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100 Things To Say To Make A Girl Blush And Feel Special


If you’re like me, you’ve probably thought a million ways to make your girlfriend feel special. Your heart knows how much she means to you, and if you know she’s special, why not make her feel special?

Remember a girl needs to feel beautiful, she needs to know she holds a special place in your heart, she needs to feel wanted and loved. If this rings a bell, here are 100 things to say to a girl to make her blush and feel special!

1. What are you doing with the rest of my life? I was hoping to spend the rest of mine with you.

2. If you lived on the top of Mount Everest, I’d be willing to climb up it every day just to see you smile.

3. The thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing that you’re there to help me face the day.

4. You’re like air, around you I feel like I can truly live and when you’re gone, it’s impossible to breathe.

5. I never knew the meaning of the word “love” until I met you.

6. I clipped out a picture of you and put it in my dictionary, next to the word beautiful. Because you define that word to me.

7. One lifetime with you won’t be enough for me. Our love should continue for a hundred lifetimes.

8. Never think you’re just a girl. Because to me, you’re more than that, you’re the only girl.

9. I swear you’ve learned to control my brain because I can’t go two seconds without thinking about you.

10. I used to think I was looking for the perfect woman to love. Now that I’ve met you I know that even imperfections can make you more lovable.

11. I love you so much that it hurts sometimes. Ironic that only cure for the pain is holding you even closer to me.

12. I miss you. Even when you’re with me, sometimes I feel sad that I missed out on you for all those years before we me.

13. Every day I’m with you I fall in love all over again.

14. My life truly began on the day I met you.

15. I feel like I can’t tell you how much I truly love you. So, come here and let my lips do the talking.

16. I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I met you. Now I find myself falling in love every time I get a glance of your face.

17. Sometimes I feel like I need to look away from your eyes before I drown in them.

18. Your voice is the sweetest sound on earth. I want to hear it when I fall asleep and again when I wake up.

19. My heart is an ice cream cone, and you’re the sun, always melting my heart.

20. I hope I’m not too clingy for you. I can’t help it, when I get my hands on something perfect I don’t want to let it go.

21. Sometimes when you’re beside me, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

22. Whenever you enter the room, everything else disappears, and it’s like it’s just you and me. As far as I’m concerned that’s all we need.

23. I miss you when you’re gone but I also never feel truly alone. As long as I know you love me, I’ll always have you with me.

24. It’s terrible that we had to live without one another for so long, but you’re so lovely that it would have been worth waiting a thousand years just for one look at your face.

25. I have trouble buying you flowers because none of them are half as beautiful as you are.

26. Going to sleep is painful because it means I have to say goodbye to you. Fortunately, it’s not for long, as soon as I drift off I find you in my dreams.

27. I had a dream about you yesterday. It was the best I’ve ever had. Still, seeing you in person today shows me that your reality is better than anything my brain could dream up.

28. Sometimes I freeze in place, overwhelmed by the realization that I’m loved by the greatest girl on earth.

29. I never get jealous when I see people win things anymore because I know that I’ve won the greatest prize in the world, you.

30. All my life I knew I was waiting for something. Now I realize I was waiting for you.

31. Seeing you smile at me makes me believe in angels.

32. When I’m by you, I don’t want to blink because I don’t want to look away for even a fraction of a second.

33. Don’t freak out if I hiccup some butterflies, the moment I see you they seem to materialize in my stomach.

34. I wish I had eight arms like an octopus so I could give you four hugs at once!

35. Did you know the world has a heartbeat? I first found it when I rested my head on your chest.

36. You taught me to smile with all of the muscles in my body.

37. Every minute that you’re away feels like an eternity. Hurry back as quickly as you can.

38. You’re my best friend, lover, confidant, and soul mate.

39. I feel like you’ve made me a better person. These days I work harder to be the sort of man you deserve.

40. I might not be perfect but for you, I’m certainly trying my best.

41. One glance at you broke my heart into a million pieces. Fortunately, your love has been building it back, bigger, better, and stronger than before.

42. My favorite flavor in the world is the taste of your lips.

43. Without you as my girlfriend my life would be like 999 puzzle pieces in a box for a one thousand piece puzzle, it would be incomplete.

44. You taught me to appreciate the small things in life. Everything looks different in the light of your love.

45. I used to think dogs were crazy for waiting around the house all day for their masters to come home, but now that you’re the master of my life I understand the feeling.

