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16 Things You Can Do At 16


Turning sixteen is one the greatest milestones that you reach in your life. It’s one of the very first big ones! Unless you count learning to walk, talk and eat solid food. All around the globe the sixteen year mark is one to be celebrated highly. In some cultures turning sixteen means you have finally stepped into adulthood. In other cultures it just means you are growing up a little more. But most cultures celebrate this time as if it is one of the biggest deals you will ever encounter… And they are totally right! You only turn sixteen once. So why not go all out?

You might be excited to finally reach this golden age, but what else can you do when you’ve gotten there? What are some of the special privileges you earn once you become the big sweet sixteen?

Some might say that nothing much changes, but they would be totally wrong. Here are 16 things that you can do once you turn sixteen!

  • You Can Drink

But don’t get too excited! You won’t be able to go to the liquor store and purchase all the booze you want by any means. No, instead you can drink wine or beer at a meal as long as you are accompanied by a parental guardian that gives their consent. However, there are countries that do allow sixteen year olds to drink without parents! It all just depends on where you are.

  • You Can Scrap Metal

benefits of being 16 besides drinking

However, you need a license to do so. But once you get that all set up then you can totally start collecting scrap metal and going to sell it. This is a great way to earn some extra bucks for your sweet sixteen bash, don’t you think?

  • Consent To Sexual Intercourse

Yes, you can finally cross that threshold… If you are ready to do so, of course. But you must consent with someone that is sixteen or older. In some states you must also get your parents on board with the whole thing. This can be kind of embarrassing and tricky, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the option to do it!

  • You Can Get Married

But you certainly cannot just run away and elope. You must have your parents consent and your partner’s parent’s consent if they are under eighteen as well. If you aren’t feeling marriage you do have the option to register in a civil partnership. Both require consent of your guardian.

  • Join The Army

what can you do at 16 usa

Once again you will need your guardian’s consent to do this. And you won’t be able to run off to a military base. However, you do have the option of registering to be in a branch of the military and start your trainings as soon as you would like.

  • Get Emancipated

Not every state allows this and usually they only allow it under special circumstances. Other states will allow you to be immediately emancipated from your parents and household if you choose to get married. All you have to do to find out if this applies to you is check your state’s laws on the subject!

  • You Can Be A Glider Pilot

strange things you can do at 16

You might not be able to fly a plane at sixteen years old, but you can sure apply and train to pilot a glider. How exciting does that sound? Just be sure to read up on all the rules and risks, because this is definitely a more dangerous thing to do.

  • You Can Make Medical Decisions

Your parents can no longer force any medical, surgical or dental decisions upon you! Now that you are sixteen you can make all of those important decisions for yourself. If you want to that is. If you don’t feel like taking on that much responsibility you can totally pawn it off on your parents still until you are eighteen.

  • You Can Work

Now is the time that most people get a job! That is because it is finally legal for them to work. You cannot get a job when you are under sixteen years old. But now that you are that ripe age you can work wherever you want. Unless of course the job states you have to be eighteen or older. You can also make minimum wage!

  • You Can Register To Donate

You can now register yourself to donate blood and stem cells to those in need. However, you cannot actually donate your blood until you are seventeen years of age.

  • You Can Change Your Name

Yup, you can change your name to whatever the heck you want! Through a legal document known as a deed poll. This is the paperwork that will give you the freedom to be called whatever you want now that you have turned sixteen.

  • You Can Pick Your Doctor

things you can do when you turn 16 legally

Not really vibing with your current general practitioner? Or maybe you are tired of seeing your pediatrician thanks to your parents? Well, if either of those apply to you, now that you are sixteen you have the choice to change that! You can now pick who you want to see when it comes to your medical business.

  • You Can Claim Benefits

What do we mean by this? You can apply for a national insurance number now that you are sixteen.

  • You Can Get A Passport

what can i do now that i'm 16

Don’t get too excited, because getting a passport does not mean that you can get up and travel the world just yet. You still need your parents consent to travel. But still, you no longer need them to get your passport for you! How cool is that?

  • You Can Get A Driver’s License

Yes, yes, yes! The moment you have been waiting for! You can totally get your license now and no one can stop you. Except the examiner. They reserve the right to fail you if you do not do so good on their testing. But we are sure you have got this in the bag! So don’t worry too much. It’s not as hard as it seems.

  • You Can Drive A Moped

things you can do at 16 besides drink

Not only can you get a license, but you can now drive a moped! You’ll be zipping to school in style from now on.



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