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10 Things to Do when Your Girl Suddenly Dumps You


Here it is; the worst thing that can happen in a relationship: getting dumped. It happens to the best of us, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, do the following things that will help you get over her while also making you a better person! Things to Do when Your Girl Suddenly Dumps You

Give it a good cry. It’s okay to cry when you’ve been dumped. After all, being dumped is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. We know how guys are often discouraged from crying or even showing a lot of emotion for fear of not being “macho” but who cares? This girl you invested time and effort in just decided she no longer loves you. So clear up your schedule, stay in your room and play some Adele or Sam Smith and let the waterworks flow!

what to do when your girlfriend dumps you

Keep yourself busy. Once you’ve cried out all your feelings in one go, find something to do. Suddenly being single means you suddenly have some free time on your hands. If you do nothing during those times when you would usually be with your ex, it’s very likely that you’ll remember her and feel extremely lonely all over again. Instead, it’s time to have an activity that will occupy your mind. Try going to the gym, practicing some new songs on the guitar, or going for a night out with the guys!

if she dumps you ignore her

Stick with your friends. If there’s anyone in this world who can commiserate with your misery, it would be your buddies. These are the guys who have always been there for you, single or taken, and they definitely won’t leave you hanging now that you’ve been dumped. Naturally, they’ll give you little slack for not showing up to your usual watering hole, but that’s nothing compared to the support they can give you now that you’re suddenly single.

Delete your ex’s number. Okay, we know this sounds like something a bitter person would say, but it’s for the best. Deleting your ex’s number (given that you haven’t memorized it) mean you won’t be able to immediately contact her when you’re suddenly feeling lonely. Imagine it’s 3 in the morning, you’re on your way home from the pub, and you suddenly miss her. That’s a surefire formula for a drunk call or drunk text that never ends well. Instead, get rid of her number and hope that your mind won’t suddenly remember it each time you get drunk and miss her

Give back all her stuff. When you’ve been dating someone for a while, it’s inevitable that she’ll have some stuff left at your place. These are ticking time bombs because it’s only a matter of time before you start crying over her used duvet and reminiscing about that time you guys stayed in. Make sure to avoid this scenario by promptly giving all her things back. And when doing this, do what you can to avoid doing it in person. If you haven’t cried all your tears back in step one, you might end up a blubbering mess when you meet up just to return her stuff. There are countless delivery methods to give her stuff back, so stick to those!

what to do if your girlfriend dumps you for another guy

Delete her photos. Remember to only do this when you are a thousand percent sure you have no chance of getting back together. When you still keep remnants of your ex’s presence in your phone or in your social media, it just brings back all those good memories that you will never be able to go back to. So save yourself the heartbreak and just delete her photos in one fell swoop. Keep in mind that this can make you look bitter, but that’s okay if it means you’ll have an easier time moving on.

Better yourself. If you weren’t good enough for your ex, that’s her loss. So take this time to do things that will make you a better person. Keep in mind that you’re not doing this to get her back. Instead, you’re doing this to learn from your experience and improve yourself. With all this free time being single, you’ll definitely be able to squeeze in a couple of activities that will make you a better person. Do a little overtime, make yourself promotion-worthy, get back into playing basketball, or even try meditation to ease your worried mind. While this might make you seem more attractive to your ex, it will definitely make you attractive to other single ladies as well.

Mingle, mingle, mingle. You know how when you’re with someone, you can’t really mingle much with others because your girl might be jealous? Well this is the perfect time to mingle now that you’re single! Expand your network personally and professionally. Attend seminars, join a hobby group, or even buy that ticket to an exciting new place and mingle with the people there. Now that you don’t need your girlfriend’s permission to talk to whoever you want, you’re free to meet awesome new people you can learn new things from.

what to do when she dumps you

Start dating. Dating so soon after being dumped isn’t advisable. However, when a couple of weeks or months have passed, it’s socially acceptable to be in the singles market again. Once all your baggage from your ex has been sorted out and you’re well on your way to being completely over her, it’s time to open yourself up to the possibility of a new relationship. Granted, you’re not looking for your ex in your new potential dates, but this is normal especially if you were dating your ex for a really long time. But for now, present yourself in the best way you can, put on your best smile, and be ready to talk to ladies who might get into you.

Enjoy the single life. Can’t quite find the energy to start looking for someone new? Don’t worry! Being single and happy and focused on yourself is also a good option. Not only will it help you become a better man, but it might also give you that breathing space to prepare you for a future relationship with someone who won’t dump you!

Whenever you feel the urge to get angry or try to get back at your ex, remember this: it’s her loss, not yours!


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