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Top 100 Thai Baby Names For Boys And Girls


What a wonderful world to have a new born baby in every single days. The parents-to-be won’t be worried about deciding on a name because what you are reading right now will feel like a ripple of excitement spread through your face because we’ve already prepared for your little one’s adorable Thai names.

Firstable, we wish these adorable new born baby to be more than happy. The arrival of them must bring all parents with happiness because of the greatest gifts ever. The hit priority for their parents is that naming the babies, choosing a name for these little characters can sometimes be a huge challenge. Do not worry, KEEP CALM and read this article. Our Thai baby names with inspired meaning will help you to sort out the ideas for selecting the best one.

Keep in mind that Thai name their babies reflecting the nobility, region or the religion the child belongs to. The new trends of a way Thai parents name the babies after a shorter name than previous hot era. Moreover, new trend of Thai baby names often be the name that can be pronounced and written in both Thai and English, plus it’s easier for foreigners to call. Below there’re 100 beloved Thai baby names for boys and girls that you can choose below.

Additional, a light sounding Thai name could go hand-in-hand with a short but also meaningful name, too. Shorter word might be composed of 2 or even 1 character, for example Chet, Jaonaay or Tubtim. This kind of trend is gaining traction over and over in this 1-2 year.

Thai Baby Boy names

Atith (อาทิตย์) means “The sun.”

A-wut (อาวุธ) means “Weapon.”

Aran (อรันย์) means “Forest.”

Arnon (อานนท์) means “Cheerful or the sun.”

Athin (อธิน) means “A boy who’s ambitious and focus on his work seriously. A leadership and hyper person”

Boon (บูรณ์,บุญ) means “Good, blessing.”

Chai (ชัย) means “A lively people who is filled with joy.”

Chalerm (เฉลิม) means “To celebrate.”

Chet (เชษฐ์) means “Stable or address.”

Chin (ชิณณ์,ชิน) means “The winner, buddha.”

Direk (ดิเรก) means “The smart ruler.”

Decha (เดชา) means “A powerful person.”

Dit (ดิษย์) means “Be auspicious.”

Don (ดนตร์) means “A melody.”

Gavin (กวินทร์) means “A harmonist.”

Gun (กันต์) means “Pleasure, satisfied”

Krid (กฤษฎิ์) means “Ingenious.”

Kiet (เกียรติ) means “Honorable.”

Khem (เขม) means “A happiness.”

Kovit (โกวิทย์) means “The one who’s an expert.”

Jade (เจษฏ์) means “Derived from the green ornamental stone jade which is used in jewelry making or the beloved of God”

Jin (จิณณ์) means “A person who’s already well-behaved.”

Jaonaay (เจ้านาย) means “A royalty or a boss.”

MeeKhun (มีคุณ) means “Saintliness or Holiness because of this name is composed by Mee means Have and Khun refers to virtue or goodness.”

Mitch (มิตร) means “A beloved friend.”

Mok (โมกข์) means “A leader, to be free from.”

Namo (นโม,นะโม) means “Humility or meekness.”

Nakhun (นคุณ) means “Kindness, goodness be with you.”

Niran (นิรันดร์) means “The one who is everlasting and never ending.”

Oran (โอฬาร)means “White or gigantic.”

Phu (ภู) means “Earth, mountain.”

Phat (ภัทร) means “An upper class.”

Pun (ปุณณ์) means “Complete, Pure.”

Phakin (ภาคิณ) means

Phakorn (ภากร) means “The things giving a light which refers to the sun.”

Phoom (ภูมิ) means “The earth.”

Prich (ปริชญ์) means “The philosopher.”

Phak (ภาคย์) means “A luck, be lucky”

Pitch (พิชญ์) means “A philosopher, a scholar.”

Pruk (พฤกษ์) means “The tree.”

Seth (เศรษฐ์) means “The most precious, the best one.”

Tevin (เทวิน) means “Good-looking.”

Thas (ธรรศ) means “Be brave.”

Than (ธัญญ์) means “Prosperity.”

Theep (ธีป) means “Prosperity.”

Thorn (ธรณ์) means “An earth, an existent.”

Varis (วริศ) means “The best, outstanding one or a powerful person.”

Vasin (วศิน) means “An authoritarian.”

Whitt (วิชญ์) means “A well-round person, a philosopher.”

Watt (วัฒน์) means “A strong gladiator.”

Thai Baby Girl names

Aileen (ไอริณ) means “Light or a rock salt.”

Areeya (อารียา) means “Upper class, an aristocrat.”

Amara (อมรา) means “The beloved one.”

Alin (อลิน) means “A bee.”

Anna (อันนา) means “A rice.”

Bus (บุศย์) means “A lotus.”

Baibua (ใบบัว) means “Water lily.”

Baifern (ใบเฟิร์น) means “A fern.”

Chandra (จันทรา) means “A moon.”

Cha-em (ชะเอม) means “A licorice.”

Darla (ดาหลา) means “A beloved one.”

Danika (ดานิกา) means “A morning star.”

Darin (ดาริน) means “A gift, the best one.”

Janjao (จันทร์เจ้า) means “A moon.”

Kati (กะทิ) means “Pure, a coconut milk.”

Kewalin (เกวลิน) means “A literate, a virtuoso.”

Kannika (กรรณิการ์) means “A beautiful flower.”

Laila (ไลลา) means “A twilight.”

Lina (ลินา) means “Bright, pure, sensitive.”

Lalita (ลลิตา) means “A beautiful, charming people.”

Lalisa (ลลิสา) means “Cheerful, to protect.”

Lookkwan (ลูกขวัญ) means “The most beloved daughter.”

Meena (มีนา) means “Love, soft.”

Mookda (มุกดา) means “A pearl, a gem.

Namfah (น้ำฟ้า) means “A precipitation.”

Nammont (น้ำมนต์) means “A holy water.”

Nicha (ณิชา) means “Pure.”

Neera (นีรา) means “A water.”

Nalin (นลิน) means “A lotus.”

Phailin (ไพลิน) means “A Sapphire or a variant of Phaelyn.”

Ploypailin (พลอยไพลิน) means “A Sapphire.”

Parima (พริมา) means “The best, the goodness.”

Pimnara (พิมพ์นารา) means “A good looking person.”

Pimmada (พิมมาดา) means “A mother-like person.”

Phornpailin (พรไพลิน) means “A superb Sapphire.”

Phraewa (แพรวา) means “A silk.”

Rada (รดา) means “A pleased person.”

Ramida (รมิดา) means “A happy person.”

Rasita (รสิตา) means “A taste, fondness”

Sarocha (สโรชา) means “A lotus.”

Sirinda (สิรินดา) means “A person with a good blessed.”

Snow (โสน) means “A Sesbania.”

Suda (สุดา) means “A daughter.”

Thida (ธิดา) means “A daughter or a female child.

Tubtim (ทับทิม) means “A ruby.”

Thanya (ธัญญา) means “Be lucky.”

Tasanee (ทัศนีย์) means “A beautiful view.”

Urassaya (อุรัสยา) means “A daugher.”

Virada (วิรดา) means “An innocent, a guiltiness.”

Yada (ญาดา) means “A philosopher.”


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