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40 Texts That Will Make Him Hard


Spicing things up in the bedroom is quite easy. The two of you have the opportunity to show, feel, touch and connect in person. However, we don’t always have the chance to physically be with the people we love (or lust for) at all times. This is often a problem when it comes to those of us in long distance relationships. It also poses a threat to people who have partners that go away quite often, whether on business or otherwise. You might find yourself suddenly missing something. You may lack a key ingredient to keep the bond with your lover strong. What’s that something? What is the missing ingredient?


Physical attraction is just as important as emotional connection in any relationship, whether an official one or just a friends with benefits type of deal.

Either way, keeping the heat high is important. Letting things cool off can lead to disconnection with your lover or resentment and, sometimes, even adultery.

So how do you keep things spiced up?

You take things into your own hands, of course.

The last thing that you want to do is fail to turn your man on, right?

Just because the two of you are apart doesn’t mean that you can remain extremely close with each other.

It’s all about interaction. Maintaining a healthy sex life is important, even if the only way you can do it is through texting.

Even if you do see your lover/partner often, you still might want to keep things sexy in your messages. That’s okay too! Whatever your situation may be, we have the solution you are looking for.

Try out any of the following 40 texts that are guaranteed to make him hard below!

What are you wearing right now? I hope you say nothing…

Although men like to ask you what you are wearing, it’s a nice surprise for the tables to turn. He will love that you are taking interest in getting him undressed, too.

I can’t wait to be as dirty as possible for you the next time I see you.

He’s going to drool over the picture of you doing something dirty to him next time you see one another. Let his imagination run wild.

I just got out of the shower. I’m soaking wet.

Usually any time that you mention taking a shower to your lover, their mind is going straight to the gutter. So play it off as innocent by not mentioning anything sexy. Just saying the word wed and shower will get him hard as a rock.

Hey babe, should I wear my lacy thong or my sporty one today? What do you think?

Even if you aren’t planning on wearing a thong, asking him to help you pick one is going to turn him on. He’s going to be thinking of you in both of them and in turn the blood will start pumping hardcore into his unmentionables.

If you can guess what I’m wearing right now, I’ll give you a sexy surprise.

He will enjoy that you are playing a sexy game with him. Letting him guess what you are wearing will get his mind in the gutter, but it will make him even more excited to know that you will do something naughty in return.

Mmm, I’m laying in bed right now, thinking about you.

Men love hearing that you think about them whilst in bed. Why? Because that’s where they get down and dirty with you.

I had the sexiest, dirtiest dream about you last night. Want to hear it?

Of course he will. He will appreciate the fact that you have sexy dreams about him and not someone else. That will inevitably turn him on.

All I can think about is the last time you touched me. Wish you were here to do it again.

Bringing up the last time you two did the deed together will get him thinking about it, too. There’s no way his little friend will stay flaccid for that memory, we promise. Letting him know that you want to do it again is just a bonus.

I was so naughty today, I think I need a big spanking.

In his mind, if you are naughty then he gets to ‘punish’ you and that turns him on a lot. Obviously he isn’t thinking about really spanking you, but doing it while having sex is always an ideal act for him.

I love the way you say my name when we are in bed together. I wish you were here to whisper it into my ear right now.

What’s not sexy about that? He’s going to be resisting the urge to touch himself after reading it.

What turns you on baby? I want to do it for you when I see you next.

Not only will he love the fact that you are taking the time to get to know what he likes, but it will get his imagination running wild again. It will build a strong sexual tension between you for the next time you two become physical with each other.

Tell me what you want to do to me when we see each other again. Then tell me what you want me to do to you.

He loves thinking about what you want to do to him just as much as he enjoys thinking about what he can do to you. If he stays limp after that one, then maybe he isn’t the right guy for you.

I think we should watch some porn together. What do you think?

Men tend to watch quite a bit more of porn than women. And women who watch porn don’t often let their man know that they do so. So, talking about watching porn with him is going to be the ultimate turn on. He is going to like that you are open to new things, while getting a boner from thinking about it.

I watched a dirty movie today and all I could think about was us.

Your man will love hearing that anything involving sex reminds you of him.

Whenever I say your name I get weak in the knees baby.

