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6 Things to Say When Your Girlfriend Is Mad at You


You know you’re in a lot of trouble when you see that your girl is either being passive-aggressive or when she’s sulking as she pretends to ignore you. Now would be the time to look back on things that you may have done to hurt or offend her. We’re not saying it’s always your fault, but it might be worth noting that her anger might not be unreasonable.

how to make your angry girlfriend happy

So when you want to get back into your girlfriend’s good graces, here are some things you can say.

I’m sorry. When your girl is mad at you, most of the time all it takes to make her not mad is an apology. Many women know how much of a blow to the ego it is for a man to apologize, so when you do this, you know that she’ll have a soft spot for you soon enough.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you have to mean it when you say sorry to her. You have to clearly articulate what it is that you did, and how it made her feel. Tell her exactly what you’re apologizing for, acknowledge how it hurt her, and then promise to never do it again. Be clear and be sincere! And if you want, you can also follow it up by asking her what you can do to make it up to her.

I didn’t mean to hurt you. You didn’t really mean to hurt her, right? Maybe what you did to hurt her was done not out of malice, but because of ignorance or a lapse in judgment. After all, you love this woman to bits, and you wouldn’t willingly do anything to hurt her. Tell her exactly that and for good measure, repeat your apology and your offer to make it up to her in any way you can.

You’re the light of my life. When you’re done with your apology and your admission of guilt, she might still be simmering with anger. This anger is mostly her leftover feelings from whatever it is that she’s angry about. After all, she can’t just do a complete 180 the minute you say sorry, right? So for good measure, tell her how much she means to you as this might make her more likely to forgive you sooner.

You don’t have to say this exact line. You can create your own or use one of the things you would normally say to her to make her feel loved. The point in saying these things is to remind her that even if you did something that made her angry, at the end of the day, she’s still the love of your life.

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I can’t bear to lose you. This is something you might want to say when your girlfriend is mad enough to consider breaking up with you. You can tell that this is the case when she’s either extremely angry (throwing things, saying the most hurtful things, telling you to get out, etc.) or when she seems so exhausted and apathetic that she’s ready to give up. This line is sure to jolt her back to reality and make her realize how much you love her.

Keep in mind that this line will only be effective if the thing she’s mad about isn’t that huge of a deal. However, we can’t guarantee that this line will do anything if she’s so mad that she’s willing to give up on your relationship.

I can’t stand it when you’re mad at me. In contrast to the line above, this is something you might want to say when she’s on the verge of finally forgiving you for what you did. This just drives home the fact that you’d go nuts when she’s angry at you, and it might make it faster for her to finally forgive you. Any girl would swoon at the idea of her man driving himself crazy because she’s mad at him, and it might just be the line that will drive her back into your loving arms.

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Let’s go to Sephora/Pottery Barn/Neiman Marcus. It’s on me. This line should only be used when 1) she’s mad but not so mad that she’ll refuse to go to her favorite shop, and 2) when you actually have the cash to spend on an angry woman who might go on a revenge-shopping spree to make up for what you did. When you tell your girl that you’re sorry and that you want to make it up to her, one great way to take the easy way out is to suggest a “punishment” for yourself. In this case, prepare to go with your lady to her favorite store as she spends about half a paycheck’s worth of items that you can’t refuse because you did something to make her mad.

Good luck, and we hope your girl is no longer mad at you after you tell her the things above!


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