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35 Things To Do With Your Boyfriend


When you start dating someone, everything is exciting and new. After a while, you start to look around and realize that the magic isn’t as magical as it used to be. If you want to bring the spark back into your relationship, then it might take a little creativity. Sometimes getting into a rut takes a push to get out of. If you have a guy who isn’t into new adventures, then you might have to change his mind by finding something he wants to do.

Finding new things to do isn’t always easy. The biggest problem is that most of us limit our adventures to nearby. If you open your mind to new experiences and stop putting time constraints or limits on where life will take you, you just might find that there is fun to be had just about anywhere.

#1 Go paddle boarding – Once you have figured out the balance stuff, there will be nothing but the two of you and the wide open water to spend some time alone in serenity.

#2 Take a cooler and some beach chairs to the water – Nothing is better than a case of Corona and a cooler to go along with it at the beach. Grab some chairs and sit by the shore. Nothing but the two of you together and the rush of the waves, you can pretend that you are on an island getaway whether you or aren’t.

#3 Go camping – Camping doesn’t mean rent a Winnebago and go for a drive. Try to really rough it together; campfire songs and marshmallows included. All you need is a cozy tent, wide open countryside and a starlit night to bring you two back together and to re-spark some of those old feelings.

#4 Go to a dinner theater – I know, totally cheesy! But, some dinner theater productions are really fun. Sometimes the worst plays and the worst actors, make for the best evening.

#5 Find a comedy club – If you are seeing that things are getting a little too serious, then find a comedy club near you.

#6 Have sex in public – Okay, not like right out in public where you are going to risk getting arrested, but maybe just somewhere exciting. If things have become mundane or lackluster in the bedroom, then maybe you should start making a list of exciting places to have sex and check them off one by one.

#7 Make a bucket list and start crossing things off together – We all have those things that we want to do before we kick the bucket. Some are big, some are just little things we want to experience. Make a list of individual things on your “gotta do” list and then take turns crossing them off together.

#8 Crash a wedding – What is more fun than dining and dancing? Ah, nothing. Make up a story and crash a local wedding. Getting dressed up, listening to a band, and even catching the bouquet, is something that’s outside the ordinary.

#9 Throw a pin and go – Take out a map of the world, take a dart, and shoot it. Make a pact to head away for the weekend to wherever it hits. Within reason, don’t head off to places that are dangerous. If you have limited funds perhaps just do a map of the US. The key is to be spontaneous and just to throw and hit at will. It is exciting to throw caution, or a dart, to the wind.

#10 Hit Vegas baby – Vegas is full of fun concerts, shows, or even just to sit poolside. All it takes is a weekend to have enough memories and inside jokes to get you through your boredom hump.

#11 Go to your favorite concert…out of town – Find out where your favorite band is playing for the weekend, get some tickets, and whether it is one hundred or six hundred miles away, arrange to get there any way you can planes, trains or automobiles. Sure, waiting until they come to town is more convenient, but where’s the fun in that?

#12 Try horseback riding – Horseback riding is one of those luxuries that only a handful of people can do and even enjoy, but what could be more fun than saddling up and riding off into the sunset together?

#13 Start your own DIY project – There will be peaks and valleys to your do it yourself project, but the best part about it will be to work on something together. Whatever you choose, make sure to get dirty and make some memories along the way.

#14 Find a mud run – Training for a marathon doesn’t sound like that much fun! If, however, you can find a fun sport’s event close by that you can get dirty doing, and work toward the finish line together, well that sounds like fun.

#15 Take dance lessons – Always wanted to Rumba or Salsa dance? If you want to get out and be up close and personal, then taking swing dance or other types of sensual dance classes can be one of the best ways to start the dance while away and finish it once you get home.

#16 Charter a boat – The thrill of the hunt or the old man in the sea? Whether it is deep sea fishing or going for a motor boat cruise, getting your sea legs wet and away from the every day means putting your mobile phone down to listen to one another. Spend some time really listening and talking to each other without all the distractions.

#17 Fix up an old car together – Okay, this might be a stretch, but if you have always wanted an MG convertible but just don’t have the cash to buy one restored, get a two seater convertible and youtube the heck out of the repairs. With a step by step guide online, and little perseverance and persistence, you can have the classic car of your dreams and be driving down the street in no time.

#18 Go to a protest that you think is ridiculous – Go to a protest for something that you think is ridiculous. People watching can sometimes be one of the greatest past times there is. As long as it isn’t something that is dangerous, then get lost among the crowd and listen to the nonsense that people spend so much time on.

#19 Shoot it out playing paintball – If things have been a little tense between the two of you, then maybe you ought to take some of that aggression out in a friendly competition of paintball. The thrill of the hunt might have been gone for a while in your relationship, but trying to shoot one another, will bring it all back.

#20 Go to a flea market – Flea markets are the perfect way to spend the day. You would be surprised at the nostalgia that you can rekindle while going through isles of someone else’s junk. You will remember to share stories with each other that have been long since forgotten.

#21 Take a road trip – Get in the car and, where ever it is that you want to go, go.

#22 Play hooky from work together – Doesn’t matter if you hit the bar at noon for drinks or you just stay in bed naked, playing hooky together is like a little day secret that no one but the two of you needs to know about.

#23 Go to a casino – Luck be a lady, or lose it all, the fun is in the thrill of the lights, the anticipation of winning, and bringing home more than you came with in laughs.

#24 Try body painting – Get naked and paint each other with different designs. Not only fun applying, showering is the end that makes it that much more fun.

#25 Go to a truck stop sex shop – Could be creepy or could be fun. The embarrassment mixed with thrill alongside the fun things you can buy for each other, will make your I25 stop something you will never forget.

#26 Get a puppy – Okay, so it might mean a commitment for the two of you, but joining in to get a puppy together and raise it might be the catalyst to change your relationship and get you out more. Think about all the things it will lead to like dog park walks, puppy playdates, or just taking your best friend for a walk together. It’s all good.

#27 Take a helicopter ride – If you want to gain perspective on the things around you, then hop in a helicopter together.

#28 Invite some friends for flashlight tag – Remember when you were a kid and you could spend all night outside chasing around in the dark.? It is still fun as an adult.

#29 Volunteer together – Okay, not to be miss goodie two shoes, but volunteering together can be a great experience. Choose a cause and either make the senior citizens in your neighborhood feel loved or go to the animal shelter. Making a difference together can help you make a difference in your relationship.

#30 Go rollerskating – As long as no one breaks a leg, it will all be fun and games. It’s making a comeback, don’t you know?

#31 Bowling – If you have to use the bumpers go ahead. For every spare you make, have a spare beer ready to chug.

#32 Play ding dong ditch together – Crank calls might be out of the question but ringing someone’s bell to see them run out in their pajamas is still funny, and no one gets hurt.

#33 Find a series on Netflix and spend a marathon day immersed – Spend an entire day and night finishing the seasons of a series. Without commercials or having to wait weeks, you can watch them all from breakfast through dinner, and, all the way past dessert.

#34 Spend the day naked – Make a vow that Saturday is naked Saturday. That means no clothes go on no matter what. It is hard not to rekindle a relationship when someone is standing naked in front of you all day.

#35 Get a couple’s massage – You might not be able to hire someone else for a happy ending for you both, but if you get a massage together, you will both be relaxed enough to have some fun afterward.

If the spark needs to be reignited in your relationship, take the initiative to find a way to find passion again, whatever it takes. If sitting on the couch or hanging out at the same old dive bar has become your new norm, then make a newer norm to get crazy and have some fun together. It might just make you remember what you saw in each other to begin with.


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