’t going anywhere, but your car is. And your car will keep going while you are sending that text.

17. Texting your life away just got literal. Uh-oh.

18. Help saves lives, don’t text and drive. You have the chance to save a life today, but you have to put your phone away.

19. Ain’t no survivin’ textin’ and drivin’ That’s true.

20. Save a life. Don’t text and drive. This is an easy, catchy slogan.

stop texting and driving quotes

21. Honk if you love Jesus. Text and drive if you want to meet him. I certainly don’t want to meet him yet!

22. Be careful, safety has no quitting time. If you can’t be safe while you drive, pull over.

23. Stop the texts and stop the wrecks! This one gets bonus points for rhyming.

24. Make your car a no phone zone. Put the phone away and live to text another day.

25. Don’t text yourself to death. Eek!

26. Put the phone down before you kill us both. Taking your own life would be bad enough, but how will you feel if your text kills someone else?

27. Texting and driving don’t mix. Nope, they don’t.

28. Smartphones stop being smart when you text and drive.That’s true.

29. Please don’t kill my family today, hang up the phone and put it away. This one gets bonus points for rhyming.

30. Texting and driving: slim chance of surviving. Rhyming slogans are extra catchy.

texting and driving quotes and sayings

31. If you want to talk later. Stop texting while driving. If you don’t wait to talk later, you might not be alive to talk at all.

32. Texting isn’t so cool if the crash makes you drool. This one sounds a little silly.

33. Let the message wait . . . control your fate. Excellent point.

34. Texting and driving equals crying and dying. Yes, they do.

35. Drive and text if you want your death to be next. True enough.


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