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40 Texts to Make Him Think About You


Of course, you want your crush to think about you more. If you had it your way, you’d make it so that you’re the only thing on their mind – I get it. But in order to get him to that point, where he can’t get you off of his mind, you’ll need to talk to him. Maybe he’s already really into you, but he’s not sure how you feel. Or maybe you two have been already speaking to each other and you have a little flirtatious act going on between you two. Both a good, but now, you want to throw him the line that’ll make him crazy for you. Don’t overthink it or get stressed out, that’s why we’re here. So, if you’re not sure what to say, don’t worry. We’re going to show you the 40 texts that’ll make him have you on his mind.

cute things to text your boyfriend to make him smile

These texts aren’t necessarily sexual, but rather, designed to make him smile. Now, you don’t have to use these texts word for word, you can switch the words up so that the text suits you and your personality, these texts are simply suggestions. So, read through them and find a text message that you’d like to send to him. Of course, then you’re going to have to send it, so do it! Don’t be shy to let him know how you feel about him.

1. Here’s the plan. You, me, netflix and takeout.
2. All my friends told me they wish they had a guy like you.
3. You just get me.
4. I wish I was in your arms right now.
5. You’re so sweet and sexy.
6. I was just thinking about you.
7. Missing you right now!
8. You make me feel so amazing.
9. I’m on cloud nine when I’m around you.
10. Do you remember when =<insert cute memory>. It’s one of my favourite memories of you.
11. You always turn me on.
12. I don’t anyone that can do ____ like you can.
13. I don’t know how you manage to put up with all my craziness, but thank you.
14. Am I going to see you later tonight? I have a little surprise for you…
15. Someone told me that they saw me with a sexy, strong man the other day. Do you happen to know it was?
16. How did I get so lucky to be with you?
17. I’m in need of cuddles and kisses, you’re the only one that can do that.
18. I know you had a hard/long day, why don’t you come over and I’ll give you a back massage…naked.
19. No one makes me laugh the same way you do. My stomach kills!
20. I hope you know how amazing you are.
21. I’m really into this one guy, you may know him. He’s <describe him>, any guesses?
22. I’m asking myself right now, do you even exist. I mean, can someone like you be real?
23. <say where you are> and I’m listening to is people complain about their boyfriends/girlfriends. I’m so happy I have you.
24. That smile of yours makes me melt every time I see it.
25. You’re already making me blush and you’re not even here!

how to make your boyfriend happy over text
26. See, I don’t like this, you’re too far away. If I could, I would be in your arms right now.
27. Do you remember our first date?
28. I saw my friends looking at you the other day. They were checking out that cute butt of yours.
29. Hey, sexy. What are you up to?
30. I cannot stop thinking about last night, it was amazing.
31. Why don’t you come over later, I bought a new bra. I need someone’s second opinion.
32. Should we just call in sick today and spend the rest of the day in bed together?
33. When I come home, I want those pants off and you waiting for me in bed/kitchen.
34. I’m in bed right now, it just feels so empty without you in it.
35. Here’s the deal, I have a twenty-minute break and I’m right by your house. Get ready, I’m coming over, baby!
36. I’ve been thinking about you all day, I can’t get you off of my mind.
37. Do you know that you’re one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met?
38. I hate scary movies but next to you, I feel safe.
39. I’m counting down the clock, I can’t wait for you to get your hands on me!
40. Your smile is what makes my day.

how to make a guy laugh over text

Many women think you have to send an overly sexual text in order for a man to think about you. But that’s not the case. Sure, sexy texts can work wonders but sometimes all it takes is a really cute and considerate text to make him smile. Of course, it depends on what you want from the text. If you want him to smile, then sending him a “hey, cutie” text is fine. If you want him aroused, well, then you’ll need to be a little more sexual in your messages. But, don’t think too much about this. Your goal is to enjoy yourself and have a good time texting with him, regardless if he’s your boyfriend or a guy of interest. Take a deep breath and make the conversation more flirtatious with a cute text message. Have fun with it, it’s just a text message!


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