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30 Exciting Things That You Can do Once You Turn 18


Turning eighteen is a big deal! It’s the last final stop until most places consider you an actual adult. It’s riveting to finally join the grown up world, but what perks come along with it?

Read these following exciting things that you can do once you turn eighteen and start having the time of your life as soon as possible!

What Can You Do At 18


  • Donate Blood

You are an adult now and that means you are given the freedom of making adult decisions. You can finally help save a life by donating your blood! There are many people in need of blood every single day. Be a hero and go get poked! You can now that you are 18. They even give you a cookie afterwards, so at least you’re not leaving behind all of your childhood perks just yet. How cool is that?

  • Donate Plasma

Just like blood, people need plasma all the time. It helps save lives every day! However, when you are underage, meaning under eighteen, you don’t have the choice in donating plasma. The best news? You get paid for selling your plasma! You can go sit there for a couple hours a few times a week and start putting money towards doing all the following adult things you can do that we are about to list off for you!

  • Rent An Apartment


You are finally at an age where you can have your own space. Take advantage of that by renting your first apartment. Talk about being a real adult. What’s more grown up than getting your very own place? The answer: Not much. This is the epitome of growing up, because you finally get to ditch your parents house and be your own person with your own space.

  • Buy A House

Just as you are now able to rent a property, you also have the option of purchasing your own property! Homeowner has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? We think so! This is probably best to do only if you are financially stable enough to do it and you are for sure ready to settle in wherever you are.

  • Go To Jail Or Prison

Not an ideal thing to do after you turn into an adult, but it sure is something exciting! Of course you can go to juvie when you are under eighteen, but now that you have graduated into adulthood it’s much easier for you to get thrown into the real deal. Adult jail is much harder to deal with than juvie, so be wary, this is probably not something you want to check off your list of things to do when you turn eighteen.

  • Get A Tattoo Or Piercing

Yup! That’s right! Now you can finally do whatever you want with your body. And we really mean whatever. Now that you are no longer a ward of your parents or guardian, you can pierce up your entire face if you want to! You could also cover your body in tattoos. Who’s going to stop you? No one! ‘Cause you’re finally an adult!

  • Buy Pornography

Porno is definitely not for the youngsters, but you’re no longer that so who cares? You can now get those 18+ nudie magazines you see all the time. You can also now legally buy porn online or go purchase dirty x-rated movies. You can also now be a pornstar if you wish. Being eighteen opens up a lot of different doors and this is just one of them!

  • Hit Up The Club

Most clubs are 18+ at least. Actually, there aren’t many clubs out there for anyone younger. Now it’s your time to paint the town red and go hit the club! Dance the night away. Your old now, it’s time to celebrate in style, don’t you think?

  • See Strippers

We all know that when you are under eighteen they won’t even think about letting you into a strip club. No ifs, ands or buts. However, since you are old enough, you can now visit a strip club any time that you please. Whether you want to go see males or females, it doesn’t matter, you are welcome at any of them! Warning: Some strip clubs are strictly 21+, but more than likely there is an 18+ accepting one somewhere near you.

  • Be A Stripper

Just like you can now go see strippers, you can also apply to be one. Do you have flexibility and drive? Then this might be something you want to consider. We kid! But really, if that’s something you want to do then you can certainly go ahead and do it now. How exciting is that?

  • Be Festive At A Festival

Unfortunately you’ve been limited on festival fun, but now that you are the golden age of eighteen you can go and dance your heart out at whatever festival you want. Have the most exciting time of your life and experience something new while you are at it! Festivals are a blast.

  • Sue Someone

Sadly when you are underage you cannot sue anyone for any reason. You would have to ask your parent or guardian to file for you. Now that you have turned into a legal adult, you can legally sue any wrongdoers. Whether or not you will win your case is not clear, but hey, at least you can try now!

  • Get A Hotel Room

Hotels don’t like teenagers running around unsupervised, so most of them require that you being eighteen or older when you book a room. Now you have the power to rent a room whenever and wherever you please!

  • Go Gamble

Gambling is a slippery slope for some, but it’s a must try exciting thing to do once you turn eighteen. You can buy scratch-offs, lottery tickets or you can even go hit the casino and try to win some big bucks! No one’s stopping you now.

