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The Meaning of Colors in Mood Rings


Mood rings are super popular and trendy rings that have been around since the 70s. They aren’t your average ‘ring’ so to speak, because the color of your mood ring will actually describe the way a person is feeling; and will let everyone around them know how they are feeling too.

You see, when you change emotions, your body naturally gives off a different temperature. The mood ring gauges the temperature of your body and reflects it with a unique color. But what do these colors really mean? We are going to break down each and every color so you know exactly what’s going on with yourself and why your mood ring might change colors.

Black: When a mood ring changes to the color black, this signifies that a person is under a mass amount of stress and feels overworked or harried in an area of their life.
White: On the other hand, the white color has a few different meanings. A white mood ring could indicate that a person is feeling extremely frustrated or confused with something, or that they are flat out bored.
Gray: A gray mood ring indicates that a person is just beginning to feel uncomfortable or stressed out, and if they continue to feel stressed out about something the mood ring will eventually turn black. This could also show that someone is feeling very anxious or nervous about a situation or their surroundings.
Brown: If your mind is swirling around with a lot of nervous thoughts about a person or situation, your mood ring will turn brown. Brown mood rings are a sure fire sign that there is an anxious feeling in the individual, and they are beginning to feel uncomfortable and stressed out about something.
Amber/Gold: It’s hard to determine what exactly an amber or gold mood ring means. For one, it can simply mean someone is feeling incredibly surprised or happy. However, it can also indicate someones feeling very nervous. Amber and gold means there is a wide range of emotions being felt throughout the body and mind.
Yellow: Yellow indicates that the individual wearing the ring is feeling very creative, and they may have a ton of thoughts going through their mind.

Pink: As for pink, pink mood rings indicate that someone’s feeling a little bit uncertain about things. They may have met someone new and are interested but not certain of them. This could also mean someone is becoming aroused, but not sure what move to make next.
Orange: Orange is a rather fun color, because orange signifies that someone is feeling like a dare devil and they are dying to try something completely new.
Red: Red can have one of two meanings: either the individual is incredibly in love with someone and feeling obnoxiously passionate about them, or they are seriously angry about a situation and don’t know how to act out this intense sense of anger.
Green: Green is the color of absolute peace. The individual with a green mood ring does not feel any stress whatsoever and they are completely content and comfortable with themselves and their surroundings.
Blue-Green: The individual with a blue-green ring is showing that they are happy; they are aware of their surroundings, but they are completely at peace.
Blue: FUN and RELAXATION is what this color is ALL about. They are feeling completely at peace with their emotions and surroundings and everyone in their life.
Dark Blue: Dark blue is an obvious color to represent a happy mood at a significantly higher level, often showing that there is romance in the air and a love interest nearby.
Purple: The purple color indicates that the individual knows exactly what they want and will do anything to get it.

Mood rings are just downright fun. Now you can really see your mood ring colors and understand their meanings with this easy to read chart.
Do you have a mood ring? What moods are you most often in?



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