46. You can steal the blankets from me anytime babe.

47. Every time I see you I find something new to fall in love with.

48. I tried to see how long I could go without thinking about you. I lasted ten seconds, a new record.

49. You must be magic because when I’m around you time seems to slow down, but when we part, I feel like hours have gone by in the blink of an eye.

50. At night I pray my guardian angel watches over you, because losing you would be worse than death.

51. Our bodies, minds, and souls fit together like a hand in a glove.

52. You’re my sun. You give me the energy to sustain life and my days and nights revolve around you.

53. I was counting the seconds since we last met. Each one seemed to go more slowly than the last.

54. I hope you know that this world is so lucky that you are in it.

55. Since I’m with you I could quit eating candy; you’re sweeter than anything Willy Wonka could make.

56. I love you so much that it scares me, I didn’t know my heart could contain so much love.

57. You showed me that I was incomplete and you filled the hole in my life.

58. I’ll stop loving you when true turns to false, one plus one equals three, and eternity comes to an end.

59. These arms were made for hugging, and they can’t wait to get back to work.

60. Just a warning, next time I take you in my arms I might not be able to let you go.

61. Can we just never leave the house again? Just you, me, Netflix, and delivery food for the rest of eternity?

62. Since I met you, the sun seems a little dull.

63. I’m thinking of learning sign language just in case you lose your voice.

64. The sun might be up in the sky, but it’s still night for me until I’ve heard from you.

65. You taught my heart to smile.

66. I don’t believe in chance anymore, how could a blind force bring a woman as perfect as you into existence?

67. You’re my favorite pillow, can I fall asleep on you?

68. I hope you know you can tell me the truth. I love all of you, even the parts you feel ashamed of.

69. My three favorite women in the world are you, yourself, and the woman you see when you look in the mirror.

70. Mirrors should break when they walk past because they know they will never be able to reflect anything as beautiful as you again.

71. When I close my eyes, I swear I can hear your heartbeat echoing through the air from your heart to my ears.

72. I’m so glad I live in the age of photography, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have a photo of you at all times.

73. Ever since I met you, it feels like I’m gliding along on the warmth of your love.

74. I thought I knew beautiful girls before you, but they’re just pyrite while you’re 24 karat gold.

75. You showed me how beautiful the simplest greeting can be and how painful the most basic partings can be.

76. I want to build us a castle on the top of a mountain that would keep the world out, so it could be just you and me forever as king and queen.

77. Leonardo Da Vinci couldn’t capture half of your beauty.

78. I hear that my love for you can be seen from space.

79. If we opened up our chests I know, we’d find that our hearts fit together like two puzzle pieces.

80. I thought the story about the woman whose beauty launched 1,000 ships was a bit of an exaggeration. But for you, an armada of 1,000,000 ships wouldn’t be enough.

81. I feel like bowing when I see you because that’s the way royalty deserves to be treated. I know a queen when I see one.

82. I hope you didn’t have to kiss too many frogs before your lips met mine and turned me into a prince.

83. The love I have for you isn’t best represented by a cartoon heart; it needs to be drawn with an infinity sign because it’s never ending.

84. I want to wrap up the sun and give it to you as a present; it’s the only thing whose power comes close to the love I have for you.

85. The mirror was invented so that one day you’d be able to understand just how beautiful you are.

86. Do you have to deal with a lot of bees? Because you are sweeter than honey and more beautiful than any flower. I know I feel a buzz whenever you’re around.

87. I wish you starred in every movie and TV show so I could see your face wherever I looked.

88. This moment is so perfect that it deserves to be crystallized and stored in a museum.

89. Tell me anything your heart desires, and I’ll do what I can to make it happen.

90. I want to learn how to say “I love you” in different languages because just saying it in English doesn’t feel like enough.

91. I’m worried about buying you jewelry because next to you even the Crown Jewels would just look like rocks.

92. The only thing I’m afraid of anymore is letting you down.

93. You deserve the world; I hope you’ll settle for me.

94. I wish I were a genie; I’d do anything to fulfill your hearts desires.

95. If you had to choose between me and air, I would kiss you and let you breathe in the air in my lungs for the rest of our lives

96. There may be billions of women in the world, but I’d choose you over all of the other billions put together.

97. If I seem forgetful, it’s because when you’re around I forget everything but my love for you.

98. Before I met you I lived in a black and white world. You colorized my life.

99. When you’re around I don’t want to listen to the radio; your voice is the only music I need in my life.

100. If I had three wishes, I’d use them all to make you happy, since you are the answer to all of my wishes.


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