  • Drink Internationally

Although you may not be able to drink in the U.S.A and a few other places, there are tons of countries that have a legal drinking age of eighteen. So if you decide to travel, you might be able to kick back a few brews with your companions.

  • Stay Out All Night

Under eighteen means that you have a curfew. It’s time to let go of any curfews and stay out as late as you want because the law can no longer tell you what time to go home.

  • Go Skydiving

We can’t think of much more of an exciting thing to do than sign up to go skydiving. You are now able to experience some of the finer thrills in life and this is one of them! You can’t do this on your own when you are below eighteen. Now is the time to get going on it!

  • Adopt A Child Or Pet

Although you may have been able to find a pet and keep it or have your parents adopt one for the family, you were never able to adopt a pet when you are underage. Not only can you adopt a pet, but if you are feeling really responsible you can now adopt a child. Whether or not they approve an eighteen year old is debatable, but now you have the opportunity to at least apply to do so. This is especially nice if you want to take guardianship over family members.

  • Pawn Your Stuff

Want to get rid of stuff, but still make money off of it? You can now do that as you have to be eighteen or older to sell your things at a pawn store.

  • Marry Someone

Some states will allow you to marry when you are younger than eighteen years old if you have parental consent, but that is not how it is everywhere. Not able to get your parents to consent? Good thing you are eighteen now because you can marry whoever you please without asking permission! Marriage is one of the most exciting things you can do now, but it’s best to be careful about jumping into such a commitment at such a young age.

  • Smoke Cigarettes

Yes, smoking is a disgusting habit, but since you’re eighteen no one can tell you not to do it. Not everyone will find this one exciting, but if you were previously a smoker or just want to try it for the heck of it, then it might appeal to you. You are legally free to purchase tobacco and tobacco products whenever you feel like it.

  • Take A Cruise

Want to live it up on the open sea? Once you turn eighteen you can sign up to go on a cruise and sail around the world. Cruises sound like a lot of fun and now nothing can hold you back from experiencing one! You might not be able to drink on board, but you can go on board and that’s what matters, right?

  • Light Fireworks

Well, more specifically you can now purchase fireworks at your own discretion. Try not to blow anything up and it will definitely be an exciting thing to try out as an adult! No more asking big bro or big sis to do it for you. How nice does that sound? We think it sounds awesome.

  • Purchase A Vehicle

Although you may be able to drive once you turn sixteen, you can not put a vehicle in your name or buy your own car until you become an adult. In this case becoming an adult means turning the glorious age of eighteen years old. Now you can purchase any vehicle you want and put any car you want under your name. No more having your mom or dad put leases/titles in their name. You are free to be a proud car owner of your own accord!

  • Go Bungee Jumping

Now that you are over eighteen, you can do cool, exciting things like skydiving and bungee jumping. Companies don’t like letting minors participate in these types of activities because of how dangerous they are. However, now that you are a legal adult you can sign the liability waiver and make the companies feel a little more comfortable about your participation. Let’s just hope you aren’t scared of heights!

  • Become A Voter

This might not sound exciting to some, but others have been waiting for this moment for what feels like forever! Becoming a voter is one of the most grown up things that you could possibly do. Now you have the chance to vote for the person you have your heart set on. No one can tell you who to believe in any longer, because no one can follow you into that booth! Live it up when you are eighteen and go register to vote now!

  • Bank It At The Bank

Before turning into an adult you can not open a bank account without your parents monitoring it. But since you are an adult now you can have your very own big person account all to yourself. You can choose what type of account and what you plan on doing with it is all up to you! Getting a bank account is necessary at some point. This way you can get checks and start building your credit. There’s nothing more grown up and responsible than that is there? We don’t think so.

  • Tag Some Buildings

Turning eighteen holds a  lot of cool and exciting adventures to come. Now you are able to go out and even buy spray paint. We don’t condone vandalism by any means, but now you have the option to partake in doing so! Obviously there are other things that you can do with spray paint, but no matter what you want to use it for you would not have been able to purchase it as minor.

  • Get Called For Jury Duty

Although this may not sound fun, there is a chance you will get called to do your duty as an upstanding citizen. Citizens are randomly picked to serve jury duty at some point in their lives. Maybe you will like the thrill of an exciting trial. Maybe not. But all we know is now that you are an adult you might have to be on a jury!


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  1. This post was so helpful! Thank you so much for letting me know what I can do once I turn 18! I have about 6 months to go!!!

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