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12 Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend


Relationships are tricky because you always feel like you have to keep being entertaining for your partner at all times. But after awhile you may start to notice you are running out of stuff for you to talk about with that special someone in your life. There’s always going to be that desire to keep the conversation alive and if you let it die out, she may lose interest. There’s no need to worry though, with lists like these, made just for you, you will never run out of great things to talk about with your girlfriend.

Your family and friends.

What brings people closer together than talking about their craziest, funniest and worst relatives and friends?! The answer is: Nothing. There’s enough ammo in this topic to continue the conversation for days… Maybe even weeks. You can debate who has the weirdest grandparents or which friends sure know how to embarrass you the best! Whoever she puts in the spotlight will surely entertain the both of you!

Your definitions of true happiness.

If there’s anything that can be labeled as a great conversation starter, it’s asking and then describing what true happiness means personally to the both of you. Discuss the things that you and her feel are essential to maintaining true happiness in your lives.

Your younger years.

Go ahead and ask her what her favorite parts of her childhood were like, she’ll appreciate it! It’s a really good idea to get to know your partner’s past so that you get to know her better. What’s a better way to start than by asking her what her favorite memories were? You can talk about your what your schooling was like, what your favorite teachers and classes were or even the things you miss about the school lunches. Then you can continue on into your favorite childhood possessions and the quirks that you had when you were younger. You could even get a good laugh by talking about your imaginary friends and all the silly games you made up. It’ll bring a certain warm and fuzzy feeling to the atmosphere while you chat away.

Your favorite films and literature.

Who knows, you may share a deeply profound love for the same types of media. You can talk up your favorites, from your favorite T.V series to your favorite authors and what you love about them. You could even go as far as to split up your favorites into categories. You could talk about your favorite horror films, your favorite musicals, comedies, etc. There’s nothing more exhilarating than ‘fangirling’ over these types of things with your partner!

Your hopes and dreams.

The best way to keep the conversation flowing smoothly between the two of you is to get her talking about her goals for the future. She will probably be able to talk with you for days about her aspirations and the things that she wants to achieve in her future. Ask her where she sees herself in five or even ten years. Discover how she plans to reach those goals. You can then respond with your hopes and dreams. Woman love hearing that the man they’re with thinks about his future. There’s a stigma that mean barely think as far as tomorrow and that can drive women crazy. Break the mold and let her know that you have a reliable future with her in mind. Talking about your goals will strengthen your bond and bring you closer together, especially if you both have similar ideas in mind.

Your sex life, your thoughts on intimacy and your fantasies.

No, that doesn’t mean that you have to talk dirty or anything, but who knows where this conversation will ultimately lead… This is a great topic to bring up at any point in a relationship. It’s healthy for people to discuss their sex life, what they would change about it or do to enhance it. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the way things are, by any means, it just means that you two are open enough for suggestions to make things even better.

Your spookiest stuff.

There’s just a certain thrill that comes along when you are talking about creepy stuff! Share the the scariest stories you can muster up with each other. Talk about your thoughts on ghosts, spirits and demons. You can even touch on your favorite urban legends and myths. Surely there’s a story that you’ve heard, but she hasn’t and vice versa. They say that spooky stories bring people closer together intimately due to the adrenaline the thrill causes you to experience. It’s a great way to get a little closer at the end of the day.

Your passions.

Everyone has something they’re absolutely obsessed with, right? Therefore you always have something to talk about with your girlfriend. Ask her about her hobbies and thing tell her about yours in return. Mention hobbies that you’ve always wanted to try and see if she’d be interested in trying them out with you! This is a wonderful topic because it also brings an opportunity to do activities together and keep up good conversation.

Your bucket lists.

This will definitely peak both of your interests. Watch her chatter on and on as she tells you all about the crazy things she wants to do in her life. Does she want to go skydiving? Maybe swim with sharks? You will never know unless you ask. It’ll bring good feelings to you as you daydream together about the amazing things you could do in life.

Your views on politics and current events.

Warning! Be careful with this one. This is an okay topic to touch on if you are both open minded. However, if you are stubborn and one sided in your views it may drive the two of you apart. So be weary before you dive into this one full force. Test the waters a bit and see if she gets agitated before you continue on. If you both share similar views it will only strengthen your relationship and your happiness with each other will skyrocket.


Most likely if you are dating her, you share the same types of beliefs. That’s not always the case, but a majority of the time it makes or breaks a relationship. People love the feeling of being able to share beliefs with one another. Even if you don’t share exactly the same views, she will appreciate the opportunity to tell you what she believes.

Your style.

This may not ring true to every female, but a lot of the time you’ll find she likes to talk about fashion, hair and her style. Men like to do this, too, but usually only in the company of their partners. Discuss your favorite clothing brands, what types of trends you cannot stand and anything else revolving your personal fashion preferences.

Your fears.

What scares you? What irrationally scares you? What about her, what are her fears? Both of these things are great for fluent conversation because you can get pretty deep with one another. It also feels good when you can open up and be vulnerable with each other every once in awhile. This is good for any couple to talk about, no matter how long they have been together.  


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