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40 Sweet Texts to Make Her Smile and Why They Work



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We live in the age of technology, a time where we need to fully connect with people. By now it is completely hard to remember how you used to live without her; you can’t even tell if you were alive before you meet your significant. The love of your life is also living in this hostile world and you know you have to really protect her. She battles with herself every day, but you are there to help her out, to make her feel better every day. You turned her to the love of your life! Therefore you would have to let her know how awesome she is, and how great you feel about her every single day for the rest of your life.

Now you have the tools and equipment to fully be there for your love one! As you continue reading you will find 40 text messages that will turn her whole towards you! How lovely it is to watch her smiling at her phone reading something you have send.

Sweet Texts to Make Her Smile and Why They Work


You would want to be cheeky, romantic, mildly romantic and strongly sexual from time to time for this to work! It is a new task every day! You have to fight for your Queen, and read me carefully; she is your queen already! But remember that all this you are doing is for her, so you would want to be goofy sometimes in a mix of pleasure. Keep attacking all of her being with this compilation of texts displayed bellow!


  • “I want triplets; you want twins, let us go in bed and see who wins.”

If the event is allow, this is a direct provocation message that touches her maternity side directly! With this message you are giving rise towards her sexuality, emotional psychology, and marital status. This will not only take her maternity out but also will let her know you are fully prepared for kids making her feel extremely proud about you!

  • “Don’t tire yourself at work today; you will need energy for later.”

You are touching her strong independence as you tell her she is going to have some fun at night; an astute way to address her matureness.

  • “Don’t listen to your friends, listen to your heart.”

She needs to fly from time to time; therefore you would want to address her wings letting her know that by your side everything is secured.

  • “Can you send me a picture? My friends don’t believe that angels are among us.”

This will let her know you are definitely bragging about her soul!

  • “I am lying in bed, totally bored, want to play Simon says?”

Give her something to play with, let her know she can use you as she pleases.

  • “Don’t your feet hurt? Because you have been wandering in my mind all day.”

This is so ridiculous that can be interpreted as goofy coming from you (her love). Let her know you are always thinking about her.

  • “I have come out from shower. How about coming over and helping me get dirty again?”

This is a sexual addressing towards your female mate. This will make her remember how the previous encounters have been.

  • “The current message has been sent from our company to all 10/10 beauties within your area. You are the only recipient.

A goofy text from you will definitely take as smile from her. Your creativity as simple as this message can evoke greatness within her face and emotions.

  • “On a beautiful day like this, the only thing that could improve is to have you by my side.”

Be charming by sending her some cute statements. Let her know you are interest in her without pressure!

  • “Would you mind emptying your pockets, I believe you have stolen my heart.”

Let her know you are so into her and you are being a gentleman about it.

  • “I wish I was your teddy bear”

Make her feel right when wrong, attack her sweetness and privacy directly with this type of line.

  • How do I look with this dress? “You look like my next girlfriend!”

Attack her by surprise from about such an important question! She is your Queen already so she would tremble in between her thoughts like (I am so beautiful; I am already your girl).

  • “All the stars from the universe, there are none as beautiful as you.”

Tell her how great she is! How unreachable she is! How powerful you look at her!

  • “You are so hot; I get tan every time I see you.”

Talk about how great she looks like! Be solid when telling this because is a dangerous attack that can fail.

  • “Do you believe in love at first sight, or I should walk past you again?”

Information that is strongly addressing you definitely want her.

  • “Can’t believe I have just woke up and already thinking on you.”

She wants to know how you feeling about her, she wants to tame you. Therefore it will be wise to tell her that your mind is fully operating for her!

  • “Did it hurt when you fall from heaven?”

Elevate her to a divine creature! Let her know you adore her.

  • “The best thing of the keyboard Is that U and I are together.”

Continue with your creativity and let her know how cute you can be thinking about her.

  • “A hundred miles away and you are still here within my heart.”

Let her know that distance is not match for your love! Let her know how confident you are about her!

  • “Are you free… for the rest of your life?”

Throw a flower to her being! If the event is appropriate, this will surely get a smile from her as she acknowledges you want serious stuff for her.

Sweet Texts to Make Her Smile

  • “All I need is you, right here.”

Get serious from time to time and show her how romantic you can be.

  • “I will always have time for you.”

You are both working but let her know she is more important that everything in your life.

  • “I am already missing you.”

You have just spent your day together and then she sees a text from you and she will melt! Let her know how important her time is for you.

  • “I wish you were holding me in your arms.”

Show your weakness to her, let her know you can recover within her arms! That she is the one giving you power!

  • “My very soul is crawling for you.”

Be aggressive on telling her how much you want her. Let her remember the beast inside you.

  • “It is so hard to be away from you.”

Let her know you miss her so much that all of your power is being use on that specific event.

  • “The longer the wait the sweeter to caress.”

Be confident and please to wait for her! She is solving some events from her life and you are there building an event for her welcoming.

  • “I miss your beautiful eyes.”

Let her remember how deep her sight is! Let her know how powerful her eyes are by showing her your soul.

  • “I have been missing you today.”

You cannot withstand any second without her! Let her know how important she is towards you!

  • “I know I just left but I am missing you already.”

Be charming and tell her you had a great time with her!

  • “Darling I miss you so much.”

Use an affection to address to your beloved person.

Sweet Texts to Make Her Smile

  • “Your love is better than the morning sun shine.”

These are very big words so you better be legit when expressing how awesome she is! Let her know you will always want her in the morning!

  • “I want your smile.”

Let her know how important it is her inner feelings towards you! Let her know you pay attention to her being.

  • “I miss your breath on my ears as we embrace.”

Attention at the fullest! She will know you really adore every aspect and timing about her.

  • “I miss the softness of your cheek.”

Tell her how pretty she is while touching her charisma! Show her how comfortable you feel around her.

  • “This place would be great if you were here.”

The whole environment depends on her! Show her that at every spot you direct you always imagine her being around.

  • “If I could hold you close again, I would never let you go.”

Let her know you are in the edge! She has power over you and it is of her decision to have you! Make her remember how secure it is to be by your side.

  • “I miss the rain because your hair goes all curly.”

Play with her, show her your funny part! Let her know she is always looking pretty!

  • “You make me go crazy.”

Show her that you are always losing your posture because of her! Tell her you feel like a kid when she is around.

  • My life has never been the same since I met you.”

Admit that your sole purpose is her. That everything you do and accomplish is because of her! Show her the despair you would come up if she disappears from your life.

Remember to use any emoji available for the different events! Show your feelings by writing to her at any time and I assure you she will be thinking on you for the rest of her life.


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  1. I’m talking to this beautiful lady for one intention… MARRY HER.

    I’ve only been on this site and page today and sent her one line… Amazingly she replied with an awe.

    Thank you so much… It feels like my mother teaching me how to treat my heart.

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