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10 Things You Can Do At 21


Turning twenty one is one of the most exciting times in your life! You have finally fully transitioned from young adult to adult. Now you are unstoppable! But what does that mean? What can you finally do now that you have reached this prime time? Take a look below to see ten of the best things that you can do when you turn twenty one!

  • You Can Legally Drink

benefits of being 21 besides drinking

Congratulations! Becoming a twenty one year old makes you adult enough to enjoy a little booze here and there. You can officially walk your way into a liquor store and buy whatever the heck you want! Feel free to sign up for those winery and brewery tours, too! Because now you can virtually do whatever you want when it comes to purchasing and consuming alcohol.

  • You Can Adopt A Child

Yes, they require that you become twenty one before you apply to adopt a child. Now whether or not you get approved to adopt isn’t up to us. It’s up to the adoption agency. It is definitely going to be hard, because you are still very young when you are twenty one. But if you have siblings that need for you to adopt them, you can finally apply to do so.

  • You Can Gamble

funny things you can do at 21

Some places let you gamble when you are eighteen. But that kind of gambling is more like lottery tickets and scratch offs. Now that you are twenty one you can join the big leagues and visit the casino! Most casinos require that you are twenty one or older. Now that you are twenty one you can go in and waste all of your money like the rest of us.

  • You Can Rent A Car

things you can do when you turn 21 legally

Surely you have heard that you need to be at least twenty five to rent a car. That information would be false. You can actually rent a car starting at the age of twenty one. However, because of your age there will be a ton of fees when it comes to renting a car. They don’t seem to have as much trust in anyone that is under twenty five. Once you are twenty five it will be a lot easier and a lot cheaper to get a rental.

  • You Can Buy Marijuana

Of course not everywhere. Not every state has legalized recreational marijuana. However, in the few states where it is legal, you are allowed to purchase and possess weed. Nobody can tell you otherwise! You can hit up a dispensary anywhere, anytime. If that is what you choose to do!

  • You Can Teach Someone How To Drive

Well, you can at least supervise them while they learn. Anyone with a learner’s permit can practice driving behind the wheel, but only if someone who is twenty one or older is in the car to watch them. That would now be something you could do!

  • You Can Become A Pilot

21 legal rights

Although you can pilot a glider when you turn sixteen, you cannot pilot a plane until you turn twenty one. Once you reach that age you can apply to get a license to pilot an airplane, helicopter or gyroplane.

  • You Can Get A Concealed Weapons License

strange things you can do at 21

You have finally reached a time where your right to bear arms comes into action! You can apply to conceal and carry. This means you can have a gun. But you need to do the right paperwork and training before lugging that cold piece of metal around with you.

  • You Can Go To A Nightclub or A Stripclub

what can you do at 21 usa

There are clubs that have eighteen plus nights, but now that you are twenty one you will be able to visit a nightclub whenever the heck you want to. No one can keep you out! Most stripclubs also require that you be twenty one before entering.

  • You Can Change Your Driver’s License

Not happy with your driver’s license? Well, luckily for you turning twenty one means that you can change it!


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