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40 Sweet Texts to Make Him Smile and Why They Work



Your man is the first person you think about when your day starts. By now you have set aside that fear you had about falling in love knowing that it has become the most rewarding and scariest thing you could ever do. Once you have decided to be with your significant other, there is no turning back due to you acknowledges he will always be there every time you need him.

There are different events in life that could distract your man from giving you all of his smiles, but now technology makes it easier to maintain a stable connection with your love at any time. Therefore you probably find yourself trying to make your man smile at the instant he sees a notification.

Here in this document you will find 40 delightful texts information you could use to make your significant other smile at any time.

The first thing you have to know is that he misses you as strong as you do, and there is nothing more satisfying when he gets his phone than knowing that your loved one is smiling at the phone like an idiot because of you. By now you must have to know how to take a smile away from him, you know how to make him go like goofy because you know he loves you and everything you do will please him.

Perhaps your man is that type of man that rarely shows his feelings but either way, it will always be pleasant for you to watch your man smiling because of you.

Texts to Make Him Smile


Want to bring him completely to your heels? Well, there are few things you would want to know if you want to destroy his armor. He is completely thinking about you; therefore his attention towards you comes without restrictions. This means he is always weak against the information you disclose to make him feel good. Bravely attack the senses your man responds to, the list follows his sexuality, masculinity and his natural competitiveness. These are the vulnerable spots of your Knight, and you would want to constantly direct and concentrate your attack towards them. Let everyone know you have conquered and put a smile on his face sending these texts!

Remember to add the emoji that would fit the situation of your preference.


The Ammo 

Bullets for His Sexuality:

  • “I wish we could call on sick today.”

This text will attack his sexuality directly. He will know you desire and miss his body and the way he behaves in the intercourse. You both are struggling to get money home; therefore this text will become a surprising attack and will also give him energy to fulfill his duties. Inspiration to overcome anything for you!

  • “I am so into you right now.”

Control his whole and make it go dirty as you let him know you are thirsty for him. This information is definitely touching his sexuality as he knows that his female is crawling for mating.

  • “I can’t stop thinking about the other day/night.”

After reading this, he will start thinking on your face and the emotions you disclosed on that specific time you are referring. He will feel great as he remembers how satisfied he makes you! And now he is thinking on making you feel even better that that day!

  • “Come over later and I’ll have you touch my butt.”

He will understand that he will have some epic dinner later! This is a literal message that will bring him towards you like a magnet. He has the idea of playing with your butt and destroying your mascara.

  • “I can’t wait for you to get your hands on me later.”

He will prepare for action later tonight as he reads how secure you feel by accepting him! This will let him go crazy thinking about things he can do to you.

  • “I am crazy over you”

Not only will his mouth move when reading this.

  • “Can’t wait to put my hands on you.”

You are defying his sexual intercourse! Of course he will obey his Queen!

  • “You better be preparing for me when I get home.”

He is getting prepare for battle!

  • “Hey sexy.”

You are referring to a sexual statement directly!

  • “You, me, date and then a movie.”

He knows you guys are not going to watch the movie.

  • “Let us meet at…”

His instinct.


Texts to Make Him Smile

Bullets for His Masculinity

  • “You make me feel amazing about myself.”

Messages like this intent to attack his masculinity and of course you have successfully done it! Due to your admiration towards him, he will feel a quality of possession making him to feel robustness about having you by his side.

  • “You are making me blush and you are not here.”

You letting his mind to think that he can control your emotions from even far away and without even been present! Give him some candies as he reads this message for him to bleed out smiling.

  • “No one can make me smile like you do.”

It is hard to believe that a text like this could make any damage, but let me tell you that reading a text like this will make him think on how fearsome he is. The smiles you give him are actually chains in your neck that he holds in his hands!

  • “I would not normally like scary movies, but with you around me, I know I’ll be safe.”

A clever way of addressing towards his weak spot due to he knows that nothing wrong would happen but then he thinks on how protective you feel his arm are.

  • “Your work ethic is so hot.”

This is tricky information to him, you are telling him that you feel attractive to his moral; therefore the sense of morality will drive him to his posture. This will make him feel secure and strong at the same time.

  • “Currently bragging about my awesome man.”

He thinks that you are his property but he doesn’t know he is your slave! As he read this, he will find you as his possession while you disclose information that satisfies him regarding your location. More impact knowing that the information is about him being awesome!

  • “Thanks for always killing the spiders whenever I need you to.”

He fears nothing as he saves you from those terrible monsters! Let him know how powerful he is as he saves you from your worst nightmare!  

  • “Can’t believe you did that! It is so impressive!”

Several males can compete in a tournament, but let him know that to achieve victory drives you crazy.

  • “Missing you!”

He thinks he is indispensable for you.

  • I should call in sick just to come to see you at work.”

He thinks he owes you, you even trying to drop work just to catch a glimpse of him.

  • “Remember our first date?”

The time he fought to death and won!

  • “Your personality is so hot.”

You are pointing his posture in a sexual behavior. The fact you are telling him something like this, his mind will translate to possessive statement.

  • “Where is my strong, pickle-jar opener when I need him?”

He uses his strength to serve! You have to always demand his strong posture!

  • “I bet you smile when you read this.”

Awwww she dares to write on me.

40 Sweet Texts to Make Him Smile and Why They Work

Bullets for His Competitiveness

  • “You are the most interesting being I would ever meet.”

You recognize and admit that in your whole existence he is the truth among you! This is definitely attacking his competitiveness due to he is reading that he is the only one with such everything within her life.

  • “I will ever meet anyone whose smile I like more than yours.”

You will make him think that he is the only male out there that can make you smile.

  • “Nobody gets me like you do.”

He is the only one capable of making you feel like the way you do. There are no beasts around to make you as strong as he does!

  • “How did I get so lucky?”

He is the greatest option one could get! Let him know how your admiration is towards him as he climbs more and more until he falls for you.

  • “No one makes me smile like you do.”

You are telling him that he is the only one capable of achieving such epic task! He is King of the environment!

  • “I’m so glad we met…”

He understands you went astonished by knowing his existence!

  • What are you doing? “Well, you know, just talking with this amazing guy.”

You are literally telling him he is high.

  • “Are you even real? Someone like you cannot exist!”

Address this text to attack on how unbelievable he is.

  • Do you know I would change something about you? Yes! Your current location so could be with me.

A clever approach to his masculinity but you makes his mind twist to crash on that posture he has.

  • “Only a real man could hold up with as much as you do thanks.”

He is the man.

  • “I don’t know anyone that can do… like you do.”

The information leads to an exclusive behavior.

  • “My friends were totally checking you out last night/day.”

All eyes on him.

  • “Wow! You are really smart.”

His mind will translate this to: I am really impressed!

  • “I hope you know how great you are.”

You are bringing up forward all of his achievements.

  • “All of my friends want a man just like you.”

He is the lead champion.


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