He is going to like that you get weak just thinking about him. Especially if all it takes to turn you on is saying his name. That’s definitely going to get him hard!

Just the thought of your touch turns me on so badly.

What’s even better than you saying his name and getting turned on? Just thinking of him and getting turned on!

If we could do it anywhere, where would you do me?

Discussing doing something so naughty outside of the usual spots is going to get him going for sure. Especially if he is fantasizing about doing it with you in a public place. That’s forbidden and in turn super hot to think about.

I’m so dirty, I need a shower. When I get out you should make me dirty all over again.

Again, just talking about showers gets men hot and heavy. Because all they can think about when you say it is your naked body. If you want to add a little spiciness, go ahead and add on the last part.

I’m thinking of my tongue somewhere on your body… Can you guess where?

Even if you are thinking about licking his elbow, his mind is going to go straight to his nether region. Therefore his nether region will most likely wake up!

Come visit me babe, I promise you won’t leave disappointed.

He’s probably already been daydreaming about visiting you. Hearing that he won’t leave unsatisfied when he does is just icing on the cake for him.

I love when you take charge. It gets me really, really wet.

Men tend to like to be dominant in the bedroom. So him thinking of taking control and hearing that it turns you on will certainly give him a huge boner.

There isn’t another man on this planet that ignites a fire inside of me like you do.

If you have a close bond, he’s going to take pride knowing that he is the only one that gets you passionate.

Send me your nudes and I’ll send you mine. I’ll make it extra sexy tonight, just for you.

Nudes. What more can we say?

I just made my bed. It would be a shame to get it all messy again, but I’d do it just to have some alone time with you.

Picturing you in bed with him, roughing up the sheets together… There’s nothing steamier.

I’m picturing your mouth on my body… You hands on my body… Your body on my body.

Of course his little friend is going to get excited when you put that image in his head!

Come over, I want you so bad.

Sometimes, a simple statement like this is all you need to get him riled up.

Guess what I’m wearing…. The answer is nothing at all.

Picturing you naked is always a go to when he’s trying to get up.

I’m covered in blankets, but I’m still freezing. Maybe I should put some clothes on.

Knowing that you are completely indisposed is going to sound sexy to him.

Let’s play simon says. You do what I say and I’ll do what you say. Want to play?

Ah, the real sexting comes when you start interacting back and forth. This is a great way to get both of you fired up at the same time.

I was looking at sex toys online today.

Sex toys or no sex toys, he’s going to love hearing that you were horny and thinking about sex. That’s going to make him horny, too.

I’m only texting with one hand, because my other hand is busy right now. Can you guess what I’m doing?

Even if you are stuffing a raw chicken for dinner, let him picture where that hand might be…

I want to go out to eat, but I’d rather stay in and have you for dinner.

A cuter way to make him hard is by saying something like this.

Imagine pushing me up against your bedroom wall, doesn’t that sound soo nice?

Of course it’s going to sound nice. He loves to be intimate with you and he probably misses it very dearly. Picturing it is all he needs to get wild.

My favorite place in the world to sit is on your face.

We don’t need an explanation for this one. It speaks for itself.

I just want you to start kissing at my neck. Then I want you to keep kissing me until you get farther and farther down my body…

There may not be anything that can turn him on more than giving him the full rundown of what you want him to do to you.

Don’t make me beg for you to come to me baby. I want you to be here with me sooo bad.

Hearing that you want him badly is going to make him go crazy for you! Knowing that you’d ‘beg’ for it will make him even hotter.

I wish that you were sleeping here with me to keep me warm. All I have on is my panties.

Again, men just love picturing you naked, or semi-naked, in your bed. They just wish they were there with you.

I’m sitting on the kitchen counter and all I’m wishing is that you were here in between my legs.

The kitchen is such an innocent place, so throwing in something dirty is a little naughty and will definitely make him hard.

I don’t normally bite, but I wouldn’t mind giving you a nibble or two.

If you want to come on a little less strong with your text, keep it more innocent with something like this. It still lets him know that you want him, but it doesn’t make it as obvious.

You are so big and strong all the time, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Even if you don’t mention his private johnson, when he hears the words big and strong, his mind is going to jump straight in the gutter and get him all heated up.