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35 Thank You Messages for a Gift


You want to show that you appreciate getting a gift from a loved one, but you are not able to find the words to express how you feel. Luckily, we have you covered. The following 35 thank you messages for a gift can help you write your thank you note. To make it more personal, you should probably add what the gift was and perhaps include how you will enjoy using it.

thanks for the gift

1. This was such a kind gesture. I really appreciate you sending me such a wonderful gift. Thank you so much!

2. Your gift was so kind. It is already one of my most treasured keepsakes. Thanks!

3. Thank you for showing such amazing taste in picking out my birthday present—the gift was so cool. I am sure that I will use it all the time. Thank you so much for being such a great friend. I can wait to hang out with you again.

4. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the trouble you went through to get me such an amazing gift. Thanks a ton!

5. We were so grateful to get such a wonderful gift. We will treasure this present forever.

6. I am so grateful for the gift that you sent me. You made my day by being so thoughtful. Thank you!

7. It was so thoughtful of you to send me such a kind gift. You have no clue how happy this gift made me. Thank you so much.

8. We loved the gift so much. Thank you!

9. A single thank you just does not seem like enough. Thank you a million, billion times over.

10. Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful, meaningful gift to celebrate this special day. Your if has made today even more special for me. Thanks a ton!

11. Thank you for supporting us at our celebration. We appreciate the generous you gave us so much.

12. How in the world did you know precisely what I wanted without me ever telling you? Thank you so much!

13. We really love the amazing gift you bought for us.

thank you message for a present

14. Thank you for being the type of person who picks out kind, thoughtful gifts. You mean so much to me.

15. We are so happy to have a friend as kind and thoughtful as you are. Thank you for the gift!

16. You have made my birthday such a special day. Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift.

17. I love getting gifts. Out of every gift I received, I really loved yours the most. Thank you so much.

18. I am constantly surprised by how talented you are at getting gifts. You really outdo yourself every time. You are so amazing.

19. Thank you for showering me with so many baby gifts. I am looking forward to using all my gifts, but I am really looking forward to using yours.

20. I wanted to thank you for the gift from the bottom of my heart, but for you, my heart has no bottom.

21. I appreciate your talent for gift giving. Considering how generous you are, I am sure that you must get a lot of practice!

22. Thank you so much for getting me such a thoughtful present.

23. Your gift was so kind. Thank you so much for it!

24. I wish that I could give you more than just a thank you message to show how much I appreciate the beautiful gift you gave me. I really, really love it. Thank you a million times over.

25. The gift may have been wrapped up in shiny paper, but the gift inside the package shone even brighter. Thank you so much for the amazing present.

thank you message for a present

26. Many sincere thanks to you for getting me such a lovely gift. I can tell how much you enjoy giving to others—your gift shows all of the thought you put into it.

27. You could not have picked a more perfect gift for me. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful, lovely gift.

28. Thank you again for the amazing gift!

29. It was so thoughtful that you sent me such a meaningful present. Thank you, my love.

30. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. I love what you bought for me.

31. We absolutely love our gift. We cannot thank you enough for your thoughtfulness.

32. Because of the kindness you showed in getting me the gift, I have renewed hope in the world. If there were more people like you, the world would be a better place.

33. Thank you so much for the present—I really love it.

34. Saying thank you does not express how much I love your gift—I will just have to bide my time until it is my turn to buy for you!

35. You have really outdone yourself this time. Thank you so much!


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